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Where To Stay On The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas strip is some what of an iconic place as it is literally the heart of Las Vegas.

There are so many things for you to see and do here.

From gambling at casinos, partying it up at the club, watching live entertainment shows or even eating some of the tastiest foods you have ever tried.

Vegas has it all.

Which is why most people want to stay somewhere on the strip to be close to all that action.

However the strip is 4.2 miles long. How do you know which place you want to stay at? And what about the price? Do you want to stay at an expensive place or maybe a more cheaper option?

After all, each hotel and casino on this strip offers their own style and uniqueness which makes it hard for a person to pick.

Fortunately for you, I am here to help.

In this post, i’ll be detailing all the casinos that are on the strip and offering suggestions as to which one will suit you best.

This is to help you make a better decision as well as making your Vegas trip a whole lot more enjoyable.

So if you are ready, lets get started!

Tips For Choosing Your Hotel & Casino

Before we dive in on where you should stay on the Las Vegas strip, we do have some tips to help you choose the best hotel on the strip that is best suited for you.

Find The Best Date To Travel

Did you know that depending on what day you decide to go to Vegas, the prices can fluctuate very differently?

After all, Vegas is a paradise vacation for many people, so it makes sense that it will be higher priced on certain dates.

An example would be the weekends. Vegas is known to be the weekend getaway for many people which is why you’ll often see prices being raised during the weekends. So try your best to avoid Friday through Sunday travels.

However it isn’t just the days of the week you have to worry about.

You also have to worry about any seasonal holidays as well as events happening around the area. Major holidays like Christmas, Spring Break or any other holiday will also raise the price of your hotel rooms. Same goes for events, if there are any popular events happening at that time then you can expect prices to rise as well.

Which is why you should always check your calendar before coming to Vegas.

The Location Of Your Hotel


Did you know that not all strip locations are created equally?

Some are actually pretty far from all the action.

After all, the strip is over 4.2 miles long with over 30 hotels and casinos all along the path.

For instance, looking at the map above, you can see that Stratosphere is all the way at the north end of the strip. However all the other major casinos are on the opposite end. It will take you a good while just for you to be able to reach all the places you want to go.

But prices tend to be cheaper if you stay around the ends of the strip.

On the other hand, if you stay somewhere in the middle of the strip, you’ll be closer to all the action. However the trade off is that these places tend to be more expensive.

There are monorails and Deuce buses that run along the strip. However waiting for these can take quite a while. So if you are in a rush, these might not be the best options for you.

So it really depends on your budget and how much you are planning to spend.

Resort Fees

You should know that every single casino and hotel will have some type of resort fee added on to the price.

And depending on which place you decide to stay in, some resort fees can be higher than others. You can typically be expected to pay around $20 dollars to $50 dollars a night before taxes just in resort fees.

These fees are used to cover extra services like the pool, gym, wifi and many other amenities you might be interested to use during your stay. And “YES!” it is mandatory to pay the resort fee.

Now some casinos do offer to reimburse/waive your resort fee if you plan on gambling there for quite a while. But unless you are planning to shell out a lot of money gambling, it probably isn’t worth it.

Browse Around Different Sites

Did you know that depending on where you go to book your hotel, the prices can vary dramatically?

For instance, one time I was booking a stay at the Excalibur. The Excalibur website listed the price at $25 dollars a night. I went to another site and it was listed at $23 a night! I also checked around a few more sites and they basically ranged between those two numbers. So I went with the cheaper option.

Long story short, you should always check around different sites to see if you can find a listing that is cheaper than what you are being offered from the main site.

Where To Stay On The Las Vegas Strip

There are many different hotels here on the Vegas strip.

So for this section, we will be doing things by category to make things more easier for you to understand.

Cheapest Hotels

Excalibur Casino

You don’t always have to stay off strip to find the cheapest deals.

In fact, many of the hotels and casinos here on the strip do offer some cheap and affordable deals for you to get. Mainly because there is so much competition here, everybody is trying to bring customers into their casino.

So you can always find deals here on the strip.

However certain casinos are always known to be insanely cheap. These casinos are usually on the ends of the strip, like the north end or the south end. You might have to walk a bit to get to certain destinations, but if you want to save some money than this might be a good option for you.

Circus Circus

The cheapest hotel on the strip is definitely going to be Circus Circus. It is on the north end of the strip and is one of the oldest casinos in this city. Like the name implies, it is a circus themed casino so you can expect a lot of circus acts, clowns, jugglers, and games. It is the perfect place for kids as there are many things for them to see and do. But for adults, this might not be a good option. Plus you have to walk around like 30 to 40 minutes just to get to the center of the strip where all the action is.

Typical Price: $20-30 Dollars


Both Luxor and Excalibur offer budget deals for many travelers to stay in. They are located on the south side of the strip, pretty close to where all the action is going to be.

Luxor is modeled after an Egyptian vibe where you can live in a pyramid and see all types of Egyptian structures all around.

Excalibur is modeled after a castle and features knights in shiny armor and other things dealing with the castle theme.

These places are great as they are cheap so you can save money as well as being a close distance to many popular attractions. It takes about 15 minutes for you to get to the center of the strip from these two casinos.

Typical Price: $20-40 dollars a night

New York New York

New York New York is a casino that is themed around the city of New York. It is right next to Excalibur and Park MGM which makes it a perfect place for you to start your day.

It also has a bridge where you can walk over straight to MGM grand which makes it very convenient to Casino hop.

