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25 Best Things To Do In Medicine Hat, Alberta

What are some of the best things to do in Medicine Hat, Alberta?

After all, when we think about the city of Medicine Hat in Alberta, what do we really know?

Well for starters, the city of Medicine Hat is located along the South Saskatchewan River and within the county of Cypress County. It is considered to be the 6th largest city in the province of Alberta with a population of about 63,230 people living inside it.

And the reason why the city is called “Medicine Hat” is because it has inherited its name from the native word “saamis”, which means medicine man’s hat. There are many legends out there detailing just how this city got its name, with one of the legends being beautifully depicted in a sculptured brick mural at City Hall.

Aside from being called “Medicine Hat” though, the city is also known as another name. And that name is “The Gas City”. The reason for this is because throughout its long history, the city of Medicine Hat has been known for its large amounts of natural gas fields surrounding the area.

But besides all of this, what else do we truly know about the city of Medicine Hat?

The city of Medicine Hat may have started out as a simple railroad town, but has since transitioned itself into becomming a thriving city with tons of life and energy. Visitors who come here will be surprised that the city is full of bustling culture, beautiful nature, and has a strong sense of history behind it.

Plus, the city is also known for being one of the sunniest cities in the entire region of Canada.

With an average of about 330 days of sunshine a year, Medicine Hat is filled with plenty of things for you to see and do. For instance, it boasts an amazing food scene, a laid back small town vibe, beautiful art attractions, informative museums, and more all waiting for you to enjoy.

This city makes for one of the best weekend getaways in all of Canada.

So if you’re wondering what exactly there is to see and do here in Medicine Hat, Alberta, then we got you covered.

In this post, we’ll be detailing all the best things to do in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

So if you’re ready, lets get started!

Things To Do In Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

In no particular order, here are the best things to do in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Visit Echo Dale Regional Park

Echo Dale Regional Park

One of the best places you can visit during your trip to the city of Medicine Hat is a place called “Echo Dale Regional Park”.

Located about 15 minutes away from the city of Medicine Hat, Echo Dale is one of the best parks in the greater Medicine Hat region. It’s also the largest park in the entire city of Medicine Hat. It is basically an oasis for wildlife and nature alike, and has over 110,000 visitors each and ever year.

Visitors who come to this park will be able to see and explore many different areas. For instance, nearby the park you’ll be able to see two amazing man-made lakes which are perfect for various types of water activities.

The smaller lake consists of things like a fine beach, swim center, playground, picnic area and more. Where as the bigger lake consists of some really nice walking trails, campfire area and even a boat rental place too. Not only that, but the larger lake is also known to be a great fishing spot as the lake is constantly stocked with some amazing rainbow trout for you to catch.

Aside from the lakes however, Echo Dale Regional Park also consists of a historical farm that features the Woolfrey house, blacksmith shop, Ajax mine, Grandma’s Attic, a barn and even a barn shelter. For those wanting to visit these places, a tour is available which will allow visitors to see and explore these areas in finer detail.

Because of all the amazing things that this park has to offer, it’s no wonder that it is always regarded as being one of the best parks to visit when visiting the city of Medicine Hat.

Visit Medalta In The Historic District

Medalta in medicine  hat

One of the most popular and best places to visit is a place called “Medalta”, which is considered to be the heart of the historic clay district.

Visitors who come here will be able to find out that Medalta is actually a museum. But not just any typical museum, it is an innovative industrial museum, a contemporary ceramic arts facility, art gallery, and even a community hub all in one. In fact, much of the artwork being on display here are both from the past and present and is mostly made right there at the museum.

This building also plays host to a variety of different exhibits all throughout the year. Many of which will rotate in and out every few months. For instance, some of the past exhibits that were here includes things like “Mystical Landscapes by Arthur Nishimura”, “Between-ness by Hannah Petkau”, “Heaven can wait by Roy Caussy” and more.

They also provide some really interesting tours for you to go on and explore. For example, some of their tours include things like the Medalta Beehive Kilns & Factory Tour (where you can explore the beehive kilns & view the factory), The Bricks that Built the Badlands (hear the stories from the Medicine Hat Brick and Tile Factory), or Play in the Mud (hands on experience handling clay with one of the in-residence artists).

Overall, it is a very intriguing place that will definitely have you learning all sorts of interesting things. From beautiful art pieces to ceramics or even historical artifacts, this place has it all.

