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Best Time To Visit Taipei, Taiwan – Ultimate Guide To Taiwan

If you are ever planning a trip to visit Taipei Taiwan, one thing that will pop into your mind is to wonder when is the best time to visit Taipei.

After all, nobody wants to travel some place when things aren’t always at their best. Things like climate, holidays, events, all can have an effect on our travel plans.

Which is why we always want to make sure when we travel anywhere to always check for anything that might intervene with our plans.

Now although Taipei doesn’t have as much of a seasonal temperature difference compared to some other parts of the world, that doesn’t mean you should just go to Taipei anytime you want.

Depending on when you decide to go to Taiwan, the temperature can either be extremely different than you are use to. This can turn any travel plans you might have upside down really fast.

Which is why we are writing this post.

This post is made to help you understand exactly what Taiwan is like all year round. From weather guides to holidays and more, we got you covered.

So if you are ready, lets get started

Here is the ultimate guide to understanding when is the best time to visit Taipei, Taiwan.

Best Time To Visit Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan

Down below we are going to be discussing many things dealing with Taipei in general.

From things like weather, to seasons, as well as month by month reviews. We’ll also have a section for holidays so you’ll be able to know which dates you should come as well as which dates you should avoid.

After reading this post, you’ll be able to know exactly when you want to travel to Taipei as well as how to better prepare yourself for a better experience.

What Is Taipei’s Weather Like?

Taipei, Taiwan

The weather in Taipei Taiwan is pretty different compared to some other parts of the world. The reason for this is because Taipei is located in the countries sub-tropical zone. Which means the weather here is going to be different than those found in other parts of the country.

However there is one thing that is for sure about Taipei, and that is that it is going to be very hot. Not only that, but it is also really humid here. Which means not only are you going to be sweating a lot, you’ll also be very sticky as soon as you step outside.

As for it being cold, you don’t really have to worry about that here as it doesn’t really get cold much. If it does, it is still pretty bearable.

But that is probably the least of your problems.

One of the most important things you’ll have to know about Taipei is that this place will receive heavy rain all throughout the year. Not only that, but it’ll also be hit by crazy typhoons every once in awhile.

So if you can, you want to try your best and avoid this as much as possible. Because lets face it, you can bear the heat and stickyness, but if a typhoon hits then you are out of luck. You’ll have to stay inside and be bored all day.

So try your best and be prepared as much as possible.

Taipei Seasonal Weather

Taipei, Taiwan

Like we said earlier, Taipei is located on the northern part of the island in a more sub-tropical climate zone. This means that there isn’t a massive temperature change between seasons. However this doesn’t mean the seasons are going to be okay.

You’ll still have to watch out for heat and rain which are commonly found all throughout the year. And because of this, it can have a serious impact on your travel trip.


Months From: March Through May

During the Spring season, you’ll usually be expecting average temperatures that range from 17° – 24°C. The lows tend to be around 15° – 20°C. It is a decent time to visit as the weather is pretty good. However as you get to the end of May, the rain season starts to pick up, as it usually picks up around May to June. So if you can, try to come before the rain season hits.

Notes: Bring a jacket if you can as it might be kind of windy during this time of year.


Months From: June Through August

In my opinion, I think this time of year is probably the worst time to visit Taipei. Here you’ll see average temperatures hovering around 26° – 30° C, with lows around 24° – 27° C. This just means that it will usually be pretty hot, but not only that you’ll also be hit with a lot of humidity which makes things sticky as well.

However the worst thing is that this season is also the rain season. You’ll see a ton of rain as well as the occasional typhoon which can seriously ruin any trip. If you happen to run into any of these events, you’ll most likely have to stay inside and just be bored all day long.

But if you have no choice and can only come during this time of year, do not worry. It won’t rain every single day and most days are actually pretty good still, just very hot. But it is totally bearable and you never know, you might be lucky and see some beautiful sunny weather.

Notes: Bring an umbrella as you’ll definitely run into rain.


Months From: September Through November

During the Fall season is probably your best time to visit Taipei. The average temperatures is around 23° – 30° C, with lows around 20° – 24° C. Now it still might be a bit hot, it is still pretty comfortable for you to go outside and roam around.

The rain season is also ending around this time of season so if you come during the beginning, you might run into some rain. However it’ll soon pass and leave a temperature that isn’t too hot or too cold.

So if you can, definitely try to visit during this season.

Notes: Bring some comfortable clothing and maybe an umbrella.


Months From: December Through February

The Winter season is another decent time of year to visit Taipei. The average temperatures are around 15° – 18° C with lows around 14° C. It is probably the driest as well as the coolest part of the year.

