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How To Find Cheap Flights In 2020

What are some things you should do in order to find cheap flights?

After all, traveling to any where in the world can be quite costly.

Especially when most of the cost is tied to your airfare.

Finding a great deal on flight tickets is just as important as finding the right destination, or right places to eat or visit, or even right places to stay.

That’s because if you’re flight is too expensive, chances are that you won’t be going on that trip.

Now if you ever searched for flights, you’ll notice that almost everyday airlines will have many types of awesome deals. From special promotions which brings the price down super cheap to even mistakenly published prices. There are always cheap tickets around. You just have to know how to find them.

So here today, we are here to help you with just that.

Over the years I have learned many tips and tricks on how to get cheap flights, and I will be sharing them with you. Hopefully these tips can help you as well to get those cheap flight tickets!

1. Don’t believe all the fluff

Now the most important thing about finding great deals for flights is that there isn’t really a secret recipe or trick in doing so. If you ever search online you’ll notice many different people say many different things. However a lot of those aren’t really real. They are there to get you confused as most of the time they are all wrong.

Not only that but many websites report old and outdated information. Most of which don’t work anymore in today’s age.

So here are some of the most common things that you’ll find online that simply isn’t true.

  • There is no such thing as an exact date or time period in which you need to book your ticket
  • It is definitely not cheaper to buy your tickets on a Tuesday
  • Nobody is able to predict when airline prices will go down. Websites that do are just guessing so they probably aren’t right.

Most of the time now airlines will use complex algorithms to try to determine prices. Things that will drop prices are: time of the year, passenger demand, weather, major events, competitor prices and much much more.

Trust me, the days of the old methods don’t work anymore.

2. Try to be flexible with your traveling date

A lot of the time, prices will vary depending on what day of the week and also time of the year. Special holidays like Christmas or Spring Break or Thanksgiving etc.. will drive prices higher.

If you are wanting to fly out when all the other people are wanting to fly then your prices are normally going to cost more. However if you can be flexible and choose a date where it’s not a special holiday or anything then usually you will get prices that are relatively cheaper. Now if you definitely have to travel during those popular dates then best of luck to you cause it’s going to be costly.

Now aside from that, it’s also cheaper to fly during the middle of the week than a weekend because most people tend to book their traveling on the weekends. This means that airlines will bring the price higher on days like Fri-Sun.

Also a good tip is to fly after a major holiday since that is the time when people aren’t really traveling as much. Another tip is to fly either super early in the morning or super late at night as those are the times people usually don’t like to travel on so it’ll tend to be on the cheaper side.

All in all, its better to be flexible when you are trying to fly.

3. Budget Carriers are your friend

Many years ago, if you ever wanted to travel to another country, you were only stuck with a few certain airlines that were pretty expensive.

However in today’s age, that is no longer the case. There are in fact many budget airlines that service close and also long-haul routes. Which makes it possible to fly around the world for a very low cost.

An example is like AirAsia tends to offer insanely cheap deals around Asia and Australia for a very low price of around $100 each way. That is cheap!

Using a budget airline is an incredible way to save some money. you can most likely fly all around the world just on budget airlines.

Tip: Now if you are not a seasoned traveler and don’t know which budget airlines to fly with then don’t worry. All you have to do is visit your destination airports website and look for a list of all the airlines that fly over there.

Flying with a budget airline is good, although you might get fewer perks and amenities. The good thing though is that you will save on a lot of money.

Just make sure to watch for extra fee’s that the airline might try to levy on you as that is majorly how they make their money. They tend to usually charge fees for checked bags, carry-on’s, using a credit card, printing your boarding pass etc… So be sure to add up the cost of the ticket and also the extra costs that you might incur to make sure the price you are paying for is definitely lower than a major brand carrier.

4. Flying direct isn’t always the best

Now usually when people book flights, they always love to book directly to the destination.

