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20 Best Things To Do In Itaewon

What are some of the best things to do in Itaewon?

After all, Itaewon is one of the many districts inside the city of Seoul, and is filled with so many things for you to see and do.

Seoul’s Itaewon is one of the most popular hotspots to visit especially for tourists because of its vast amounts of restaurants and exotic nightlife culture. It is here where you’ll find all kinds of Korean BBQ restaurants, upscale bistros, as well as many low-kley kebab shops catering to the night time crowd. It’s also the place where you can find casual beer bars and gay pubs all alongside of the most popular hip hop dance clubs in the city.

Aside for the foods and nightlife experience, the district of Itaewon is also filled with a ton of history and culture as you can find a variety of museums and antique shops to visit too.

With that being said, if you’re wondering what are some of the best things to do in Itaewon, Seoul, then you have come to the right place.

In this post we’ll be detailing all the best things to do in Itaewon.

So if you’re ready, lets get started!

Best Things To Do In Itaewon

In no particular order, here are the best things to do in Itaewon.

Visit Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art

If you love history and art, then you have to visit the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art.

This building is an art museum that is run by the Samsung Foundation of Culture.

The museum is comprised of two different parts that house traditional Korean art and contemporary art. The first section features many traditional art from the people of Korea which includes pottery, calligraphy, Buddhist art, woodcraft, metalcraft and more. While the second sections features everything dealing with modern and contemporary art like Paintings, sculptures, photography and video and more..

And depending on when you come, you might even run into some special exhibitions that are being held here displaying a variety of information for you to see.

Overall, this museum is like a timeline where you can see both the past and present all expressed into one place. It’s definitely an interesting place to visit as you’ll get to really understand the history of art in South Korea and see how things have transformed throughout time.

Eat At Passion 5 Patisserie

Passion 5 Patisserie

Itaewon may be known for many things, but one of which is insanely popular.

And that thing is a bakery called Passion 5 Patisserie.

Passion 5 is one of the most famous bakeries in the city of Seoul. People from all over the country and even world will come to this spot to try out all of the delicious foods that they make. Some of the things you’ll find inside here includes freshly baked breads, delicious sweet pastries and desserts.

For instance, their Strawberry Cake is filled with layers of soft fluffy cake alternating with luxurious pastry cream, topped off with strawberry slices. It’s literally one of the best cakes you can ever have. One bite of this cake feels like you are biting into a cloud with how soft it is.

Overall, the café is a very beautiful place to visit as the atmosphere is simply fantastic with a great ambience surrounding it. It makes for a perfect place to visit when you want to have a relaxing time while eating some delicious treats.

Shop Around Itaewon Antique Shopping Street

Itaewon Antique Shopping Street

Not to be considered as a flea market as it is far and above that type of experience, but Itaewon Antique Shopping Street is a place where history transcends through time.

The history of the street dates as far back to even the second World War when the American soldiers were about to return back to their homes and had to sell their furniture and important belongings away before leaving the country. This place has since transformed into an area where small furniture shops are able to sell some beautiful and truly antique furniture to happy buyers.

But it isn’t just furniture that you can find here, you can also find a whole bunch of other stuff too. From things like vintage clocks to porcelain dolls or even home decors, you can definitely find a bunch of interesting stuff while visiting this area.

Go Shopping For Interesting Items

shop around Itaewon

Now I know I mentioned Itaewon Antique Shopping Street as the premier destination to go shopping at, but that is mostly for historic and antique items from the past.

The district of Itaewon actually has a bunch of different areas for you to shop at, all bringing you something unique and exciting to buy. For instance, you can find a wide range of stores selling things like clothes, jewelry, bags, cosmetics and more. Plus the quality of everything here is truly top notch as most of these stores will carry popular name branded items for sale.

Literally everywhere you visit in this district, you can find some type of store that’ll be of interest to you.

Plus its also a great way to find some amazing souvenirs and gifts to bring back home as the stores all around here carry some truly interesting things.

If anything, even window browsing around can be fun and exciting as you’ll see all the latest Korean trends that are for sale and see exactly how the Koreans live their daily lives.

Relax At A Spa In Itaewon Land

Spa in Itaewon

One of the best things you can do on a vacation is to go to a spa.

And here in Itaewon, you can find a bunch of different spas all waiting to give you a relaxing time. There are many to choose from, but the most popular seems to be Itaewon Land and Dragon Hill.

Most of the spas here will offer things like relaxing massages, steam baths, spas and more all to give your body that soothing touch that it needs to relax.

