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Where To Stay In Taipei, Taiwan – Your Ultimate Guide From A Local

Taiwan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With a rich history, fantastic culture and delicious food, it is a paradise for many travelers. And the capital city of Taiwan which is Taipei, features all sorts of things for you to see and do. It is also the most important city in the country with a population of close to 3 million people.

Here you’ll be able to find all sorts of amazing museums, traditional markets, luxury shops, and a blend of historic and modern times.

But even with all that being said, finding a place to stay in Taipei can be a little hard. Especially if you are new to the city. This makes choosing a place to stay very confusing and tiring.

This is the reason why I have decided to write this post about where you should stay in the city of Taipei, Taiwan.

It will highlight all the best areas for you to stay at as well as give you some insight about the area.

After you finish reading this post, you should have all the information you’ll ever need about deciding which area you should stay at in Taipei.

So if you are ready, lets get started!

Where To Stay In Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is actually a pretty big city. Which means there are a bunch of areas where you can start choosing from.

From the bustling districts of Xinyi to the modern areas of Wanhua, many of the places we’ll be discussing about are in and around the city center.

Now while you are able to find cheaper value accommodations somewhere else, staying at one of these neighborhoods in central Taipei allows you to have the ease of access for many of the important things you’re going to be doing.

The reason being is the amazing MRT line that rides around this area. When you decide to stay at one of these districts, the ease of traveling becomes so much easier with the MRT.

Here are the best areas for you to stay at especially if it is your first time in Taipei.

  • Zhongzheng – If you are a first time visitor to the city of Taipei, then this is the area for you to be in. It is close to the Taipei Main Station as well as the main bus terminal. It is extremely convenient and easy for visitors to travel around from here.
  • Xinyi – This is the luxury neighborhood of Taipei with many high end shops and hotels. It is also home to the Taipei 101 tower. So if you have money to spend, this might be the place for you.
  • Zhongshan – If you like traditional neighborhoods then this is the best place for you.
  • Wanhua – Being one of the oldest districts in Taipei, this place is full of history and culture. This is also the place if you want to do a lot of shopping, eating food and many other entertaining things.
  • Da’an – This is the best place to stay for those travelers who want some peace and quiet while also living inside the heart of the city.
  • Shilin – This is the area where you can do all your shopping and see all the touristy things.

Zhongzheng District

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

Zhongzheng as you know is the city’s most important transportation hub. It is home to the Taipei Main Station as well as the Main Bus Terminal. You will be utilizing these transportation methods almost for the entirety of your visit here in Taipei.

Which is why picking Zhongzheng as your place to stay can be great especially if it is your first time in this city. It allows you to have the ease of transportation to literally anywhere you want to go.

Attractions In Zhongzheng

Zhongzheng has quite a few attractions for you to see and do here at this location.

Some of which includes:

  • Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
  • Liberty Square
  • Taipei Botanical Garden
  • Huashan 1914 Creative Park
  • NanJiChang Night Market

Recommended Hotels In Zhongzheng

The hotels here in this district are mainly targeting the mid range to budget style properties. You won’t really find any high end luxury hotels here for you to stay in. For those you’ll have to stay in places like Xinyi or Zhongshan.

So if you are not wanting to spend a lot of money for a place to stay, this district might be the area you are looking for.

Here are some of the hotels in which I think are best for you:

  • Taiwan Youth Hostel & Capsule Hotel: Located in the most convenient place for reaching any part of Taipei with ease. It offers private double rooms and single beds in dorm rooms. Each bed is in an individual pod for extra privacy and has many amenities to help comfort you. It is a 2 minute walk from the MRT station.
  • Fun Inn Taipei Hostel: Price is very reasonable and offers many of necessities that you might need. They have private rooms and dorm rooms that can accommodate your entire group. Plus it is relatively close to the MRT station.
  • Finders Hotel: This is a 3-star hotel that has a nature themed decor all around. It is a comfy hotel that is perfect if all you’re looking for is a bed to sleep at.
  • Taipei Garden Hotel – This is a 4-star hotel that features large modern rooms with amazing views of the surrounding area. It also has really nice amenities like a bar and a spa plus a rooftop garden with hot tubs.
  • Caesar Park Taipei: One of the few 5 star hotels in this district. It offers top of the line amenities and is only minutes away from the main transportation lines.

Xinyi District

Taipei 101

Xinyi is the modern life of Taipei. Filled with skyscrapers, luxury shops, high end restaurants and more all for you to visit. You won’t find any of the old traditional buildings here as everything here is in a modern feel.