Check Out Saamis Tepee

Saamis Tepee

If you’re roaming around the city of Medicine Hat, one thing that might stand out from all the rest is a tepee like structure that is located right next to a highway.

This tepee like structure is known as “Saamis Tepee” and is the city’s most iconic structure and also one of the top things to do when visiting the city of Medicine Hat.

Saamis Tepee stands at a staggering 65.5 meters tall and is considered to be the world’s largest teepee. Constructed entirely out of steel with a concrete foundation, the tepee is ringed with 10 large circular story boards depicting the aspects of native culture and history. Also with this, there are a total of 960 bolts holding this Tepee together.

It was constructed by Steve Illes, in consultation with local indigenous tribes and was used for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. However it was later purchased by Italian immigrant Rick Filanti and donated to the city of Medicine Hat, where it currently stands today.

The Saamis Tepee structure is completely free to visit and makes for a great experience learning about some pretty impressive history and culture about the surrounding area.

Plus, alongside the Saamis Tepee, visitors can also find that there is a Seven Persons Coulee, which is the location of the Saamis Archeological site. Visitors are able to take a self-guided tour through the site and explore one of the most important archaeological sites of the Northern region. In fact, it is believed that there currently over 83 million artifacts buried within that site.

Overall, visiting the Saamis Tepee is definitely a must do experience as there is simply nothing quite like it anywhere around the world.

Check Out The The Hive Artists’ Hub

The Hive Artists’ Hub

If you love all things art, then one place you definitely have to visit is a place called the “Hive Artists’ Hub”.

The Hive Artists’ Hub is considered to be a gallery for local artists to come and display their latest works of art. However it is actually much more than that. In fact, this hub is a place where artists can come and rent studio space, share equipment, and grow together as artists.

Visitors who come to this place will be able to see some really impressive works of art as well as being able to talk and interact with many of the artists around. Many of these artists are incredibly knowledgeable and will help answer any questions or things you might be having a problem with.

Not only that, but this hub also hosts some pretty awesome community events all throughout the year. For instance, they’ll put on some amazing exhibitions for people to see as well as have items which people can buy too.

Plus, four times a year, the Hive Artists’ Hub will even participate in the Medicine Hat Art Walk’s Roving Art Receptions.

Overall, its a fun little place that will bring a lot of fun and joy as you will learn and see so many different kinds of artwork being put on display.

Have Fun At Riverside Veterans’ Memorial Park

Riverside Veterans’ Memorial Park

The city of Medicine Hat, Alberta has an impressive amount of parks for people to go visit and explore.

One of the parks which visitors should definitely visit, is one called Riverside Veterans’ Memorial Park. It is a beautiful formal park located right alongside the South Saskatchewan River. It is one of the best places to come visit where you can relax and be one with nature.

Riverside Veterans’ Memorial Park is a park that is dedicated to local veterans who’ve fought or died during the wars of the past. This park helps provide a peaceful escape from reality as you’ll be met with pleasant river views, wildlife, and an abundance of nature surrounding all around you.

Visitors who come to this park will find that there are some beautiful flowerbeds which brighten up the area, as well as an interesting band shell, adorned with a mural created by local artist Jim Marshall, which provides cover for entertainers to come perform.

Not only that, but this place is also the location of the Cenotaph, two CPR locomotives, a WWII tank, and beautiful trails that connect to Strathcona Island and Lions Park. All of which creates a unique and beautiful experience.

It’s a fun and interesting park that provides visitors who are looking for some peace and quiet a place to enjoy and relax. If you have time to spare, I would highly suggest paying a visit to this amazing park.

View Some Exhibits At Esplanade Arts & Heritage Center

Esplanade Arts & Heritage Center

One of the best places to visit for seeing many different forms of art, is a place called the “Esplanade Arts & Heritage Center”.

This building is named after the original riverfront street where the building now stands. It’s located on the same street as the Court House, City Hall, and Medicine Hat Public Library, all of which makes for a great place to visit.

The Esplanade Arts & Heritage Center is known to be part museum, part theater, and is home to a variety of different art works and performances in the city of Medicine hat.

For instance, the galleries and museums inside this building showcases many things like paintings, sculptures, photography, arts and crafts, and more. Where as the theater part of this building hosts a wide range of performances like local musicians, dance, theater performances and more. It’s basically your one stop area to get all your arts and entertainment needs.