For instance, here at Itaewon Land, you can find things like salt, flat stone and even red clay rooms. They even have a traditional sauna, sleeping rooms and even food for you to eat. And the reason its so popular is because the water in the baths is considered to be some of the best in Korea because it is taken from nearly 500 meters below ground.

Overall, many of these spa places have been modernized through time, but the feel is still very traditional. It’s definitely an experience you need to try out as you’ll rarely find anything like it outside of the country.

Eat At Nekkid Wings

Nekkid Wings

If you are home sick and want to try some American style foods here in Itaewon, then you must head to a place called Nekkid Wings.

It’s a very popular American-style restaurant that serves wings if you couldn’t tell from its name. You can find a variety of wings that are accompanied by a range of sauces for you to choose from. For instance, you can get lemon pepper wings, honey butter, galbi, soy wasabi, Korean glaze, cajun dry rub, and made fresh for you to eat.

However the most popular thing here is probably not the rings but a side dish. And that side dish is literally a giant fried onion ring. It is insanely crispy with tons of flavor, making each and every bite so much more delicious.

This place opened up back in 2017 which makes it still relatively new, but has instantly became a hit among locals and tourists alike. It’s a very friendly place where the staff are really nice and plus most of them even speak English. Definitely something you should try if you ever are in the mood for some American style foods.

Visit N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower

Although N Seoul Tower isn’t really in the district of Itaewon, it is located just outside of it which makes it a perfect place to visit if you are visiting this area.

N Seoul Tower is one of the most famous structures in all of Seoul. The tower stands for about 247 meters in height and features an observatory at the top where you can see stunning panoramic views of the entire city.

Aside from that, inside the observatory, you can also find a digital observatory as well as many restaurants and cafes and gift shops for you to browse around. But not only that, the terrace located on the first floor is a popular spot to visit among couples who come from all over to country to attach padlocks and love notes to the fence as a symbol of their love with each other.

Overall it is a great place to visit and if you have some spare time, I definitely suggest you to come check it out.

Visit The Itaewon Mosque

Itaewon Mosque

The Itaewon Mosque which is also known as the Seoul Central Masjid, is the first Islamic Mosque ever built in the country of Korea. It was built around the late 1970’s and is the biggest mosque of its kind in the city of Seoul.

This mosque is known for its amazing minarets and distinctly Islamic design and architecture. Because of this, it adds a really unique character and feel to the district’s skyline. The mosque is situated on a hill that is surrounded by many shops with a middle-eastern touch to them. You’ll find things lie Halal-certified restaurants and bakeries, middle eastern supermarkets, unique coffee and book shops and more.

This area basically feels as if you walked into a whole different city of country all together as there is a big middle-eastern vibe around the whole area. This makes this place a popular attraction to visit for locals and tourists alike as you get to experience something completely new and interesting.

Eat At Softree Ice Cream

softree ice cream

Sometimes walking around and roaming the area might be pretty tiring, which can definitely work up a sweat. So why not take a break and get some delicious ice cream to eat?

And one place that does it best is called Softree Ice Cream.

Located in Itaewon, they are a popular spot among locals and tourists alike for some really delicious ice cream. They are a chain where they have multiple locations around the city, but the one in Itaewon is probably the best.

Here they specialize in serving soft serve ice cream that is paired together with a toasted golden bread. Now I know this pairing might sound weird to some people, but trust me, it is delicious. The soft creamy ice cream really balances out the flavors of the soft and fluffy bread which will literally bring a smile to your face.

But that’s not all!

In fact, they have many other weird combinations as well.

For instance, you can find ice cream being paired with pasta or even ice cream paired with tomatoes and more. They literally take innovation to the next step as they are always creating wacky and fun concepts that are always a hit with the customers.

With creations like these, its no wonder they are insanely popular to eat at.

Check Out Itaewon Global Village Festival

Itaewon Global Village Festival

Each and every year during the month of October, you can find a festival called the Itaewon Global village Festival happening here in the district of Itaewon.

It takes place in the Itaewon Special tourist Zone and is a fantastic event celebrating Korean and international cultures all together. During this festival, you can find a parade that includes over 800 participants, a cultural fashion show, free concerts, a huge variety of performers and street artists and more.

Plus there will be plenty of food vendors around selling some really delicious things to eat.

This event attracts thousands of people each and every year as it is one of the city’s most popular events. It is usually held on the second week of October, but you should always check the dates before hand to make sure if it is happening during that time.

So if you are ever in the city of Seoul during this time of year, you should definitely try to check out this event as it is an experience you do not want to miss out on.

Create Your Own Perfume At G.N. Perfume Studio

G.N. Perfume Studio

If you love fragrant smells or love using cologne or perfume, then you must visit the G.N Perfume Studio.