Plus, the iconic Taipei 101 which was the world’s former tallest building is located here in this district.

It’s a great place to stay at if you have the money to spend, but if you are trying to save some money then this place isn’t for you. It’s not really known for its budget friendliness, however the experience it brings is like something out of this world.

Attractions In Xinyi

There are quite a bit of attractions here in Xinyi for you to visit.

Some of which includes:

  • Taipei 101
  • Din Tai Fung
  • Elephant Mountain
  • Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
  • Shin Kong Mitsukoshi
  • Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Recommended Hotels In Xinyi

Xinyi isn’t the place to find some budget hostels or hotels, especially if its near Taipei 101.

In fact most of the hotels here are geared towards the mid range to luxury type of travelers who are not afraid to spend some money.

This is the place where you can find the majority of the city’s best 5-star hotels.

So if this is something you are interested in, here are the top hotels for you to stay at:

  • W Taipei: This is one of the top rated luxury hotel chains in the world. Here you’ll be able to find big and spacious rooms with views of the city beaming through your windows. Plus they even have a rooftop pool and lounge that is perfect for you to relax in after a tiring day.
  • Grand Hyatt Taipei: Another top rated 5-star hotel that is filled with elegance and beauty. This hotel also has spacious rooms in a modern feel, plus you can view the beautiful Taipei 101 right out of your windows.
  • Le Méridien Taipei: A beautiful 5-star hotel that is filled with contemporary rooms and beautiful art all around. It even includes butler service for whenever you need it.

Zhongshan District

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

It was only a few years ago when Zhongshan was the life of the city. However in recent times, it has fallen out of favor due to the bustling area of Xinyi being built up.

Even with that said, it still has many of the luxuries buildings and shops that remained here through the years.

Here you’ll be able to find lots of traditional architecture and a more residential vibe.

Attractions In Zhongshan

Zhongshan is more of a traditional area with a lot of history to it. So of course you’ll find some temples and museums here just waiting for you to explore.

  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum
  • Taipei Story House
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei
  • Xingtian Temple
  • Martyr’s Shrine
  • Shuangcheng Street Night Market

Recommended Hotels In Zhongshan

Here you’ll be able to find hotels ranging on all sorts of prices. From low end to mid end to even high end luxury hotels.

Now the hotels here might not be the cheapest available in the city, it still gives a slightly better rate than those compared in Xinyi.

Here are some of my top picks of where to stay in Zhongshan:

  • Star Hostel Taipei Main Station: This place offers simple but comfortable accommodations near Taipei Main Station. It is only a 5-minute walk from Airport MRT Taipei Main Station and 7-minute walk from Taipei Main Station. You will find a shared lounge and kitchen. Staff at tour desk will help with trip plans and luggage storage. A hearty breakfast and freshly brewed coffee are served in the green lounge.
  • Chill Roof Hotel: This is a 3 star hotel that is medium priced and features many unique things. The rooms here are all designed to be in a minimalist vibe while still being very spacious and comfortable. Plus, it also has a library and lounge where you can simply chill like the name implies.
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Taipei: Hilton as you know always have some comfortable hotel rooms. After all they are a famous hotel chain with locations all over the world. If you ever been at a Hilton before, you can expect things to be just the same.
  • The Grand Hotel Taipei: Built in a traditional Chinese Palace fashion, this beautiful hotel offers hospitality at the finest level. Each of the rooms are well decorated with regal Oriental finishes that make the room so much more stylish. Definitely an experience you can’t miss if you have the chance.

Wanhua District

longshan temple

Wanhua is one of the coolest places to stay as well as being one of the oldest neighborhoods in Taipei. It has kept its historical traditions all these years and is a great place to learn about the history of the city.

Even though the area is one of the oldest in Taipei, this place is actually a hub for many young people. It is a very lively district where you will definitely have a lot of fun.

Here you’ll be able to find all sorts of amazing restaurants, night markets and historical sites that set this district apart from all the rest.

Attractions In Wanhua

Because this place has to much history and culture to it, you can find quite a bit of things to see and do here.

Some of which includes:

  • Huaxi Street Night Market
  • Guangzhou Street Night Market
  • Wanhua Night Market
  • Longshan Temple
  • Red House Theater
  • Ximending
  • Qingshan Temple

Recommended Hotels In Wanhua

Wanhua is similar to Zhongzheng where you can find a lot of low budget to mid range hotels for you to stay in.

Not only that, but because Ximending is in close proximity, you’ll also be able to find hotels of the higher end of the scale as well.

