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10 Best Things To Do In Paris, Ontario

What are some of the best things to do in Paris, Ontario?

After all, when we think about the town of Paris in Ontario, what typically comes to mind?

Well for starters, the town of Paris was established back in 1850. It wasn’t until 1999 that the town government was amalgamated into that of the County of Brant, which ended its long history as a separate incorporated municipality. Since then, it has seen much growth and has even been voted as “The Prettiest Little Town In Canada”.

Plus, the reason why this town is named Paris is because of the nearby deposits of gypsum, which is commonly used to make plaster of Paris.

Aside from that however, what else do we really know about the town of Paris, Ontario?

Well, the town of Paris is conveniently located near where the Nith River empties down into the Grand River of Ontario, Canada. Because of this, you are almost guaranteed to find many things for you to see and do.

For instance, this town is home to waterfalls, beautiful historic buildings, delicious food and more. Visitors who come here will be swept away by all its beauty, culture, people, and experiences. And while this town is one of the smaller towns in the area of Ontario, visitors will find that there is almost always something to do.

From things like the Penmans Dam Park to a beautiful Cobblestone tour or even doing some amazing water activities at Pinehurst Lake, the options are endless.

Which is why, if you are wondering exactly what you are able to see and do here in the town of Paris, Ontario, then you are in the right place.

In this post, we’ll be detailing all the best things to do in Paris, Ontario.

So if you’re ready, lets get started!

Things To Do In Paris, Ontario

In no particular order, here are the best things to do in Paris, Ontario.

Visit Penmans Dam Park

Penmans Dam Park

One of the best things to do in Paris, Ontario is to head down to the historic Penmans Dam Park.

Penmans Dam Park is a popular attraction to visit. This dam was actually built over 100 years ago by the Penman clothing company to help provide waterpower to run the companies mills. Eventually things changed and it is now a perfect place to visit where you can relax with nature and even have a picnic.

But that’s not all that this place is known for.

In fact, there is even a faux waterfall which is just amazing to see. However it is best enjoyed during the night time as every evening at dusk, this area will be lit by beautiful colors. Known as the “Lighting of the Paris Falls”, it is a daily event that operates Sunday through Thursday from dusk until 10:30pm and Friday and Saturday from dusk until 12:30am. Visitors who are wanting to enjoy this event can best do so while being on William Street Bridge.

Overall, it is a fantastic place to visit as you will be surrounded by beautiful scenic views as well as a performance that will have you mesmerized with joy.

Go On A Cobblestone Tour

Go On A Cobblestone Tour

Do you love history? What about amazing architecture?

If both of these sounds like really amazing fun, then you will definitely love visiting the town of Paris, Ontario. After all, this town is known as the Cobblestone Capital of Canada. It is here where visitors can find dozens of beautiful cobblestone buildings and even a few garden walls.

In fact, visitors who come here will find out that there are around 12 homes and 2 cobblestone churches left in the entire town. These historic buildings were all built back during the mid 1800’s. Which means they have a rich history behind them and are just amazing to look at. And fun fact, the artful masonry work you see in this area was actually brought here by the famous New York architect Levi Boughton. He decided on the rounded, lake washed, cobblestones to create these beautiful pieces of art.

And the best way to enjoy all of these things is to simply go on a tour.

Visitors will be pleased to know that there is a self guided walking tour which you can go on and allows you to see these buildings in all of its glory. Some of these buildings are made with over 14,000 cobblestones, all drawn from the areas around this region. In fact, no where else in the entire country of Canada will you see this many cobblestone structures in one place.

It’s a very unique and interesting thing to do and one that everybody should try to experience.

Hike Around And Explore The Scenery

Hike around paris ontario

If you love to do all kinds of hiking and exploring, then you’ll be pleased to know that the town of Paris, Ontario is perfect for such an event.

After all, this place is so beautiful. It features things like amazing architecture, a picturesque downtown, and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural scenery you’ll have ever seen.

Because of all of this, the best way to explore everything is to simply go on a hike.