Here at this studio, you are able to do one of the most interesting things ever. And that is to create your own unique perfume for you to use.

For instance, this studio offers around 150 bases and over 20 varieties of scents for you to mix and match from. But that isn’t the only thing you are able to do here, as you are also able to choose your very own perfume bottle to carry your perfume around in. Plus you can even label the bottle with whatever name you desire.

Aside from making the bottles, you can also buy some perfumes here as well which makes for a great souvenir or gift to give to your family and friends.

This is one experience you definitely can’t miss out on as you will rarely find another place like it anywhere around the world.

Visit The War Memorial Of Korea

War Memorial Of Korea

Although not really in the district of Itaewon, it is insanely close which makes it a must visit attraction if you are ever in the area.

After all, the area is known for its long history throughout the country. And all around Itaewon, you can find many foreign shops and buildings that owe their history to the settlement of American soldiers during the Korean War. Which is why if you want to learn more about this history and what happened during the way, you have to make your way to the War Memorial of Korea.

This museum was built in honor to commemorate the Korean war. Inside you can find many exhibition halls that displays historical relics and battle records of all things that happened during the war. You can even find a virtual combat experience room where you can see exactly how it was like during the war.

And its not just inside the museum, but outside as well. In the outdoor area, you can find exhibitions that showcases over 13,000 war memorabilia, military equipment, and memorial statues all around.

The museum also offers things like educational programs for students that are visiting the place for educational purposes.

Overall, it is a fantastic place to visit if you love history and want to learn more about what happened during the Korean War.

Eat Some K-BBQ At Maple Tree House

Maple Tree House

If you’re ever planning to visit South Korea, then one thing you must eat is Korean BBQ.

After all, it is one of the most popular meals ever here in this country.

And one place that does it best is called Maple Tree House which is located in Itaewon. They actually have multiple locations around the city, but the branch in Itaewon is extremely popular because it is close to many popular attractions. Many locals and tourists alike come to this restaurant for their high quality and premium style meats.

For instance, some of the meats you can find here includes Korean Black Pork Belly, Korean Pork Collar, Pork Jowl, Korean Aged Beef Striploin, Premium Boneless Short Ribs, USDA Prime Bulgogi, Grilled Jumbo Prawns, Vegetable Platter and more. It is literally heaven on earth for anybody who loves BBQ.

It’s not a buffet like some of the Korean BBQ spots in the United States, but the portions here are large and will definitely keep you full no matter what food you decide to eat.

Definitely an eye opening experience if you have never tried Korean BBQ before.

Learn Some Pottery At Chulsoo’s Pottery Workshop

Chulsoo's Pottery Workshop

As you know, the district of Itaewon is filled with so many interesting things for you to see and do.

One thing in particular which you might find exciting is pottery.

Located near the Itaewon Mosque, you can find a workshop called “Chulsoo’s Pottery Workshop” where you can learn to make your own pottery from scratch. It has become a popular activity for locals and tourists to do as they get to really get their hands dirty and learn a new craft.

The workshop is about 2 hours long and will really teach you all the basic skills you need to do pottery. You’ll be able to deesign your pot according to your wishes and see how it turns out at the end. Plus at the end of the workshop, each visitor will also be presented with a pot as a return gift including a message from a random visitor from the group before you.

Likewise, you will also be able to leave a message for the next group of visitors that come in as well.

It’s truly an eye opening experience and one where you can mingle around and learn from many different people and cultures alike.

So if you’re in the mood to learn a new craft or just want to meet other people and have fun, then this pottery workshop is definitely for you.

Stroll Around Namsan Botanical Garden

Namsan Botanical Garden

The district of Itaewon isn’t just about shopping or history, in fact it is also home to one of the most beautiful gardens around.

Namsan Botanical Garden which was first opened in 1997, instantly became a huge and popular attraction among many locals and tourists alike.

This garden features a selection of herbs, flowers, medicinal plants and trees commonly found in the country of Korea. Inside the garden, you can find over 100,000 plants that represent nearly 270 species, split between trees and flowering plants. Among the 13 themed areas, you can also find herbarium, orchards, shrubs and a wildflower exhibition.

In fact, one of the gardens most popular areas include its forest of pine trees, which introduces people to the many different kinds of pines that exist in Korea. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to see many beautiful things like cherry blossom trees, roses and royal azaleas.

But aside from the plants and trees, you can also find wildlife floating all around. From things like butterflies, fireflies to even woodpeckers are all roaming around the area. Plus there is even a section dedicated to children where they can educate them about how the ecosystem works.

Overall it is a very wonderful garden to roam around in as you are surrounded by beautiful nature and a peaceful atmosphere.