However when you book direct, normally it will be more pricey than booking multiple flights. For instance, one time I had to go to Taiwan so I looked for prices on that trip. A one way trip might cost $1,500 from Houston to Taiwan. But when I did Houston to Japan which costed $800, and then I used a budget airline which flew from Japan to Taiwan costed only $100. So total cost was $900, $600 cheaper than if I were to fly direct.

So yes, there is definitely ways to save.

The only problem is that it might take a bit longer to reach your destination. So if you can afford to wait then it will definitely help save you some money.

All you have to do is instead of searching for direct flights, look for stops in between and compare the prices. If you can get to your destination cheaper but on multiple flights, take it!

5. Search Engines are all different

Most of the time when people search for flight tickets, they normally only use one search engine. That engine being Google. However what if i told you that search engines are not all the same.

Some search engines don’t list budget carriers because the airlines don’t want to pay a booking commission while others don’t list them simply because they aren’t in english.

U.S. booking sites tend to be biased as they tend to not have the small foreign airlines listed that you see on many international sites like Skyscanner or Momondo.

Now although there is no perfect search engine to use for searching for flights, your best bet is to try multiple different search engines.

Here are a list of some search engines that I use:

  • Google Flights – Incredible search engine that lets you see the prices for many destinations. Although doesn’t really show the cheaper foreign airlines.
  • Skyscanner – One of the best sites out there in terms of searching for cheap flights. They search from a wide array of airlines to bring you the best price.
  • Momondo – Just like Skyscanner, this site also is a very good site for searching up cheap flights. Most of the time you can find the cheapest flights using this site.

So just remember, don’t just stick to one search engine. Use multiple ones to compare.

6. Student discounts

Yes! There are in fact student discounts for flights.

Many discounts are actually available to students, where you can find prices 20-30% off their normal standard price. Just go to a travel agency like STA Travel or Flight Centre and have them help you find a cheap ticket.

7. Use your mileage points

Almost all airlines have some type of rewards program which can be a great way to get free flights or upgrades.

It doesn’t matter how often you fly, you should always be signed up for the airline’s reward program. For myself, I tend to stay with US based airlines as they are involved with all the major alliances and can earn you miles and points on their partner flights.

For instance, if I want to fly Air France, I can get points credited to my Delta rewards account.

Now earning points isn’t just about flying on planes. You can earn points other ways too such as from signing up with a credit card, or online shopping or surveys and special offers. There are tons of ways to get mileage points to use for free or cheaper tickets.

As long as you are smart with your money and try to collect points and miles every time you can, then you can travel around the world for a cheap cost or sometimes even for free.

8. Keep an Eye for Special Deals

Now everybody wants special deals for when they are going to travel.

And almost all airlines do offer special deals occasionally. However the best way to get these deals are to sign up for their mailing list or a search engines mailing list. You’ll be able to get updates about all the last minute or special deals that they are currently doing.

This is probably the best way to make sure that you get a cheap flight. Often times the cheap flight prices are only available for a short period of time like 24 hours, and if you are not checking online then you will most likely miss out on the great deals.

Here are a list of some sites that can help find you great deals!

9. Search ticket prices as one person

When you try to book your ticket, try to look for tickets as 1 person only.

This is because airlines tend to always show the highest ticket prices for group tickets. For example if seat A is $300, seats B and C are $400, and seat D is $500, it will price those tickets as $500 each instead of adding up the individual ticket prices.

So your best bet to find cheap tickets is to book as a single person. Then after you get to the checkout process, you can select your seats so you and your family can sit together.

10. Book early, but not too early

Now typically airline fares will usually rise in price the closer you get to departure.

However there is a saving grace when the airlines start to either lower or increase fares based on demand. Basically, you should not book too early but also not book too far out away in advance either.

The sweet spot to book your trip is normally around 6-8 weeks (or around 3 months) before the date of your departure .

Now finding a cheap flight is mostly about you being smart about it.

There are many ways to save on money, and if you can be flexible and open-minded than you can end up saving quite a bit.

So follow the tips I had posted above on how to get cheap flight tickets, and you’ll always end up getting a great deal.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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