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12 Best BBQ Places In Dallas You Must Try

When you think of Texas, you’ll think of Cowboys, Friendly People, Steaks, and best of all Barbecue. After all, Texas is literally known for its legendary ways of making barbecue or BBQ for short. With so many cities and places making it with their own unique ways and style, you just know Texas does it right. And one city that does it best is definitely Dallas, Texas. You can find some of the best BBQ places in Dallas.

Although it didn’t start out this way. It was only a few years ago when the city barely had any barbecue spots and was just trying to find its identity.

Fast forward a few years to now, and this city is filled with all sorts of amazing barbecue spots for you to try.

From juicy briskets to spicy sausages and even fall of the bone ribs, this city has it all.

But with so many different places serving barbecue, how are you suppose to know exactly which one is the best to visit?

That is where this post comes in handy.

In this post, we’ll be detailing all the best barbecue restaurants in Dallas for people to go visit.

So if you are ready, lets get started!

Best BBQ Restaurants In Dallas

This post will consist of all our personal recommendations for the best BBQ restaurants in Dallas, in no particular order.

Cattleack BBQ

Cattleack BBQ

Cattleack BBQ Restaurant is an award winning BBQ spot that serves up some really delicious BBQ. Here they serve up an amazing array of items like brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, pulled pork, turkey, and even a “WHOLE HOG” on select days all prepared with his own special BBQ sauce. They even offer sandwiches and sausages which are all equally as good.

The only downside about this place is that they are only open on select days throughout the month. For example, their usual time where they open is “Thursdays, Fridays 10:30 am to 2 pm, and the 1st Saturdays of each month.”

Because of this, you can almost guarantee that the lines will be insanely long of all the people who are wanting to get their hands on these delicious BBQ foods.

Pecan Lodge

pecan lodge

Pecan Lounge is one of Dallas’s most famous BBQ spots. First opened in 2010, this amazing BBQ restaurant has quickly become a beloved spot for many locals and tourists alike. Their dedication to cooking things low-and-slow over mesquite brings out the best qualities of the meat.

From the delicious briskets to the juicy beef ribs or even hand made sausages, they do everything high quality here. Heck, its not just BBQ, but they even serve southern style fried chicken and sandwiches.

Then when you are done eating your main course, you should definitely try out their amazing desserts like “Aunt Polly’s Banana Pudding or homemade Peach Cobbler.”

One90 Smoked Meats

One90 Smoked Meats

One90 Smoked Meats is an interesting and delicious place as you are able to enjoy your meal at their location or even at home. In fact, a lot of the people who come here tend to buy their bbq to bring home to eat, since they pack it tight in vacuum sealed bags.

Their BBQ is nothing to laugh at either, as it is serious business here each and every time. They offer some of best small-batch craft smoked meats in town.

Here you can order meat by the pound which includes brisket, country sausage, pulled pork, poblano sausage, baby back ribs and more. They also serve sandwiches which are equally tasty like the sliced chicken sandwich, brisket sandwich or even the pulled pork sausage.

But that’s not all, in fact they are much more than a BBQ restaurant. Here they also serve interesting salads that include salmon, duck, chicken, pastrami, and more. And if that wasn’t enough for you, they also serve tacos too.

It’s an interesting place where anybody could come and enjoy some delicious foods.

Hutchins BBQ


Doesn’t matter which location you decide to visit (Frisco or McKinney), getting a seat at one of their restaurants will usually involve you waiting a bit of time.

However that wait is worth it because they serve some of the tastiest BBQ you can ever imagine. The most popular seller at this restaurant is definitely the brisket. However even with that being said, their spare ribs, sausages and pulled pork are still top notch.

They even have a truly delicious specialty called the Texas Twinkies, which is not really a twinkie but a large jalapeño stuffed with brisket & cream cheese and wrapped in premium thick cut bacon. Definitely a delight to eat.

Lockhart Smokehouse

Lockhart Smokehouse

No matter which location you decide to go to, you are always guaranteed to have some really delicious and tasty BBQ here at Lockhart. In fact, many locals consider this place to be the most authentic Central-Style BBQ in the city.

Here they offer a huge variety of meats for you to choose from like Beef Brisket, Chicken, Turkey, Pork chops, Ribs, Sausages and more. They even offer a special type of beef called the “Shoulder Clod”.

Best of all is that if you don’t know what you want to order, they’ll even let you sample the meats so you can decide. How great is that?

Off The Bone Barbeque

Off the Bone Barbeque

This humble little barbecue spot that is situated in a former Gas Station area serves up some really tasty barbecue. The owner Dwight Harvey uses his skills to slow smoke the ribs over pecan wood for at least 5 hours and then cooks them an additional hour for that delicious and tender bite you have been looking for.

But its not just the ribs that are so amazing, but everything else too. For instance, the brisket is cooked for about fourteen hours and coated in a sweet yet spicy rub that is literally to die for.