Visitors who come here will find that there are many different trails that surround the town of Paris. For instance, one of the best things you can see here is the forests. They are important because they are the only Carolinian Forest in the entire region of Canada.

However the most important as well as the most beautiful trail that is offered here in this town is actually one known as the “Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail”. This trail basically follows along a 18 kilometer trail that runs along an old rail bed. It takes you between the two towns and allows you to see so many different things.

For a full list of hikes and trails for you to go on, you can visit this site here.

Explore Around Lions Park

lions park

If you’re traveling with kids to the area of Paris, Ontario, then one place you might be interested in visiting is Lions Park.

Lions Park is a place that is conveniently located near many other awesome attractions and offers a place where kids and adults alike can come and relax while enjoying their day.

The park spans over 12 acres and is a place where visitors can find so many things to see and do. From things like a children’s playground or even a picnic area, this park has it all. Plus, one of the most popular things to do here is to simply stroll along the Nith River Trail and Distillery Lane Trail that travels along the Nith River for some fantastic views.

But that’s not all though.

This park also allows you to do some fun water activities as there is a Paris Community Pool and Splashpad on site which makes it convenient for locals and tourists alike to have some fun in the waters. the pool is only open during the months of June 1 to Labour Day weekend however.

Overall, it’s a fun little park that offers a peaceful area where people can enjoy their day. Definitely worth a visit if you have time to spare.

Shop Around At The Paris Wincey Mills Co.

Paris Wincey Mills Co.

If you love shopping and browsing around, then one place you’ll might like to visit is a place called “The Paris Wincey Mills Co.”.

The Paris Wincey Mills Co. has a long history with the town of Paris that dates as far back as 1889. It use to be a bustling company that employed over 125 people during those tough times. And even during the Great depression, it has remained in operation helping to serve the local community alike.

Although it has been bought under new management in todays age, it still offers a old town vibe with some modern changes. For instance, this place is no longer a place that sells clothing goods, but has since turned into a place where visitors can come and find amazing vendors and items to browse and eat at.

In fact, all year round people will be able to come here and find a market filled with local, quality vendors and a friendly, comfortable cafe. You’ll find things like farm-to-table freshness with local produce, meats, seafood, cheeses, home-made pierogis, fresh popcorn and a variety of tasty breads and baked goods. You can also find vintage items or original work from local artists as well. the options are endless here.

Plus, there is even a test fully equipped, versatile test kitchen on site for rent where people can host various kinds of public and private events.

With so many things for you to see and explore here in this building, it’s no wonder this place is always highly recommended to people who visit this town for their first time.

Visit The Elberta Farms Country Market

The Elberta Farms Country Market

If you have the time to spare, one interesting place you might want to visit is actually a local farm market located in this town.

Known as “The Elberta Farms Country Market“, this family owned farm market has a long history with this town. It is here where they started this farm to help serve the locals with some of the freshest and best tasting foods ever grown on a farm.

Visitors can come here and find a variety of different things. For example, some of the things you might find here includes things like all kinds of freshly grown vegetables, delicious fruits, various kinds of baked goods, and even herbs, cheeses and juice.

Plus, this place also offers help to local residents in maintaining a fresh and flavorful 100-mille diet, from the first Ontario asparagus harvest to the last bounty of apples and squash.

It’s a great place to visit and one where you’ll be able to buy all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables to bring home to eat.

Learn About The Telephone History

telephone history in paris ontario.

Did you know that the town of Paris has a significant connection with telephones?

It’s true!

After all, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in Brant county.

And not only did he create it in Brant county, his first long-distance phone call was actually received here in the town of Paris, Ontario. His call was received at what was than known as the “Robert White Shoe Store” back in August 10, 1876. Although it isn’t the same type of long-distance we know now today as back then, it was only about 10 kilometers away. However even still, this was a historical life changing event that helped pave the way for how telephones work in this day and age.

Because of this, the town has even made a plaque in the downtown area of Paris where this event has happened. It’s located near the Dominion Telegraph Event Center at the corner of Grand River Street North and William Street.

