What Does Travel Mean To You?

What does travel mean to you?

The word travel can mean something entirely different to you or me. In fact, it means something different to every single person in the world.

For some people, travel can mean visiting some place that they have never visited before. For others it can mean spending time with your loved ones.

However one thing is sure! Traveling is one of the best things that a person can do. Many people all around the world travel all the time, Some people travel to mark off something from their bucket list or just to get away from society for awhile. Others will try to hang out with relatives they haven’t seen for in ages or even for work.

In my mind however, travel is something that brings me joy and happiness. It’s the freedom of being able to do whatever I want, when I want. It was a means to clear my mind and be at peace. I got a chance to see many things I had no idea ever existed. Such as different cultures and societies. It’s a great learning experience where I got to see how other parts of the world acted.

But that is my idea of traveling. What about other people? What do they think traveling means?

I have my thoughts on the matter but I want to hear it from you all!

Now, tell me in the comments box down below:

What does travel mean to you?


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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~