And all throughout the year, this center will be home to a wide range of events and programs for people to see. Their lists constantly change so you’ll have to check their website to see what is going on during a specific date.

But the best thing about this place is that admission is actually something you’ll rarely find anywhere else. By that, we mean that the admission here is actually PWYW (Pay What You Will), which means you decide on what price you want to pay. It’s a very interesting feature and one everyone will enjoy.

So whether you are here for the museum portion or for the theater portion, this is a place which you will definitely enjoy visiting and exploring.

Go To Strathcona Island Park

Strathcona Island Park

One of the best parks you can visit in terms of what you can see and do as well as being surrounded by beautiful scenic views is one called the “Strathcona Island Park“.

The entire island was originally inhabited by indigenous people, but because of frequent flooding and the difficulty of accessing the island when water levels were high, forced them to abandon and leave this settlement. However in recent times, it has been made into a park where people can come and go while having all kinds of fun.

It is here where you’ll be able to find up to 5 km of walking trails that follow through the South Saskatchewan River, barbecue pits and picnic areas, Lions Playground, adventure and water playground, baseball diamond, boat launch and more. Basically no matter what it is that you are after, there is definitely something for everyone here at this park.

The island park also has some cook huts located in both the north and south side of the park. Both of which makes it great for having birthday parties, family gatherings, or any other type of party.

Although in recent times, the park was actually flooded completely back in 2013 due to the Medicine Hat Flood, they have since installed flood gates to help control the flooding.

But overall, it is a very safe and pleasant park for people to visit. If you get the chance, definitely try to come visit this park as you will be amazed by what it can offer.

Explore The Historic Downtown Area

downtown medicine hat

One of the best things to do in Medicine Hat, Alberta is to simply roam around and explore the area.

And the best place to do that is down at the historic downtown district where visitors will be able to find all sorts of different historical buildings for them to see and explore.

Basically the downtown area is located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd street SE, between McLeod Trail SE and S Railway Street. It is there where many of the really historic buildings are located.

Some of the historical buildings you might encounter includes buildings like Monarch Theater, The Medicine Hat Railway Station, Kerr Wallace House, Corona Hotel, Becker Residence, News Block and more. For a full list of historical places you can visit here in the downtown area, click this link.

Visitors can easily spend an entire day here or longer just exploring all that the downtown area has to offer. But it is an experience that should totally be done as visitors will be greeted with things they never known were there and might even find some truly magnificent places to visit.

So if you have the time to spare, definitely go visit the downtown area and try to explore as many historical buildings as you can.

Play Some Golf At Cottonwood Coulee Golf Course

Cottonwood Coulee Golf Course

The city of Medicine Hat is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses around the country.

In fact, many avid fans of golf love to come to this city because the golf courses bring a surreal experience as golfers will be surrounded by natural beauty and scenic views from all around.

One of the most popular golf courses in this city is one called “Cottonwood Coulee Golf Course“. This golf course which opened up back in 1993, is a one of a kind course with a rich history. It was designed by golf architect Harold Pasechnik and allows golfers to golf around an 18 hole course.

Aside from having a 18 hole golf course, Cottonwood Coulee Golf Course also has many other things that’ll attract golfers to come visit. For instance, they also have an indoor golf area where visitors can play golf all season long with a state of the art golf simulator. There is also a fully stocked pro shop along with a dining room for visitors to enjoy.

But the best part about this golf course is that they have kept and maintained the beautiful features of having panoramic views and a natural park-like setting. Golfers and company will be thrilled to know that they can golf in peace and quite while being surrounded by nature in all corners of the area.

So if you’re a fan of golf and want to play, then definitely head on down to the Cottonwood Coulee Golf Course as it is an experience you will love for years on end.

Watch A Movie At Monarch Theater

Monarch Theater

If you love historical places as well as watching movies, then one place you might be interested in visiting is a place called “Monarch Theater”.

Monarch Theater which opened its doors back in 1911, is considered to be the oldest continually running theater in the Western part of Canada.

The theater which has been renovated through the times, still provides an old-charming atmosphere for all to enjoy. Catching a movie at this historic theater is definitely something everybody should do as the experience is totally worth it.

The theater still shows movies every week but for only a few nights at a time. Typically you can find movies being shown here on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at around 7:30 pm. The movies are usually always discounted, especially when compared to the big chains.

But the best part about this movie theater is that aside from the big blockbuster movies that might be shown from time to time, this theater also shows small indie films which you might never have heard about before.

