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What To Pack For Disney – Ultimate Disney Packing List

What to pack for Disney?

After all, Disney is the ultimate travelers dream. Almost everybody wants to go to one of the Disney Resorts located around the world to have some fun. No matter how old you are, Disney is the place where anybody of all ages can feel like a kid again.

And because Disney has so much to offer in terms of things to see and do, many travelers will often find themselves preparing for ages before their trip.

Which can often times be very overwhelming, especially if its your first time visiting Disney.

In fact, some of the most common things people worry about is how long their going to be on their feet, the weather conditions, money to buy things, and more which can definitely have a toll on their experience.

However with the right packing strategy, you’ll be able to have a very comfortable experience all day long and save money on many unnecessary purchases while you are at the park.

After all, nobody wants to leave such a magical place in tears and sorrow.

You’ll want to be able to leave the park with wonderful memories and magical moments and excitement which will stick with you for years on end.

Which brings me to this post.

If you are wondering how to prepare yourself for Disney or just wandering what to pack for Disney, I got you covered.

In this post, we’ll be detailing everything you need to worry about and prepare for while at Disney. We’ll also give you some tips and advice that can make your experience a whole lot more magical.

So without further rambling, lets get started!

Necessary Items To Pack For Disney

Necessary Items To Pack For Disney

Making sure you pack the necessary items is very important when you are traveling around at Disney.

You want to make sure you aren’t packing something insanely heavy where you’ll get tired after a few minutes of carrying things around. But you’ll also want to make sure you have packed the right things where if you are in need of something, you’ll have it on handy already.

Down below you can find the list of items in which we recommend and are the bare essentials of what you should have.

  • Portable Battery Charger For Phones – Lets face it, you are at Disney. The place where magic happens. So of course you are going to be taking out your phone quite often to take pictures or record some videos. Which means you are going to be using up the battery quite a bit.And chances are, you won’t be able to find an outlet anywhere near you. Which means having something on hand to help charge your phone can be a very important thing to have. One portable charger I highly recommend is the small compact sized charger by Anker. This handy little item allows you to charge two phones at once which is great if you are traveling with a group. It is able to charge my phone up to full at least 4 to 5 times before the battery needs to be recharged. However if that is too expensive for you or too big, then another recommendation I have is the portable pocket sized edition.
  • Sunscreen – Since Disney is an outdoor park, it’ll mean that you’ll have to be outdoors for many hours on end. This means that your chance of getting sunburned is incredibly high. Even on cloudy days it can still get pretty hot with rays gleaming down on you. Which is why you always want to be protected. A sunscreen we highly recommend is a brand called Thinksport. You can get it in a portable size which is easily able to be carried around.
  • Hat – Same as the reason above, because you are going to be outside a lot, you will want to get some shade to hide yourself from the suns brutal rays. Which is why a hat is important because it will usually be pretty sunny when you are at Disney. You will be so glad if you have a hat as waiting in line for an hour or longer outside can get extremely tiring.
  • Sunglasses – Just like the hat, you always want to make sure every part of your body is protected. With the suns gleaming rays shining brightly on you, it can make it hard to see where you are walking sometimes. Which is why it is important to pack some sunglasses. Maybe even bring some extras just in case because sunglasses are some of the most commonly lost items at Disney.
  • Re-Useable Water Bottle – You’ll be happy to know that water at the Disney Parks are absolutely free. There are plenty of water fountains, restaurants, food stands all around which are able to provide you with water.And having a re-useable water bottle on hand can be great because sometimes you are in line for quite a while or just far away from a water place which means you’ll still be able to be hydrated no matter where you are. Make sure to get a good water bottle so that your water can stay cold for quite a long while.
  • Umbrella – You never know what the weather is going to be like when you are at Disney. It can be sunny for a few hours then suddenly start storming out of nowhere. So you always want to be prepared for any type of situation. And having an umbrella is great because in case of rain, you’ll be prepared for it. Not only that but your umbrella can act as another source of shade for you from the sun.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Lets be honest. Disney Theme Parks are entirely super clean. After all there are thousands if not millions of people that go through it each and every month. And who has the time to constantly run to the restroom to wash their hands? Definitely not me. So bring a hand sanitizer while you travel around the park is a great way to keep yourself safe from germs and be clean.
  • Baby Wipes – Sometimes a hand sanitizer isn’t enough. For instance, you’re eating that delicious BBQ Turkey Leg and you get BBQ sauce all over you. This is where baby wipes come in handy as you can simply wipe it all away. I recommend getting something biodegradable so that it is environmentally friendly as well like this item here.
  • Misting Fan – This is actually optional but in my opinion it is probably the most important item to have. Mainly because going around Disney can be extremely tiring and hot. You’re going to be under the suns rays for hours on end and it can really take a toll on you. Which is why having a misting fan can be great as you can get some water blown on your face while also have a breezy wind blown on you. It’s a great way to stay comfortable while traveling around.