Typical Price: $20-50 dollars a night


Stratosphere is a casino that is located on the farthest end of the north end of the strip. There isn’t really anything to do around this casino but you can simply take a bus ride or uber straight down to where all the action is.

This casino also is a pretty neat place for kids because at the very top of the casino you’ll find a small amusement area with rides and things for your kids or yourself to enjoy.

Typical Price: $20-30 dollars a night

Medium Priced Hotels

MGM Grand in Vegas

Medium priced hotels tend to be found around the middle of the strip but yet not too middle. They offer a closer distance between your casino and popular attractions all around.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand is one of the most popular casinos on the strip. It is a bright green casino that features many of the popular events happening in this city. From things like boxing or ufc, you can see it all here at this casino.

With multiple types of top accommodations, dining experiences at restaurants such as Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak, shopping, and more, you can’t go wrong at MGM. 

It is located closer to the south end of the strip, but still relatively close to the center where all the attractions are.

Typical Price: $70 – 120 dollars a night

Park MGM

Park MGM is a newly renovated casino that took the place of the old Monte Carlo casino. If you ever been to Monte Carlo before, you’ll notice that the insides still look the same as before except now there is a huge area for dining with a whole bunch of different restaurants for you to choose from.

Typical Price: $100 – 180 dollars a night


You know you’re at the Paris casino and hotel if you seen the replica Eiffel Tower in front of it. It is a nice place to stay with many amenities you might like. Their food court is top tier with a really nice buffet as well. You will definitely like your stay at the Paris Casino.

Typical Price: $150 – 200 dollars a night


The Aria Resort & Casino is a fantastic place to get stunning views of the entire strip as well as the city skyline. It is filled with many entertainment areas, shopping, dining options as well as many gaming opportunities for you to gamble around.

They also have one of the largest slot machine floors in the entire Vegas strip with over 2,000 slots.

Typical Price: $150 – 200 dollars a night

High Roller Hotels

Bellagio in Vegas


The Bellagio is an icon casino know for providing some of the best things Vegas has to offer.

From their amazing dancing fountains, to the beautiful Cirque du Soleil Show to their delicious buffet, this place has it all. You can find almost everything you need here at this casino.

Plus this casino is know for its massive poker room along with a vast amount of table games, slots, sports and race books.

Typical Price: $150 – 350 dollars a night

Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is the premier destination for all things amazing. From the amazing restaurants like Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen to the amazing shopping mall at Forum shops to even seeing shows like Jerry Seinfield, this place is nothing but amazing.

Plus this place is best known for there awesome sports book area where visitors can bet on their favorite sports games. They also have many table games and slot machines for you play on all day long.

Typical Price: $150 – 350 dollars a night


The Wynn is one of Vegas’s most beloved hotels and casino on the strip. It has received the most Five Star awards out of almost any other independent hotel brand worldwide. So you know you’re getting a premium deal when you stay here.

They offer an amazing amount of entertainment for their guests. From award wining restaurants to shopping and clubbing and even bars, you can find it all here at this casino. You can even find top performers who perform here like drake, Lionel Richie and many more from time to time.

Typical Price: $150 – 350 dollars a night

The Venetian

The Venetian is a place that offers luxury at its finest. It is here where you’ll find spacious suits that overlook the entire strip.

They also have a whole variety of different table games and slot machines for you to play on. Not only that, but you’ll also find incredible restaurants with varying cuisines like Chinese, French or even a Latin vibe.

But the best feature here has to be the gondola rides that they have here at the casino. You can get on a motorized gondola and ride around the entire casino property all while relaxing and enjoying your day.

Typical Price: $150 – 350 dollars a night

Most Romantic Hotel

Bellagio at Vegas

In my honest opinion, I think the most romantic place to stay at is definitely the Bellagio as they offer so many things for you to see and do.

At the Bellagio, you can enjoy the fountains in the front dancing around to beautiful music as well as shows you can watch together inside like the Cirque du Soleil show “O”.

Not only that, but you can go inside to see their botanical gardens which is the perfect place for you to take some pictures together. The gardens are decorated amazingly well and changes depending on the season or holiday.

The rooms are also of the most luxury you have ever seen with each design looking amazing and unique.

Best Hotel For Kids

Circus Circus at Vegas

Circus Circus is one of the best casinos to stay at if you are going to be bringing your kids along.

Even though it is an old property and one of the cheapest on the strip, there is an abundance of things for your kids to do here.

For instance, they are one of the biggest permanent standing circus in the world with many acts going on all throughout the day. You’ll be able to see unicycle acts, acrobats, jugglers, and many more all performing here. They also have an indoor amusement park which you can ride all sorts of fun amusement rides. Kind of like a small Disney LAnd.

The only downside about this place is that it is at the very end of the strip so you might have to walk awhile just to be able to see all the popular attractions.

Best Themed Hotel

Luxor Casaino

I know there are quite a few themed casinos here in Vegas, but one of best is definitely the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

This unique property follows an Egyptian theme throughout, with replicas of the Sphinx, obelisks, and other Egyptian statues.

And even with the fun theme going on, this hotel is actually pretty neat. You’ll find many modern amenities and luxurious features.

You definitely can’t go wrong with this place.


As you can see, there are many different hotels here on the strip. This list was only able to cover the more popular ones.

So hopefully this list was able to help you out in learning Vegas a little bit better.

Also if you are going to be visiting Las Vegas anytime soon, you might be interested in some of my other Las Vegas Posts.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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