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15 Most Popular Instagram Spots In Taiwan

What are some of the most popular instagram spots in Taiwan?

After all, Taiwan is a place rich in history, character and also fantastic scenery. This place is the ideal spot for any photographer wanting to take some amazing pictures.

Sure it’s not a Bali or Hawaii type scenery, but in it’s own way, it has a different kind of uniqueness that makes people fall in love with it.

Taiwan is filled with old buildings in desperate need of renovation, however if you can look past these things, what you’ll find is a photographers paradise. With beautiful forests and crystal blue rivers, not to mention the amazing night markets and temples, it’ll make you feel as it you got transported to the past. No matter what it is that you like to photograph, there is definitely something for you.

With that being said, many people have decided to come to Taiwan to get a chance at taking some cool and amazing photographs.

Below I’ve listed the top 15 most popular places for anyone wanting to take some beautiful pictures.

15 Most Popular Places For Instagram/Photographers

In no particular order, here are the best Instagram spots in Taiwan

Elephant Mountain – Taipei

Source: @KKarmalove

One of the best areas to take a picture is on the famous Elephant Mountain located in Taipei. Although you might have to hike around for 20 minutes and through tons of stairs, the end result is worth it. You will be able to see the beautiful city of Taipei from high above and also see the iconic Taipei 101 building in a picture perfect position. It is an extremely popular spot so you will likely have to wait in line to take this photo.

Watch The Sunset or Sunrise At Alishan

Source: @Shih.shin

If you are looking for a picture perfect spot to take your pictures, then look no further. The famous Alishan is famous for its beautiful scenery. You’ll be blown away at the amount of different pictures you are able to take.

The time time to take pictures is during the sunrise. There is a special train that rides out around 5am and will take you to the sunrise platform for you to view the scenery. It’s definitely worth it waking up so early in the morning to catch the sunrise.

JiuFen Old Street

Source: @ohm.xcafeshopper

If you have ever watched the movie “Spirited Away”, then this place will seem very familiar to you. After all, the move takes inspiration from this place. It is a very popular place located near Taipei, so expect a lot of people to come here to visit.

If you want to try to get pictures before the crowd comes, it is best to come early around 7-8am or you can try for the night shot after 8pm. However in all honesty, whatever time you come, you will still manage to be able to take a picture perfect shot.

There are so many areas where you can take beautiful pictures here. My favorite is when you are climbing down the stairs towards the alley. Add a few people in the background walking around and “Boom”, you got a perfect shot.

Tiger & Dragon Pagoda

Source: @_lijoo

The Tiger and Dragon Pagodas are located in Kaoshiung which is not too far by train. The temples here make for a really amazing backdrop. It’ll provide many photo opportunities as you walk along the boardwalk.

It is a really popular spot, but people do come and go fast. So you don’t have to worry about people being in your shot or what not.

Forest Of Forgetting Sorrow

Source: @nickveldhuyzen

Now you can’t just visit Alishan and not visit the Forest of Forgetting Sorrows. This place is only a few minutes away by train and offers much to see. It is a huge forest with tons of bamboo in all directions. You can totally get lost in this place taking tons of amazing pictures.

Best part about this place is that there is not a lot of people here. I walked around for a few hours and only managed to see less than 10 people here. Definitely a place you will want to visit.

Floral Tunnel

Source: @low_0127

The Floral Tunnel which is located at Expo Park is a well known place for many local Instagrammers. It is a beautiful park filled with all kinds of romantic and beautiful structures. So why not fancy taking a stroll through the park as well as taking some beautiful shots.

Sun And Moon Lake

Source: @arielrainrainsonia

Sun and Moon Lake is a huge and beautiful lake. There are many places around the lake for you to take some scenic shots. Plus, it’s not just the lake that you will be taking a picture of, but there is also mountains in the backdrop. Both of which can provide with some fascinating pictures.

However in order to take great shots in this location, you kind of need the weather to be on your side. A lot of times, the weather over here will get extremely foggy which means you won’t be able to take a lot of pictures or even seen anything. So if you plan on coming here, do some research and find the best days where weather won’t be an issue.

Taroko Gorge

Source: @linhlangtt

Taroko Gorge is a national park in Taiwan that is filled with amazing scenery. Once you get there, you can choose from a variety of trails to follow with each of them taking you through different views of the gorge.

Snap some pictures while on a bridge, or take pictures of the super blue water, whatever it is you like, you are bound to find something to take a picture of.

Although you want to come here as early as possible because once the Chinese tour buses make their way over to the gorge, it will be packed full of tourists.

Rainbow Church

Source: @sshin_stealer

If you are only after that perfect picture shot and don’t care about much else, than this Rainbow Church might be the place for you. There isn’t really much to do around here besides taking a picture of this rainbow colored structure.

Do note that there can often times be a long waiting line to take a picture with this structure. So your best bet is to come here as early as you can to avoid all the waiting.

High-Heel Wedding Church

Source: @epayfun

Just like above, if you are wanting to take a picture of something unique and interesting then this might also be the place for you. It is located in the Southern part of Taiwan. This church was made to be a place where couples can get together and get married and also take wedding photos. Surrounding the glass shoe church are many instagrammable shots that deal with the theme of love.

Overall a nice place to visit if you want to take some unique pictures. Though keep in mind this place can be pretty packed during the weekends.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Source: @jayen_cheng

If your looking to take beautiful and unique pictures, there is no place better than the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. It is filled with creative and uniqie photos. They also have special exhibitions from time to time which can spice up your photography. The Fine Arts building itself can also provide you a decent backdrop for your photos.

This place does get pretty packed so if you don’t want to wait in line or have to push over too many people, then try to come as early as you can.

Songshan Airport

Source: @kittikanchu

Now I know what you’re thinking. Airports aren’t really the spots that come to mind when you are wanting to take some amazing pictures. However at Songshan Airport, there is a particular spot where you can stand and have airplanes fly pretty close to you overhead. And don’t worry! It is totally safe.

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan

Source: @pasasmia

This place is also known as Agora Garden which is a newly built residential building. After being built, it has quickly became one of the most famous Instagrammable buildings in all of Taiwan. This unique building is curved around and looks as it they are almost leaning against east other.

You almost can not “not” see this building when scrolling through Instagram. As anybody want wants to take some unique pictures will definitely come here to take a quick pic.

Shilin Night Market

Source: @Soeko73

If you are going to be taking pictures in Taiwan, there is one area where you must visit. And that is the Night Markets. This bustling area is filled with all kinds of Insta worthy shots. From the tasty food stalls, to the crowded streets, to even the delicious food itself. Your choices for Insta worthy pics are endless.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall 

Source: @1yn_oo9

This area is probably one of the most popular places for people to take their Instagram shots. With the huge white buildings and wide grounds, this place is a very impressive place to get those picture perfect shots.

Although do note that there will always be a ton of tourists in this area. So getting a picture just by yourself might be a bit hard. However if you come super early in the morning, you may just get the chance to take a pic all by yourself.

Plus after you take your shots, you can visit the nearby cafes and eat some delicious picture perfect food.

Extra: Taipei 101

Source: @antycamilla

Now you can’t go to Taiwan and not visit the iconic Taipei 101. After all, it was formerly the worlds tallest building. It was built in the shape of a bamboo stalk.

You can choose to take a picture from ground level and get an impressive view at just how tall this building really is. Or you can go on the elevator ride all the way to the top and get a 360 degree view of the entire city. Whatever you pick, i’m sure it will turn out amazing.


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In all honesty, there are so many different places in Taiwan where you can take a picture. Simply walking around the street, you’ll find many opportunities to do so.

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Let me know how your trip goes!

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