What To Wear To The Disney Parks

What To Wear To The Disney Parks

Aside from the important items you’re going to be bringing, the second most important thing is that you’ll want to think about what you wear when you’re at Disney.

Now I know some people might think this is silly because clothes is clothes right? Why not just put on your favorite shirt and pants and call it a day?

Well sure you can do that, but you may not be at the most comfortable level you could have been. If you spent a little extra effort in planning out what you should wear, I guarantee your experience at Disney will be top notch.

Now I know clothes is highly weather dependent, but we’ll try to make sure we cover ever basis in this post.

So here is our recommendations on clothes to bring and wear when you are visiting Disney.

What Clothes To Wear At Disney

Normally if I were to go to such a magical place like Disney, I would love to cosplay and dress up like the wonderful characters of Disney. However after having gone to Disney for so many times, I have since learned a lesson or two.

Disney is a workout. Literally!

You will be walking thousands of steps on end and it will be so tiring at times. You will also be sweating due to the intense heat as well as running around quite a bit trying to catch the next ride available.

Which means just dressing up however you like isn’t really a good option. You want to dress appropriately that will make you less tired when roaming around the park.

That doesn’t mean you can’t look cute and stuff, it just means you have to dress smart.

Here are some of my recommendations as to what clothes you should wear when you visit Disney.

  • Shirt – Because you are going to be roaming around a lot and being in the heat, you’ll want a shirt that is breathable and won’t make you sweaty or smelly. Something that is light weight and comfortable will do the job. Basically think of an exercise shirt, or something similar. That will most likely do the job.
  • Shorts (Guys) – I definitely recommend wearing shorts when compared to long pants because it can get insanely hot when you are traveling around at Disney. Plus on certain rides, you will get a lot of water splashed onto you which makes long pants just feel really uncomfortable. Having shorts on is a great way to feel the nice winds blow by as well as not having to worry about your pants sticking to your legs if you were to get wet or anything.
  • Dress / Shorts (Girls) – The same reason as shorts for guys above because wearing a dress will be very comfortable when roaming around. It’ll also make you look cute and fashionable. Or if you don’t like dresses, you can simply opt to wear a pair of shorts with pockets. This way you can store your items near you and feel comfortable while doing so.

What Shoes To Wear At Disney

Shoes are probably the most important aspect of planning what to wear. Mainly because you will be walking thousands of steps while at Disney as well as standing in the heat for ages on end. Sometimes you might even have to run from place to place to make the next ride.

All of this means that you will have to wear comfortable shoes that can stand a lot of abuse and won’t hurt your poor feet in the end. You want something that won’t cause pain or blisters to your foot nor having it be sweaty and hot.

I made the wrong choice when I went to Disney for my first time by wearing boots. I don’t know why I decided to wear such things but I did and it made my entire experience a whole lot worse. My foot was in paint a few hours in and it made my foot so hot and sweaty, it was just utterly uncomfortable.

With that being said, I have since learned a few lessons that I will be passing down onto you. Hopefully with this, you won’t make the same mistake as me and be able to have a much more enjoyable experience.

  • SandalsSandals are some of the best shoes you can wear when going out to any theme park. After all they are insanely breathable and depending on the type you buy, ultra comfortable as well. Plus you won’t have to worry about your sandals if they get wet as they will easily be dried off. Any sandal will work, just find one that is really comfortable for you to wear.
  • Walking Shoes – Do yourself a favor and get yourself some really good reliable walking shoes. After all, you will be at Disney for most likely an entire day or longer. Which means you will be walking thousands and thousands of steps each day. This is where walking shoes come in handy as they are especially made to help you walk long distances. Depending on which ones you buy too, they can be really breathable as well and comfortable, which is perfect for really hot days. Try to find a walking shoe that is the most comfortable for you when you walk around.

Optional clothes To Wear In Disney (Weather Dependent)

Now I know I covered most of the important outfits you’ll need to wear when going to Disney, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Depending on the weather whenever you are going, you may need to prepare something extra.