Definitely worth the visit as you’ll get to relax on a nice comfy chair while also seeing some really amazing movies.

Escape From Mr E’s Solve-it-torium

escape room in medicine hat

One really fun and interesting thing to do here in the city of Medicine Hat, is to simply head on down to an escape room and try to escape your way out of many clues and riddles.

And here in Medicine Hat, you can find a few really amazing escape rooms for you to visit and enjoy.

The most popular of the bunch is called “Mr E’s Solve-it-torium“. You’ll have to work together with your group and try to escape the room you are in before the time limit is up. All around there will be clues, puzzles for you to solve, riddles and more to help you try to find your way out of the room.

Plus the best part about this place is that there are multiple different rooms to choose from. Which means you can come back again and again and try something new each and every time.

Another popular escape room which you might also be interested in is the “Clued-Inn“. They are similar to Mr E’s as they also have multiple rooms for you to choose from. From things like haunted hotel rooms to cabin in the woods and more, you will definitely be tested to the limits at this place.

So bring your friends or family and try out one of the escape rooms in this city. See if you are all able to work together in harmony and escape to freedom.

Visit The Kin Coulee Park

Kin Coulee Park

If you love parks and open spaces, then one of the best places to visit here in Medicine Hat, is a park called Kim Coulee Park.

Kin Coulee Park is a park that spans over 100 acres of open space. It’s located close to the city center and occupies a coulee adjacent to Highway 1 just south of downtown.

This park is the premiere place where locals and tourists alike can come visit for some really amazing recreational activities. From things like picnicking to hiking along the paved trails or even sightseeing, this place has it all.

It’s also a very popular place for sports enthusiasts as there are many places here which people can play. In fact, just by roaming around, visitors will find things like a tennis court, basketball court, skatepark for skateboarding or scootering, volley ball courts, and more.

Plus, there is also an area where people can have weddings at which is simply amazing.

Kin Coulee Park is an amazing place to visit as you can truly be yourself and relax while having fun doing all sorts of cool things.

Visit The Windmill Garden Center

Windmill Garden Center

One of the most relaxing and fun places you can ever visit here in Medicine Hat, Alberta, is a place called the “Windmill Garden Center”.

The Windmill Garden Center is an extremely popular place as visitors will be able to surround themselves through the smells and sounds of nature, while also being able to see some really beautiful plants. Since it’s founding back in 1967, this garden has been a place of uniqueness where people can truly reflect upon and see the beauty that surrounds them.

And upon exploring and seeing everything that this garden has to offer, visitors are able to purchase these plants and flowers to bring home. The staff are also well informed and will be able to help you along with your purchase or any questions you might have.

But that’s not all!

The Windmill Garden Center is much more than just a place where you can see different kinds of plants or buy them to take home. In fact, this garden center also serves as a home to John’s Butterfly House. It is a beautiful enclosure with many huge moths and butterflies roaming around for you to admire.

Visitors are able to sit along the area and allow the butterflies to land on them or even take pictures of these majestic creatures. They’ll also be able to walk through the area and enjoy all the butterflies fluttering around and besides them. Just be careful to watch where you are stepping as you don’t want to step on them.

Overall, its a fantastic place to visit and one where your entire family will love.

Have Some Fun At Fun N Gamez Central

Fun N Gamez Central

If you’re tired from roaming around the entire city and want to find something to do where you can relax and have fun, then do not worry. Here in the city of Medicine Hat, you can find one of the best places to have fun.

Known as the “Fun N Gamez Central“, they are an amusement center located inside the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta. It is the premiere place where kids and adults of all ages can come and play.

It is here where you’ll be able to find all sorts of cool and interesting games to play. From the latest and greatest arcade style games to even claw machines where you can win awesome prizes, this place has it all. Visitors who come will be able to spend hours on end just playing around and having the time of their lives.

Plus aside from the games and prizes, this place also serves some really delicious food. From things like ice cream, slush puppies, juice, pop, and more. They also have options where you can order pizza from Panago or wings from Rossco’s Pub, which is simply a delight.

It makes for a great place to come visit as visitors will be able to eat and play all at the same time. Whether you come by yourself, a group of friends, or even a family or date, you are sure to leave with lasting memories.

Shop At The Locals Farmers Market

farmers market in medicine hat

Did you know that the city of Medicine Hat has their own farmers market?

It’s true!