Aside from the regular barbecue meats, you can also order them in a sandwich or a taco which makes things even more interesting. Then complement those with some sides like a classic potato salad or queso mac and cheese, and you’ll feel like you went to heaven.

Baby Back Shak

Baby Back Shak  - bbq places in Dallas

If you are looking for something different other than Texas Style BBQ, then you are in luck. Here at Baby Back Shak, they specialize in serving up some delicious Memphis-Style BBQ.

All of their meats are prepared with a special blend of spices, herbs and sauces, and is actually a family secret that has been passed down for generations on end.

They don’t serve all the usual BBQ meats you would expect from a BBQ restaurant, but what they do serve will actually make you fall in love with them. For instance, their ribs, sausage, cornish hen, smoked drummies are all so good and delicious.

And just like the other restaurants, you can order the BBQ here by either the weight, plate, or even have them in a sandwich.

18th & Vine Barbeque

18th & Vine Barbeque - bbq places in Dallas

Another place that doesn’t serve up Texas-Style BBQ is one called 18th and Vine. Instead, they specialize in serving up some amazing Kansas-Style BBQ flavors that will have you screaming for joy.

Even with that being said, I don’t know if I could consider than a full on BBQ restaurant because they don’t just serve BBQ here. They also serve a lot of chef created dishes like grilled salmon, smoked cauliflower steak and pepperoni flatbread.

But that doesn’t mean the quality of the BBQ is subpar, no sir it is not. In fact, the BBQ here is still top notch and draws in a whole bunch of people each and every time.

They serve all the regular BBQ meats you would expect like ribs, brisket, sausage, chicken, pulled pork, turkey, and even a vegetarian cauliflower steak. Pair that up with some of their sides like queso, fried okra, seasonal soup, and you’ll have yourself a party.


TEN50 BBQ - bbq places in Dallas

Unlike many of the other BBQ restaurants here in Dallas, Ten50 actually serves up some really good authentic Central-Style Texas BBQ.Here they keep their fires open all day long so that they can smoke their amazing meats over charcoal made from hickory, oak, pecan and mesquite wood for between 12 and 16 hours.

You can find all the regular meats like St.Louis Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Turkey, Sausage, Smoked Chicken, and even “Prime” Brisket. How many BBQ restaurants can you name that serve up Prime graded briskets?

They even serve up something called a Torpedoes which is basically a stuffed Jalepeno that is stuffed with brisket or chicken. It is literally one of the best tasting things you’ll ever have.

You can also find a good number of sides that pair up well with your meats like southern yeast rolls, skinny cut rings, fried okra, potato salad and much more here at Ten50.

Smokey’s John’s Bar-B-Que

Smokey's John's Bar-B-Que - bbq places in Dallas

Smokey’s John’s Bar-B-Que is a humble family owned and operated restaurant where they serve up some really amazing barbecue.

Here you can find huge portions being served to you all at reasonable prices. You can expect to find all the staples of a BBQ restaurant here at this place like brisket, ribs, sausages, spit-roasted chicken, ham, turkey, and sides like collard greens and loaded baked potatoes. 

They also serve some other things like Catfish plates, and hamburgers which are all equally as good as their BBQ.

It’s a nice little place where you will absolutely love to eat at.

The Slow Bone

The Slow Bone - bbq places in Dallas

Located in the Design District of Dallas, this cozy little restaurant specializes in serving up a cafeteria style BBQ cuisines. They are only open for lunch which means you need to come prepared if you want to get anything at this location.

The stars of their menu is definitely the hickory-smoked brisket and fried chicken, but other meats are equally as good. And not only that, but they are also one of the few restaurants in the city which also serves up a Prime version of their brisket. They also have daily specialties that change up each and every day so you can always expect something new and delicious to eat.

Aside from the meats, you can expect to find a bunch of different side options like brisket beans, braised greens, chili mac, fried okra, frito pie, brisket chili and lots more all available for you to choose.

And because they are only open for lunch, do know that there will usually be a long line here all full of people waiting to get some delicious BBQ.

Terry Black’s Barbecue

Terry Black’s Barbecue - bbq places in Dallas

Terry Black’s is actually an Austin favorite but has since found a new location to open up another shop. Here they prepare their timeless BBQ in one of five, 1,000 gallon smokers that focus on quality and old school preparations.

You can find all the staples of BBQ here like brisket, beef, pork ribs, turkey, sausages and more all ready for you to order. They also have some really tasty and simple sides like cream corn, pinto beans, green beans, Mexican rice and more that will all go really well with your meats.

Their menu isn’t the biggest out there, but is enough to get you wanting to come back each and every time for some really delicious BBQ.


As you can see, here in Dallas you can find a number of different BBQ places for you to go to.

Almost all of which are equally as good and have their own unique qualities and style about them.

So hopefully next time you are visiting the city of Dallas, you’ll be able to try some of the best BBQ Places In Dallas.

Also, if you’re going to be visiting the city of Dallas anytime soon, you might be interested in some of my other posts.

Or for a list of all my Dallas posts, you can click here.

Let me know how your trip goes!

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