Here are some of my top picks for hotels in Wanhua:

  • Duckstay Hostel: This nice hostel is located nicely within walking distance of the metro station. It also offers spacious and clean dormitories for you to stay in. Each room will also have all the amenities you need like air conditioning and outlets. Plus they even offer free walking tours of the city as well as musical performances so you won’t get bored.
  • Taipei Garden Hotel: This hotel is a 4-star hotel that is clean and spacious. It is in a close proximity to Ximending and offers many amenities you can use to relax like a bar, spa, and even rooftop garden hot tubs.
  • WESTGATE Hotel: The WESTGATE hotel is a great place to stay as it is offered at a affordable price compared to many other hotels in the district. Plus it is relatively close to the Ximen MRT station. The rooms here are both clean and spacious and also has a private bathroom, air conditioning, a flat screen TV with satellite channels and a free Wifi connection.

Da’an District

Night Market

If you are looking for a place that is nice and quiet, then you’ll definitely want to stay in Da’an. It is a residential neighborhood but still has a city life feel to it with its trendy bars and shops. For instance, the Ming Yao Department Store is located here where you can go shopping for anything you need.

This place is also great if you love trying delicious food because two amazing night markets are located here: The Tonghua Night Market and the Shida Night Market.

The only downside is that there isn’t that many cheap hotels located around here because this district is one of the highest thought after districts in all of Taipei.

Attractions in Da’an

Even though the neighborhood might be nice and quiet, there still are a few things that might entertain you.

Some for instance includes:

  • Da’an Forest Park
  • Shida Night Market
  • Tonghua Night Market
  • Wistaria Tea House
  • Ming Yao Department Store

Recommended Hotels In Da’an

Like we said earlier, you won’t really find any cheap places to stay at here in this district. The reason is that this district is highly thought after because of its luxurious and open green space. So the property values have skyrocketed.

However even though prices are rising, you’ll still be able to find some decently priced hotels that won’t really break your budget. You’ll also be able to find hotels that are luxurious as well.

Here are my top picks for the best hotels in Da’an:

  • NIHAO Cafe Hotel: This is one of the cheaper hotels in the district that offers casual rooms with bunk beds that is spacious yet clean. They even have a nice cafe serving up some amazing brew.
  • Miramar Garden Taipei: This is a 4-star hotel that features contemporary rooms in an upscale setting. You’ll find many amenities here as well as offerings like a health club and free breakfast.
  • Hotel Proverbs Taipei: This is a 5-star hotel and is one of the best in the district. It is located in the East District shopping area and boats a rooftop swimming pool along with amazing city views. Simply amazing to stay at.

Shilin District

Shilin Night Market

Shilin is a great place for people of all ages to come and explore. It is a major touristy hub where crowds from all over come and visit. One of the most popular things is the Shilin Night Market which is considered to be the most popular night market in all of Taipei.

Plus this area is in relatively close proximity to many other attractions like the National Palace Museum, Yangmingshan National Park and many more.

You’ll also be close to the MRT line which means you can travel around with ease.

Attractions In Shilin

Being a touristy hot spot, you can definitely find many things for you to see and do here.

Some of which includes:

  • Shilin Night Market
  • National Palace Museum
  • Yangmingshan National Park
  • Shilin Sheong Temple
  • Shilin Paper Mills

Recommended Hotels In Shilin

Because this place is a hot spot for tourists, you can find all kinds of hotels here suited for you to stay in.

From low end hotels to mid price and even high end hotels, you can find it all here in this area.

Some of my top picks for hotels to stay in include:

  • Uinn Business Hotel-Shihlin: Located near the Shilin Night Market and only half a mile away from the MRT station, this hotel is one of the best bargains you can get. Here you’ll find an on-site bar, rooms with a flat screen TV, electric kettle and private bathroom. You’ll also get some bathrobes, slippers and free toiletries that are available free of charge.
  • Papersun Hotel: This is a 3-star hotel that features clean and comfy rooms. It is situated right next to Shilin Night Market which makes walking there a breeze. Plus they offer a complimentary breakfast buffet that will have you full in no time.
  • Renaissance Taipei Shihlin Hotel: this is a 5 star hotel with warm quarters in a sleep and elegant area. It is one of the pricier hotels in this district but the amenities definitely make up for it. Plus you’ll get amazing views of the surrounding mountains nearby from your room windows.


Hopefully this list was able to provide you a better idea on where you should stay if you ever visit Taipei, Taiwan.

Also, if you are planning to visit Taiwan anytime soon, you might also be interested in some of my other Taiwan posts.

Or you can check out my complete list of things to do in Taiwan by clicking here.

Let me know how your trip goes!

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