Each and every Saturday morning from the months of May through October, visitors will be able to catch the Medicine Hat Farmer’s Market located in the hall at the Stampede Grounds.

This is where all the local farmers and vendors will gather together in order to sell some of their best items ever. It is here where visitors will be able to find fresh produce like carrots, apples, oranges, lettuce and more all available for you to buy. Plus aside from the fresh produce, there will also be quite a few vendors selling cooked items too!

But the farmers market isn’t just known for its local and fresh foods.

In fact, this farmers market also sells many other interesting things too. From stuff like crafts, jewelry, baking, woodworking, and many other things as well. It’s basically like a tiny little shopping grounds filled with various kinds of interesting things for you to see and buy.

It’s a fun filled place where you can find many cool and interesting things. Whether you are here for food or for locally crafted items, there is always going to be something of interest for you to buy.

Visit A Local Cafe

cafe in medicine hat

Roaming around the city exploring all the cool and unique things it might have to offer can often be a tiring thing to do.

Which is why, if you want to take a break and relax then one thing you can definitely do is to visit any one of the cafes nearby. It is there where you can sip on a nice cup of coffee, enjoy some food, as well as take in the atmosphere surrounding the area.

And here in Medicine Hat, there is no shortage of cafes.

For instance, one of the most popular cafes to visit is one called “Madhatter Coffee Roastery“. It’s a local favorite and has people coming from all over wanting to try out their cups of coffee. Here they roast their coffee beans in house which means you’ll be getting the coffee as fresh as it can possibly be.

Another place of interest that you might enjoy is one called “Inspire Café“. They are a café located inside an art gallery, which makes for a truly unique experience. Here they specialize in serving comfort foods, so you’ll be able to find things like lentil soup, Caesar salad, curried egg salad on raisin bread, veggie wraps and more. They also have some delicious coffee and tea which will simply brighten up your day.

There’s plenty of other cafes in the area as well, but in the end it doesn’t matter which one you visit. Almost every café in this city will provide a nice and charming atmosphere where you’ll truly enjoy being in its presence. So drink some coffee, maybe eat a sandwich, this is one experience which you will definitely love.

Enjoy Some Entertainment At Co-Op Place

Co-Op Place in Medicine Hat

Do you like listening to music? How about watching some truly entertaining performances?

If that sounds like you, then one place you should definitely visit here in Medicine Hat, is a place called Co-op Place.

Co-Op Place is the premiere destination for any and all performances happening in the city of Medicine Hat. They are also the home arena for the Medicine Hat Tigers of the Western Hockey League. It is a 7,100 seat indoor arena that is able to entertain the crowds from any angle that they are sitting.

Visitors who come here will be able to find that all throughout the year, this arena will be host to a wide range of events and performances. With the most common one being the games that the Medicine Hat Tigers are playing. Which is great as visitors will be able to cheer on the home team and enjoy some really fun games of hockey.

Aside from the hockey team playing in this arena, there will also be performances from many famous groups and musicians. For instance, some of the performers who have performed here includes groups like the “Bachman and Cummings Together Again”, “Brett Kissel”, “Thunderbuck in the Badlands” and more.

Plus the arena also offers some amazing foods to eat. From things like chicken tenders, hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, popcorn, candy, ice cream and more are all being offered at affordable prices.

So if are ever in the mood to catch some amazing performances or shows, then the “Co-Op Place” is definitely the place to visit.

Come Have Fun At Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede

Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede

If you are ever in the area of Medicine Hat during the month of July, you might just be able to attend one of the most popular festival and event to occur here in this city.

Known as the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede, it is an event that happens during the last week of July and is one where many people wait all year round for.

During this event, visitors will find many things happening all around for them to see and do. For instance, some of the things that will happen during this event includes things like night shows, a parade, a rodeo, visual arts, a midway, live music, and more, Basically everything you can ever ask for during a festival and event will be happening here during the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede.

It’s an event where people of all ages and experiences will be able to enjoy. For instance, kids will be able to enjoy the carnival fair part of the event where they’ll be able to ride on all sorts of crazy and fun rides. Adults on the other hand can enjoy things like the rodeo where cowboys are prancing around or even the concert where musicians are coming from all over the world to perform.

Plus all throughout the event, visitors will be able to try out some of the most delicious foods available as many restaurants and vendors will be around serving their most popular foods. From things like poutine or pickles or even the fried foods, visitors will definitely get their fill with all these delicious things.