You won’t see much rain during this time of year, however you may still get a few days of it occasionally. Not only that but you’ll also see some cold winds blowing in but it isn’t too cold to the point where you can’t bear it anymore.

Notes: Bring a jacket or some winter clothing just in case

Taipei Month By Month

Taipei, Taiwan


January is a month where it is the coldest month of the year in Taipei. However it isn’t unbearable and you can still travel pretty comfortably during this time.

There are 2 special events that happen in this month which is the New year celebration which begins at the start of the month, as well as Chinese New Year which may or may not happen around the end of the month.

It is a popular travel time as many people are traveling back home to celebrate. So if you want to come during this time, try to book ahead of time.


February is another month that is pretty cold but still isn’t as cold as January. Which means traveling around during this time is a pretty good thing to do.

Chinese New Year also might fall in around the early dates of February. You’ll also run into 228 Peace Memorial Day which is a public holiday.


March is the beginning of the Spring season which means you’ll usually experience a warm weather. It is still pretty comfortable around this time of year.

Although I would advise you to bring some rain gear just in case you run into any rain fall.

Aside from that, this is also the perfect season to see some Cherry Blossoms.


April is another fantastic month for you to travel in Taipei. The temperature is nice and there isn’t that much rainfall yet.

This month is also the month where most Taiwanese locals celebrate Qingming Festival. You’ll find locals all going to pray to their ancestors as well as burning paper money.


May is one of the worst months to travel in Taipei. This is the time when the rain season begins and you’ll see tons of rain. Not only that, but the temperature rises towards summer so its going to be extremely hot.

This month is also when the locals celebrate Labor Day around the beginning of the month.


As the rain season continues as well as the heat, June marks another month of uncomfortable travels.

So if you come during this time of year, try to find things you can do indoor so you won’t have to face the outside climates.


July is another uncomfortable and unbearable month for traveling. The heat is at its highest as well as the chance of occasional typhoons.

If you can, try to avoid this time if possible.


August is basically the same as July. It is extremely hot as well as having a ton of rain or typhoons.


September is another month where it can be extremely hot. However things does begin to pick up around mid September.

Towards the end of the month through early October, you might run into the holiday of Mid-Autumn Festival.


October is the month where rainfall starts to die down a lot compared to other months. Although it is still a bit hot, usually it is pretty bearable and is good enough for traveling.


November is a fantastic time to travel in Taipei as the heat is no longer here as well as there being no rainfall.

It is also one of the driest months of the year, but nothing unbearable.

For a list of things to do during your visit in Taipei, click here.


December is a bit cooler than November but the temperatures are still pleasant. It is still a good time to travel around as the heat isn’t here as well as no more rain.

Although you may want to wear some comfortable clothing just in case you get cold.


Basically when you decide to visit Taipei, you should take into consideration of both rain and heat.

  • Rain season: May – June
  • Typhoon season: June – October
  • Worst heat: June, July, and August
  • Hot but bearable: May and September
  • Not as hot, a little bit cold: December, January, February

When Is The Best Time To Visit Taiwan?

Taipei, Taiwan

Judging by everything we have listed, the Fall season through Winter season tends to be the best time to visit.

In my opinion, I would say October through November being the best times to visit this beautiful city, with November being the most optimal time.

The reason I chose October and November is because this tends to be the time when the temperature starts to be dropping. Not only that but the rain season has ended so the weather should be nicer.

If you aren’t able to pick October or November for your dates to travel on, another alternative is April which is just as good.

Holidays You Should Know About

Now while weather is an important factor in deciding when you should come visit, another factor you should know about are holidays.

Here is a list of special holidays that occur in Taipei.

Holidays:Dates:Some Quick Notes:
New YearsJanuary 1Taipei 101 lights up with an annual fireworks show on New Year’s Eve
Chinese New Year1 week in January or FebruaryMost shops and restaurants close, the city empties out as locals return home for family dinners
228 Peace Memorial DayFebruary 28A public holiday to commemorate the February 28 massacre of 1947
Qingming Festival Around April 4 – 5Paying respect to ancestors by visiting graves and burning paper money
Labor DayMay 1Public holiday for private sector employees
Dragon Boat FestivalUsually June, or the end of MayDifferent teams compete in boat races around Taiwan
Mid-Autumn FestivalSometime in mid-September to early OctoberHarvest moon festival where locals celebrate by eating mooncake.
ROC National DayOctober 10Celebration to commemorate the founding of the Republic of China


Hopefully this post about the “Best time to visit Taipei” was able to help you out in some sort of way.

Also, if you are planning to visit Taiwan anytime soon, you might also be interested in some of my other Taiwan posts.

Or you can check out my complete list of things to do in Taiwan by clicking here.

Let me know how your trip goes!

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