Here are the things I suggest:

  • Extra Pair Of Shoes – Always bring a backup shoe just in case. You never know if your shoe might malfunction, or be the wrong type of shoe to wear. Heck, it might even get wet from certain rides you ride on which makes wearing your shoes very uncomfortable. So always bring a back up in case anything were to happen.
  • Sweater/Hoodie – Sometimes the weather can get very windy or cold. In which you’ll need to put on some more layers of clothing to keep warm. Having an extra pair of sweater or hoodie aside you will keep you in good shape since you never know how the weather will be when you go. Also if it gets too hot outside, your sweater or hoodie can act as a secondary source of shade by hovering them over your head.
  • Rain Jacket – Rain is a mystery to most people. You never really know when it might just rain incredibly heavy or light on your trip to Disney. Which is why you always want to be prepared. Now you could either bring your own rain jacket or you can buy one at Disney. However I would definitely suggest you to bring your own since the Disney rain jacket (more like a poncho) is incredibly overpriced.

What NOT To Pack For Disney

What NOT To Pack For Disney

You have no idea how many guides out there I have seen telling people to bring so many unnecessary things to Disney.

For instance, one post online suggest people to bring a bathing suit to Disney. I mean why?? Disney is not a water park! It does have two or three rides that might splash some water on you, but nothing too major. So why would you need a bathing suit? It’s not like you’re going swimming.

A lot of these posts tend to irk me because they tell people to bring many unnecessary things which can cost them time and money.

Instead, I will keep things short and simple.

In this section, I will be telling you all the things you should NOT bring to Disney. As they can be a waste of time or simply taking up space and money.

  • Professional Camera Gear – Lets face it, if you ever used a professional camera gear or anything related, you’ll know that these things can get incredibly heavy. While great for using during scenic adventures, it makes no sense to bring it to a theme park. You’re going to be walking thousands of steps and having to carry something incredibly heavy is just silly. Plus, what about the rides? Are you just gonna bring them with you or set them aside each and every time and risk getting them stolen? Unless you are only there to take pictures of things specifically, simply just leave them at home. Your phone camera will be good enough.
  • First Aid Kit – Leave all your first aid kits at home. This includes bandaids, headache medicine and more, simply because Disney will usually provide these free of charge to their guests. If you were to need some first aid help, just go to any of the First Aid Centers in the park to receive some help.
  • Bug Repellent – You’ll be happy to know that Disney loves keeping their guests happy. They have bug repellent ready for you to use. All you have to do is to go up and ask them for it. Most of the Cast-Members at the park can point you to a location where you can get some free of charge.
  • Pillow – You have no idea how many times I seen people bring pillows into the park. Are you that worried about sitting on your butt? It makes no sense and is literally a waste of space. Just leave the pillows at home and bring something more worthwhile.
  • Foldable Chairs – Just like the pillow, I have seen countless amounts of people bring foldable chairs in the park for them to sit on. Now I mean I can see why some people would do it especially if you have to wait in the lines for a long time. But it essentially is a waste of space. Plus it is heavy to carry around all the time. And if you are only bringing the chair to watch fireworks, then you should know that there are plenty of chairs already in the area for you to sit on. You don’t need to bring your own chair.

What Food/Snacks To Pack For Disney

What Food/Snacks To Pack For Disney

Food is some of the most essential things you should be thinking about when you’re going to pack for Disney.

The reason why I said you should pack food is because they can offer support for you in terms of whenever you get hungry. After all, you are going to be spending your entire day outside at Disney which means you are bound to get hungry at times.

Sure you can stop by one of the restaurants and grab a churro or pizza to eat, but sometimes that isn’t enough. What if you are in line waiting for an hour or longer and get hungry? You can’t simply leave the line right? Instead, having a snack on hand is beneficial as you can simply eat wherever you want.

It’ll keep your energy levels high and make sure you have enough energy to do whatever you need to do.

It’ll also save you some money as you don’t always have to shell out some money for overpriced foods each and every time you feel hungry.

So here are my top recommendations as for snacks/foods to bring whenever you are going to pack for Disney.

  • Protein Bars – Protein Bars are some of the best things you can bring whenever you are on a trip anywhere. They provide just the right amount of nutrition as well tasting really delicious.
  • Pretzels – Pretzels make for an easy snack to grab and eat. They are cheap, effective, and very tasty too!
  • Trail Mix – Who doesn’t love trail mix? It’s a simple yet convenient way of eating some deliciously healthy foods.
  • String Cheese – String Cheese is amazing because they don’t seem to melt no matter how hot it gets. Well at least in my experience anyways. It’s a great way to get some protein as well as something that can keep you feeling full until your next major meal.
  • Jerky – There are all sorts of different kinds of jerky out there. From beef to turkey to chicken and more. And these make for a great snack to bring as they are small and light which makes carrying a breeze.


Overall, figuring out what to pack for Disney can be quite complicated.

There are many things you have you figure out and think about.

But hopefully this list was able to help you out in figuring out what exactly you should bring and pack for your trip to Disney.

Also if you are going to be visiting Disney anytime soon, you might be interested in how you can visit Disney on a budget.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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