So if you are happening to be in the city of Medicine Hat during the last week of July, than the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede is definitely one of the best things you can ever experience.

Visit The Hidden Valley Ski Resort

The Hidden Valley Ski Resort

Although not exactly located in Medicine Hat, The Hidden Valley Ski Resort is a quick drive away which makes for a perfect day trip event to do.

The Hidden Valley Ski Resort is located in the Cypress Hills Provincial Park near Elkwater, and is the premiere place where locals and tourists alike can go do some really amazing winter activities. From skiing to snowboarding or even sledding, the options are endless here.

The terrain here offers a range of different features from rails, boxes, barrel taps and various sizes of jumps. They also re-model at least twice per season to help give variety and progression for people of all levels and experiences. And aside from the real snow, they also make their own snow! In fact, over 7 million gallons of water are used each winter to help provide some nice fluff for visitors to play on.

Aside from the winter activities, this ski resort also offers lessons and schools where trained and certified ski instructors come and teach you every bit of information you should know about skiing.

Plus there is also a rental shop on site that’ll provide services for all top of the line ski and snowboard equipment and accessories. The staff will help suit you with the best equipment for your needs and will provide you with any help and tips that will make your adventure so much more enjoyable.

So if you’re looking for some fun and adventure, then the Hidden Valley Ski Resort is definitely the place to go.

Drink Some Beer At A Brewery

brewery in medicine hat

Whenever you’re visiting some place new, one of the best things to do is to simply roam around and try out all the amazing breweries that are in the area.

And here in Medicine Hat, you can find a variety of different breweries for you to visit. Each one being just as amazing as the other. In fact, in this city alone, you can find at least 3 breweries which are perfect for you to visit.

The three breweries you can find in this city includes “Hell’s Basement”, “Travois Ale Works”, and “Medicine Hat Brewing Company”.

The most popular of the three is “Medicine Hat Brewing Company“. It is there where you’ll be able to try out craft brews like boomtown lager, burnside, industrial ave IPA, gentlemen’s stoute and more. Plus aside from the brews, they also have some delicious things to eat like chicken wings, salads, burgers, fish and chips and more.

Travois Ale Works is also a pretty good brewery as their beers will include a mix of revolutionary American and traditional European styles that are both creative and approachable. Their lineup changes all the time, so depending on when you decide to visit, you’ll be met with a new brew every time.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which brewery you decide to visit. Almost all of which will provide you with a pleasant experience that you will absolutely love.

Play On The World’s Largest Chess Set

World's Largest Chess Set

Do you like board games? How about chess?

If you do, then you’ll be happy to know that the city of Medicine Hat in Alberta is home to the world’s largest chess set. It is verified by the Guinness Book of World Records and is a fully functional chess set for people to play on.

But the most surprising thing of all is that the chess set is not actually on a board, but actually on the ground between the Court of Queen’s Bench Building and the Medicine Hat Public Library.

This chess set was created by the Medicine Hat Chess Club and offers visitors a chance to play some really fun games of chess. The board officially measures around (19 ft 4 in) on each side. And the chess pieces used to play can go up to 4 foot high in height and 1 foot wide in width.

Visitors who are wanting to play on this amazing chess set will have to book an appointment online with up to two days in advance. They recommend a suggested donation of about $10 dollars an hour to play, which is pretty reasonable.

Plus in addition to playing on the world’s largest chess set, visitors who are playing will be able to see some pretty impressive river valley views which are located just a few feet away from the chess set.

Definitely one of the best places to visit in Medicine Hat, as no where else will you be able to find a chess set as large as this.

Check Out Some Street Art

street art in medicine hat

If you have the time to spare, one of the best things to do in Medicine Hat, Alberta is to simply roam around the city and admire all the beautiful street art that is on display.

In fact, many people around consider the city of Medicine Hat to be pretty artsy. The reason for this is because of a festival called “Mural Fest”, which was an event held back in July of 2019. Local artists as well as some international artists helped paint several murals in the city for the event. This led to the transformation of the core downtown area into basically an outdoor art exhibit.

These street arts make for a perfect opportunity for anybody who loves to take pictures. As many of these street arts are of various patterns or pictures, they make for some truly beautiful backdrops for any type of picture.

Simply drive around in a car or walk around on the streets, the vast amount of street arts will surely surprise you.