But if you want to learn a more in depth detail about this event, then you might be interested in going on a short day trip. Located about 20 minutes away at the Bell Homestead National Historic Site, you’ll be able to learn all that there is to the historic telephone event.

Definitely a fun and exciting way to help kill some time as well as learn something new.

Enjoy Some Water Activities At Pinehurst Lake

Pinehurst Lake

If you’re looking for some really beautiful scenic views as well as being surrounded by some nature, then one really amazing place you can visit is one called Pinehurst Lake.

Pinehurst Lake is actually a nine-hectare wide kettle lake that is formed from a single piece of ice. It is here where people can come and have all kinds of fun doing many different types of water activities.

For instance, visitors who come to this park will be able to find a sandy beach that is surrounded by mature Carolinian forests. Not only that, but during the summer months, this entire lake will be transformed into a really awesome summer playground where you can enjoy things like camping, swimming, boating, picnicking and even hiking.

Or if visitors come during the winter months, they’ll find that the lake has been transformed into a winter wonderland where visitors can come and enjoy things like ice fishing, cross-country skiing or even snow shoe trails.

Plus, fishing is also a really popular sport to do here as visitors will be able to catch things like sunfish, largemouth bass and black crappie.

Whatever the case may be, Pinehurst Lake is definitely the place to visit for all things fun and nature.

Raft Around On The Grand River

Grand River Rafting in Paris

Lets be honest.

Since the area of Paris, Ontario is located right next to the Grand River, it opens up a plethora of things for you to see and do. One of which is rafting as it is one of the most popular things to do here on this river.

The Grand River is a designated Heritage River and has both stretches of slow and fast currents. Because of this, rafting is the perfect thing to do here as it’ll give you an adventure and experience you will absolutely love. For instance, visitors who come can do anything from canoeing, kayaking, or even enjoy a whitewater rafting experience here on this river.

Now you can definitely use your own equipment, but if you don’t have any then do not worry. There is a company called “Grand River Rafting Co” that offers everything you’ll ever need. For example, they offer things like canoe rentals, yak rentals, paddle board rentals, turbo tubing and more. Plus, they even offer a 1 hour lesson before your adventure so that you will know exactly what you should be doing.

There’s many different routes which you can take with Paris to Bren Park being the most popular thing to do. The Paris to Brant Park route is a scenic paddle from a quaint town setting into a pristine wilderness. Definitely one of the better routes here in this area.

Either way, whatever choice you end up deciding to do, you will almost always have a great experience doing so.

Eat At Some Really Delicious Restaurants

food in paris ontario

One of the best things you can ever do when visiting a new place is to try out the local food.

And here in Paris, Ontario, there is no shortage of delicious foods as all the restaurants here are top notch. You can find various types of foods ranging from Italian to Canadian or even Traditional style foods too.

For instance, one popular restaurant that many people love to visit is one called “Stillwaters Plate and Pour“. This place serves up some really delicious foods. You’ll find things like grilled striploin steak pasta, prime rib and chuck burger, asiago chicken caesar wrap, cheese fries and more all made fresh for you to enjoy.

Another popular restaurant is one called “Camp 31 Bar-B-Q“. Here as you can probably tell from the name is that they serve some really delicious barbecue foods for you to eat. Visitors who come here can find things like onion straws, pulled pork poutine, quesadilla, smoked buffalo wings, redneck tacos and more. It’s a really amazing place that will have you feeling stuffed in no time.

With so many restaurants around this area, you will definitely find a bunch that will be of interest to you. So if you are ever feeling hungry while visiting this town, then rest assured that you are going to be in good hands.


Overall, the town of Paris in Ontario is definitely one of the most beautiful towns you can ever visit. Coming to this town will enable to you to see so many different things in a colorful manner.

So hopefully this post about the “10 Best Things To Do In Paris, Ontario” was able to help you out in some sort of way. This way if you ever find yourself visiting the town of Paris in Ontario, you will know exactly what things you are able to do for some fun.

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Have fun traveling and let me know how it goes~

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