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12 Best Places For Bubble Tea In Dallas, Texas

Bubble tea or Boba Tea is a deliciously amazing drink that is taking the world by storm. What started out in Taiwan has now spread to all regions across the globe with thousands upon thousands of shops opening up each and every day.

But what is bubble tea you may ask?

It is basically soft chewy balls made from tapioca flour that is then poured into and mixed with different types of tea.

And here in Dallas, Texas they make some of the most tastiest bubble tea ever. From teas to smoothies or even slushies, they have it all.

Which brings me to this post.

In this post, we’ll be talking about all the best places for bubble tea in Dallas, Texas.

So if you are ready, check out this list!

Best Places For Bubble Tea In Dallas, Texas

In no particular order, these are the best bubble tea/boba shops we have found around the Houston Area.

Fat Straws Bubble Tea

Fat Straws

Fat Straws Bubble Tea is an interesting place that serves up some really delicious things. The chain opened up in Dallas here in 2002 and instantly became a fan favorite. Here you can find all the usual bubble tea drinks and even some slushes, smoothies, frappes and more. But that isn’t all that makes this place special. They also serve up some killer donuts that literally to die for. So if you are ever in the mood for some delicious donuts and drinks, then this place is definitely for you.

Where to find: 5301 Alpha Rd Ste 38 Dallas, TX 75240

Kung Fu Tea

Kung fu tea

Kung Fu Tea is a huge American bubble tea chain that started up in New York. You can literally find one of their shops all around the city. They have a huge menu selection with so many different kinds of flavors to choose from. Some of my favorites include winter melon green tea, sunshine pineapple tea, yogurt lemonade and more. All of which are equally as tasty.

Where to find: 2067 N Central Expressway Suite100 Richardson, TX

Magic Cup

Magic Cup

Magic Cup is an amazing place as they offer up some really tasty beverages. For instance, here you can find all the usual teas like green tea, taro tea and more. But they also have fruit drinks like kiwi green, strawberry peach and orange blossom all waiting for you to try. Their toppings are also pretty cool as you can order some popping boba, jellies and even fruit bits.

Aside from the drinks, they also have a pretty extensive food menu too which many people seem to love. You can pick from things like voodoo chicken, kimchi fries, asian garlic wings, fried dumplings and more all of which are so amazingly good.

Where to find: 901 N Jupiter Rd #150 Richardson, TX 75081

Zero Degrees

zero degrees

Zero Degrees is a bubble tea chain that specializes in very over the top offerings that bring out the best in the drinks. From things like spicy watermelon to bright purple ube milkshakes are just some of the things they offer. They even have a cup where you can try out 2 different drinks at the same time. Aside from that they also have some unique snacks that pair really well with the drinks such as cheese fries that have been doused with Hot Cheetos and more.

Where to find: 2301 N Central Expy Plano, TX 75075



Fruitealicious is a special kind of place because they have such a huge variety of selections for you to choose from. Aside from the bases like green tea, soda, lemonade or black tea, you can also choose your flavoring with so many options to choose from. Not only that but they also have TONS and I mean TONS of toppings for you to add on. For instance you can choose from an assortment of bubble toppings to jellies and fruit bits or even protein powder! You will definitely be here quite a while as you try to think up some truly creative drinks to make.

Where to find: 2150 N Josey Ln Carrollton, TX 75006



Sharetea is a popular Taiwanese chain that has branched out into multiple locations around the glove. They are a favorite among the locals because they brew fresh tea each and every day like green tea, black tea and more. They also have a variety of toppings you can choose from like jellies, boba or aloe vera which pairs really well with each of the drinks.

Where to find: 2625 Old Denton Rd Carrollton, TX 75007



Dottea is a simple bubble tea place with a smaller menu then most but also being reasonable priced. Here you can order teas, slushies, coffee, frappe, smoothies as well as fusion teas that will make you crave for more and more. Try the Yo-Matcha Milk Tea or the Salt Caramel Frappe with some jelly and boba inside for some excellent tastes.

Where to find: 14902 Preston Rd Dallas, TX 75254

Boba Latte

Boba Latte - Bubble Tea In Dallas

Boba latte is a favorite among many Dallas locals for its really high quality drinks. The boba here is really soft and chewy and when mixed with the fresh drinks, it will instantly be a delight to have. Plus the service is on a whole different level here as the staff is so friendly and polite with answering any and all questions you may have. They have many choices for you to select from, but my personal favorites are the butterfly limeade and the Hong Kong Milk Tea which are both excellently crafted.

Where to find: 115 S Greenville Ave Ste 112 Richardson, TX 75081


bobaddiction  - Bubble Tea In Dallas

Bobaddiction is a very cute little bubble tea shop that sells some truly good drinks. You can find all the classics here like milk tea, taro, jasmine, thai tea and more. As well as the usual fruit based drinks like mango green tea, passion fruit green tea, strawberry black tea and more. And if drinks wasn’t enough, they also have a shaved ice dessert that is too die for. It’s the perfect place to get something yummy to eat as well as something delicious to drink.

Where to find: 3014 Main St Dallas, TX 75226

I Heart Boba

I heart Boba - Bubble Tea In Dallas

I Heart Boba is a chain of bubble tea shops located all around the city. It is sort of like a hidden gem that is also a local favorite. Here you can find a menu of a vast amount of drinks to choose from with many of the classics being offered as well. Choose from either Boba Cream Tea to the Pineapple tea or even the Mango slush.Plus they also have a few sandwiches you can buy too if you are hungry like tuna sandwich or even the egg sandwich. Whatever it is you decide to pick, I guarantee you will absolutely love it.

Where to find: 3212 N Jupiter Rd #115 Garland, TX 75044

85C Bakery Cafe 

85C Bakery Cafe - Bubble Tea In Dallas

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add this shop here into this list because they are a bakery shop. However they do have a side menu which has some bubble tea drinks so I guess that should work. 85 degrees C is a popular Taiwanese chain that specializes in making selection of pastries such as cakes, breads, pudding and more. But what most people don’t know is that they also have a tiny menu where they also serve up some really delicious bubble tea drinks. Get the signature sea salted beverages like mountain green tea or black tea and you will have a party.

Where to find: 2540 Old Denton Road, Unit 106 Carrollton, TX 75006

9 Rabbits Bakery

9 Rabbits Bakery - Bubble Tea In Dallas

9 Rabbits bakery is a small little hole in the wall shop that not many people know about. It is tucked inside a strip mall on Royal Lane and is very easy to miss. However what people don’t know is that they serve some of the best drinks here at this establishment.

Similar to 85 degrees C above, this shop is also a bakery that specializes in serving cakes, bread, sandwiches and more. But they also have a section where you can get some other things like breakfast items and drinks. There drinks menu isn’t the biggest out there but what they do have is quality. You can find all the usual drinks here all made fresh and flavorful.

Where to find: 2546 Royal Ln Dallas, TX 75229


Overall, Dallas is a city that is filled with all sorts of bubble tea shops. Almost all of which are equally as good. But in my opinion, I would say you should try your best to visit them all as you never know which one might be your favorite.

So hopefully this list of the “Best Places For Bubble Tea In Dallas, Texas” was able to give you some ideas and insight as to where you should go if you want to find some bubble tea in Dallas, Texas.

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Let me know how your trip goes!

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