Treat Yourself To Luxury At Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel

Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel

Now lets be honest.

Staying at a hotel might not be the first thing you’ll think of when you are wanting to do something fun and exciting.

But you will quickly change your mind once you come visit the Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel. This hotel is located up on a hill and is an iconic place where dreams come true.

You’ll be surrounded by beautiful views of the Namsan Mountain, Han River, and a full view of the city skyline. It’s one of the best places to go if you are wanting to see some truly beautiful views.

Plus it is a popular hotel for people to stay at because of its close proximity to many popular attractions.

And depending on when you decide to visit, they even have an ice rink available for you to skate around in. All of which will make your stay even more enjoyable.

Overall it is a luxurious experience and if you have the time and money, I would say definitely choose this place to stay as your experience will be mesmerizing.

Visit World Food Street

world food street

If you love all things food, then you will definitely love the street that is known as “World Food Street”.

The Korean government actually designed named this street as being a food street because of its huge abundance of restaurants serving all types of cuisines from all around the world.

You can find Chinese, Korean, Italian, American, Thai, Mexican and more restaurants all from different cultures here on this street. In fact, many people come here to hop around different restaurants trying as many as they can because the variety is just so good.

The area is located right behind Hamilton Hotel which makes it a perfect place to visit as it is really close to many popular attractions.

So if you’re ever in the mood for some food or just want to try some other cultural foods, then you definitely need to make your way to World Food Street.

Dance Around To Jazz At All That Jazz

All That Jazz

If you are a Jazz fan and love listening to the music of jazz, then you will truly appreciate this bar.

The bar is called “All That Jazz”, and is the oldest bar in the country of Korea.

Being the oldest bar, it has become somewhat of a symbol for many people who appreciate jazz music. Locals and tourists alike all flock here to listen to some of the best jazz music ever played.

And plus, even though competition is growing more and more in the surrounding areas, this place still manages to stay afloat because of just how good this place really is. You’ll find that live music will usually begin around 6:30pm in the evening and allows visitors to stay as long as they want after they have paid the entry free of a thousand Won.

The place in general has a really nice vibe with a beautiful ambience. You’ll be able to listen to live performers play some amazing jazz music all while enjoying a sip of alcohol in hand. It makes for a perfect place to relax and just over all have a lot of fun.

Go Clubbing In Itaewon

clubbing in itaewon

As you know, the district of Itaewon is well-known for its party atmosphere and awesome nightlife experiences.

Here you’ll find many different clubs, bars, and lounges all lined up along the streets for you to visit. There is always a fun party happening almost every day of the week.

In fact, you can find that there are nightclubs for almost every type of music available.

For instance, one of the most popular clubs you can visit is one called “Cakeshop”. I know the name makes it seem like a bakery, but it is actually one of the most popular clubs in the city. Cakshop plays everything from garage to disco and even R&b or hip hop. They feature local DJs from all around the city as well as popular Korean artists. And depending on when you go, they might even have some international artists as well like James Blake.

In the end, no matter what club you pick, you will definitely have yourself a very fun time.

Visit Namsangol Hanok Village

Namsangol Hanok Village

Now I know this place isn’t really in Itaewon, but it is extremely close by and is a must visit attraction if you are ever in the district of Itaewon.

It is located on the opposite side of the Namsan Mountain which is only a short bus ride away from Itaewon and makes for a perfect day trip event to do.

Namsangol Hanok Village first opened up in 1998 on the northern side of Namsan Mountain. Inside this village you can find five restored traditional Korean houses, a pavilion, traditional garden, performance arts stage and a time capsule plaza, making it a perfect spot for both locals and tourists to roam around in and explore.

When you visit this area, you will instantly get a sense of what life was like during the Joseon dynasty many years ago.

It also serves as a venue for educational and cultural programs for children and tourists alike. For instance, some of the programs and activities include wearing hanbok, folding hanji, writing in Korean, traditional tea ceremony, etiquette school and more.

Overall it’s a great place to learn about the history of Korea as well as a place to learn more about the culture of the country.


As you can see, just from this list alone, the district of Itaewon is filled with tons of amazing things for you to see and do. Many of which will take you days if not weeks to be able to see and do them all.

Itaewon is a great place to visit and if you ever get the chance to visit the city of Seoul, I highly recommend you to take some time out of your trip and visit this district.

So hopefully this post about the “20 Best Things To Do In Itaewon” was able to give you plenty of ideas and suggestions for when you decide to visit. This way if you are ever in the area of Itaewon, you will know exactly what things to do in order to have some fun.

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Hope you have a fun and safe trip~

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