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Why You Should Go On A Road Trip For Family Travel

Why should you go on a road trip for family travel?

After all, when you have a family with you, traveling can be a difficult thing to do. I mean there is so much planning involved, things to bring, things to look out for. Not to mention if you have a newborn, that will make things even tougher.

However that doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold until every kid of yours is fully grown to be able to travel again.

There are many things you can do that will make your travel trip a lot easier.

When my friends had their first kids, they didn’t put off the idea of traveling. Instead, they found ways to make traveling fun and enjoyable for the entire family. Sure they weren’t able to travel to as many locations as before or even do the same stuff that they were use to. After all, traveling with kids can be quite challenging. It’s this challenge that makes traveling together as a family so much fun.

One of the things they decided on doing was going on a road trip. It allowed them to have the freedom of choice. They were able to go anywhere they want, do anything they want, and best of all, enjoy all the precious moments and memories that were made on that trip.

And if you think about it, it’s actually pretty true.

Road trips are a type of travel where you can literally enjoy the world at it’s finest. It is a fantastic way for you to spend time with your entire family, see what your country has to offer, and also do so on a budget.

If you are still iffy about road trips, don’t worry.

Here are some amazing reasons as to why all families should go on a road trip for their next vacation.

Road Trip For Family Travel

Here are all the best reasons for you to go on a road trip for family travel.

Pick Your Own Journey

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One thing that is great about road trips is that you are in control of where you want to go. Doesn’t matter if you only want to drive a few hundred miles to maybe cross country. You get the ability to decide exactly where you want to go and how fast you want to get there.

By being in control of your trip, you get to drive all around the country and see all kinds of things you probably never would have got the chance to see if you were taking the plane. This is how adventures start.

Me and my friends decided to take a road trip from San Diego, California all the way down to Houston, Texas. We were able to drive through curvy mountains, fields full of cactus, and amazing canyons. We were always pulling to the side of the road to take some amazing pictures and to enjoy the view. We would have never been able to do these things if we were to take a plane ride.

After all, the best thing about road trips is that your journey and what you see is entirely up to you. Every day is a whole new adventure full of amazing views and scenery.

You Are Not Bound To A Schedule

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One thing about traveling is that you are usually bound by a set schedule. Things like when to leave for the plane, when you should go see an attraction, how long you are going to be eating your foods, etc.. It feels like you are always being rushed to do something.

However you don’t get any of that when you are on a road trip.

When you go on a road trip, you are able to dictate your own pace. If you want to start off the day slow then go slow. If you want to move faster than move faster. It is all up to you.

On my trip from California to Texas, we had pre-planned out an itinerary to go by. However along the way, we found many exciting places that we want to stop at. So we added them into our itinerary and continued our journey. We also found places where we can cancel out some of the things we had planned since they didn’t seem as fun.

My point being that, how you want your trip to go is entirely up to you. You can choose when to start, where to go and when to finish by. If you want to spend more time at a certain location then by all means go do it. If you want to spend less time then spend less time. It is all up to you.

You Can Save Money

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One of the biggest expenses for travel is flight tickets. And the bigger your family is, the more tickets you need to buy which can definitely hurt your wallet. With the average cost of a ticket being at around $500-$1000 dollars, that can definitely hurt.

However if you go on a road trip, then you don’t have to worry about any flight tickets at all. The only thing you need to worry about is gas, which is actually pretty cheap when compared to flight tickets.

Since you are doing a road trip, you can use your own personal car if you want which eliminates the cost of renting a car and also auto insurance. However if you don’t want to use your own car, then renting a car is perfectly fine. Renting a car runs at about $100 a day which can add up the longer your trip is going to be. So do decide whichever one is best for you.

Not only for transportation, but you can also save money on food as well. After all, eating out can cost a lot of money over time as it builds up. Instead, why not bring some sandwiches along for the ride. You can also pack snacks and drinks which are essential for any road trip. So load up a huge cooler packed with tons of yummy foods and drinks, and you’ll be set to travel for however long you need.

You can always replenish your food supplies at any local stores so you don’t have to worry if you haven’t packed enough food or what not.

This way you can save a lot of money during your trip.

Taking Breaks

The Traveling Asian
The Traveling Asian

Have you ever traveled with your family before? Ever notice how tiring it can get? Whether it’s from sitting on a long flight to even constantly rushing to go to the next attraction. Traveling can be tiring.

Which is why road trips are perfect as you can take as many breaks as you want. Feeling tired? Take a break. Too lazy to drive? Take a break.

Not only that but traveling around can be tiring for the entire family. Kids most definitely need a break from time to time as they probably don’t want to be sitting in a single spot for too long. Which is why road trips are perfect. They allow you the ability to slow your pace and take as many breaks as needed which can make your trip a lot more enjoyable.

Make Lasting Memories

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One of my most favorite things about road trips is that we get to make memories that’ll last us for a life time. I mean think about it. In our every day life we are so busy with things, we don’t really have enough time to spend with the family. However that’s not the case with road trips. You get a chance to be with your family every minute of the day. It’ll allow you the opportunity to unwind and connect with each other on a whole new level.

Talk about your lives, play some games, listen to the music and sing along. There are so many things you can do while on a road trip. The possibilities are endless.

No matter what you do with your family on a trip, you will get many memories out of it that’ll will last you your entire life.


Many people think traveling once they had a family can be difficult and a hard thing to do. Now that may be true. However there are always things you can do to make things better and easier. Road trips is just one simple solution any family can do. After all, it’s easy and relatively fast to do.

So next time you are thinking about going on a vacation, why not try a road trip for family travel instead. Just pack up some clothes and a cooler full of food and you’ll be on your way. Find a destination where you really want to go visit and start driving. It will be fantastic.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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