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Tips for Proposing During A Vacation

Proposing during a vacation can be the highlight of your life.

One that many people dream about.

After all, you are already having the time of your life by visiting a beautiful location relaxing and having some fun. And what better way to top things off than with a romantic surprise proposal. Whether it’s in a nice hotel, or out on the streets getting food, to even walking a long the beach. She’ll never expect it because you are out sightseeing.

Now most likely, if you are in love with your partner than it shouldn’t really matter where you propose because assuming your spouse says yes, they’ll be extremely excited to spend the rest of their lives with you. The location hardly will matter to them.

But if you are guaranteed wanting to propose to your significant other while on a vacation, than there are certain things you must do.

So I have taken the pleasure in listing some tips that you should know beforehand for proposing during a vacation so that everything can go according to plan.

Make sure the ring is securely packed

One of the worst things that can happen is if your surprise proposal gets revealed early and it won’t be a surprise anymore.

So to avoid anything from happening, you want to make sure that the ring is securely in place and not easily shown outside. The reason I say this is because the TSA or security at the airports are notorious for asking passengers to open up their bags and checking what’s inside it. You don’t want them opening up your bag and revealing a ring to your significant other at all costs.

So to avoid getting checked on, it’s best to remove any and all liquids or items that you shouldn’t be carrying around that’ll make you suspicious.

Also make sure to keep your ring and your ring box inside a small bag if possible. You don’t want your ring falling out during the ride.

Not only that, but tuck your ring away someplace safe. Like in a bigger box or inside a spare shoe or something. Whatever it is, your goal is to hide the ring from being found.

Note: Do not ever pack the ring inside your checked luggage. Often times your checked luggage can get lost or raveled through and having some items stolen. So it’s best to keep your ring on your carry on bag.

Watch out for Customs

If you are going to travel to another country than you want to be cautious of the custom process that the countries might have. They will randomly stop people if they suspect something and go through every single thing in your bag for inspection.

If this does happen to you, I would recommend you to ask to be inspected in a private room while your partner is waiting outside.

After all, you don’t want your ring held by a customs agent right in front of your partner.

Always protect the ring

Never carry the ring around with you as you go sightseeing, strolling through the streets, walks along the beach, etc…

Only have the ring with you when you are planning to propose on that exact day.

Otherwise I would recommend putting the ring inside a safe or someplace where nobody can find it. This is to protect yourself from having your ring dropped somewhere outside or having it get stolen. After all, walking around in a city with a ring worth thousands isn’t a very good idea. Your chances of having it get lost or stolen increases by doing that.

Always have a Backup Plan

Anytime you are going to propose, it is always a good idea to have a back up plan.

For instance, if you are wanting to in Japan with a view of Mount Fuji. Sure that might sound amazing and would be a wonderful place to propose. But you have to factor in different things. Such as how the weather will be and also if there is going to be a lot of people blocking that beautiful view. You don’t want to go there to propose only to find that Mount Fuji has been completely blocked by a giant layer of fog.

So you always want to have a backup plan in place so if anything happens to your first idea, you can easily move along and go to your next plan immediately.

So be sure to check the weather forecast and other factors before you are wanting to propose. Make sure everything is perfect!

Ask for help at the Hotel

A good trick is to ask for help from a hotel.

By this I mean, let them know your plans on proposals and see if they can do anything special to make your event an even more amazing experience.

Most hotels have concierge services specially designed for these types of things. And most often than not, they are absolutely willing to help out as they love helping people in love.

So before anything happens, first thing you do when you get to the hotel is to let them know what your plans are and that you are going to propose. This way you might even get some flowers and chocolates or any other special things in your room when you are back from the proposal.

Helpful Tips

If you are wanting to propose, than do so at the very beginning of the vacation. Don’t wait till the end of it. This way both of you will be extremely happy and since you proposed in the beginning than you can spend the rest of the vacation enjoying your time together.

Another great tip is to hire a local professional photographer. Tell the photographer to hide behind the scenes while you work your magic and let him capture all the amazing shots of the two of you. Because lets face it, these pictures will probably last you a life time.

Things like proposing at a beautiful restaurant, in front of some beautiful scenery, or doing it underwater etc…whatever you pick, i’m sure it will turn out fantastic.

Just make sure that it’s about the both of you together.

This is definitely be a moment to remember.


So hopefully this post about the “Tips for Proposing During A Vacation” was able to help you in some sort of way. This way if you ever find yourself wanting to propose, you will know exactly what you should do to make it happen.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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