And if you need help in finding all of these art pieces, do not worry. A blogger by the name of Linda Hoang has an amazing guide for you to follow so that you can find all of these amazing works of art. Plus she also has several other informative posts about the city of Medicine Hat, so is definitely worth it to check her site out.

So go ahead and stroll around the city, you will absolutely love exploring all of the various kinds of street arts that are currently on display.

Eat Some Ice Cream At Swirls Ice Cream

Swirls Ice Cream

Do you love ice cream?

If the answer is yes, then you’ll be happy to know that the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta has one of the best ice cream shops around for you to try.

Known as “Swirls Ice Cream“, it is a very popular ice cream shop in which many locals and tourists all around come flocking to its doors for some amazing ice cream. They are an independent ice cream shop that has been operating for over 35 years!

Visitors who come will be able to find a menu filled with some truly delicious things to eat. For instance, some of the things on the menu includes stuff like Soft Ice Cream Cones, Hand Made Waffle Cones, Hard Ice Cream Cones, Soft Ice Cream Sundaes, Dirt Sundae, Milkshakes and more all made fresh for you to enjoy. They also have tons of different toppings and additions which you can add on to make your treat an even more special one.

But the best part about this place is that their sizes are pretty big. Even the small size version is easily able to be shared by two people as they are very generous in the amount that they give.

They are starting to branch out and open more places around the area which is great. In fact, when roaming around the city, you might even see their mobile truck which is driving around offering the same things as their shop does.

Swirls Ice Cream is an institution and place you definitely have to visit if given the chance. It’s an experience which you will never forget as the ice cream here is probably the best anywhere around the entire region.

Ride The Medicine Hat Sunshine Trolley

Medicine Hat Sunshine Trolley

One of the most interesting and cool ways to explore the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta is to simply ride around on a trolley.

Known as the Medicine Hat Sunshine Trolley, it is a special trolley dedicated in showing people around this amazing city. There are three scheduled routes, which can take visitors to the “Visitor’s Information Center (for Sammis Teepee). downtown, Police Point Park, Madalta and more”.

Plus depending on what you want to do, you can even be requested to drop off at a Brewery as well!

And if you have a special event or party going on, you’ll be happy to know that visitors can also rent the trolley too! All you’ll have to do is simply contact the trolley operator and they’ll give you the information you’ll need to rent this trolley.

Passes to ride this trolley are also pretty cheap as well. A day pass costs around $10 dollars while kids ride free! If you want to ride this trolley, it is highly recommended to buy the ticket online before hand so that you are guaranteed a spot. If you don’t, then you’ll run into the risk of them having no more seats available.

Overall, riding the Medicine Hat Sunshine Trolley is a special experience that you should definitely try to do. It’s makes for a great way to explore the city as you’ll be relaxing around on a comfy seat while cruising in style.

See Some Cottonwoods At Police Point Park

Police Point Park

Located across the South Saskatchewan area from Strathcona Island, visitors who come here will be able to find a beautifully maintained park called the “Police Point Park”.

The reason the park is called “Police Point Park” is because it was formerly the site of the Northwest Mounted Police Outpost. However it has since changed and has now become one of the best parks to visit. Visitors who come to this Park will find that it has a totally different feel to it when compared to many other parks and is one that everybody should visit if given the chance. The park spans a whopping 240 acres full of beautiful untouched nature that is perfect for any avid nature lovers.

In fact, one of the most popular reasons why people come visit this park is to see all the amazing Cottonwood trees during their final stages of life. Many of these Cottonwood trees are thought to be between 200 to 300 years old. Aside from that, the park also has many walking and hiking trails that’ll take you in and around the surrounding areas.

Plus there are also quite a few different wildlife animals living in the region as well. When roaming around, visitors might be able to see things like porcupines, deer, foxes, a variety of birds and more all running around the area.

Also the Police Point Nature Center which is located here also offers many kinds of displays and interactive programs all throughout the year for people to enjoy.

Overall, it is a fun and beautiful park in which many people will enjoy.


Overall, the city of Medicine Hat in Alberta is definitely one of the most unique and interesting places you can ever visit. Once you come, you’ll notice that this city offers plenty of different things for you to see and do.

So hopefully this post about the “25 Best Things To Do In Medicine Hat, Alberta” was able to help you out in some sort of way. This way if you ever find yourself visiting the city of Medicine Hat in Alberta, you will know exactly what things you are able to do for some fun.

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Have fun traveling and let me know how it goes~

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