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10 Best Things To Do In Gruene, Texas

What are some of the best things to do in Gruene, Texas?

After all, when you think about the area of Gruene in Texas, what typically comes to mind?

Well first off, the area of Gruene isn’t actually a city in Texas. In fact, it isn’t even a town, well at least not anymore. The area of Gruene used to be a former German town in Comal County.

It was known to be a significant cotton-producing community along the Guadalupe River. However as time went by, the town has then shifted its economy to be primarily focused on tourism.

And eventually it changed from being a town to a district within the city limits of New Braunfels. So now when you hear people mention the area of Gruene, they are essentially talking about a certain location inside the city of New Braunsfels.

But aside from all of that, what else do we really know about the area of Gruene in Texas?

The area of Gruene is actually a pretty popular place to visit as it is considered to be a historical district that has many things for you to see and explore. In fact, much of the area was actually listed in the “National Register of Historic Places” back in 1975.

Some of the most interesting historical places you can see and explore here in Gruene, includes things like “Gruene Hall”, “Gruene Family Home”, “Gruene Cotton Gin” and more.

But historical things isn’t all that the area of Gruene has to offer.

The area of Gruene also has a lot to offer in terms of what you can see and do. For instance, when visitors come to the area of Gruene, Texas, they’ll be able to do things like tubing down a river, enjoying some nice wine, dance around at the dance hall, or even enjoy a good old cowboy Christmas (more on that later).

So if you’re wondering what exactly are some of the best things to do here in the area of Gruene, Texas, then we got you covered.

In this post, we’ll be detailing all the best things to do in Gruene, Texas.

So if you’re ready, lets get started!

Things To Do In Gruene, Texas

In no particular order, here are the best things to do in Gruene, Texas.

Visit The Famous Gruene Hall

Gruene Hall

One of the best things to do in Gruene, Texas is to simply visit the iconic Gruene Hall.

Gruene Hall, which was built back in 1878 is known to be the oldest surviving dance hall in the entire state of Texas. It doesn’t matter what time of day or when you decide to visit, this place will always have some fun entertaining things happening at all times.

Not much has changed ever since they first opened. Inside this place, you can find a 6,000 square foot dance hall, a bar in the front, small lighted stage in the back and a huge outdoor garden. It also has many advertisement signs that date back to the 1930’s and 40’s hanging around the area.

But the best part about this place is that all throughout the year, they’ll invite many famous performers to come here and perform for the audience to enjoy. Some of the most notable ones include people like George Strait, Hal Ketchum, Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett. All of which makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

Just know that if you are going to be coming to this amazing establishment to bring some cash, as that is the only form of payment that they take. Just like the good ole days.

So bring your cowboy hat and boots and dance the night away. Or you can get your drink on while watching some amazing performances. Whatever the case may be, this is one place you simply have to visit.

Visit The Gruene General Store

Gruene General Store

Another must see attraction you must visit when you are here in the area of Gruene, Texas, is to simply visit the Gruene General Store.

Gruene General Store is the perfect place for kids and adults as you can find almost everything you’ll ever need here. It’s ranked as being one of the top 40 places to visit in Texas and is packed to the brim with food, toys, souvenirs, books and more.

This place was built back in 1875 as a mercantile store and has since changed very little throughout the years. Even the outside of Gruene General Store looks exactly as you would expect as it consists of weathered wood and wooden flooring with various trinkets sprinkled all around.

It is here where locals and tourists alike can get their gifts and souvenirs from as you can find a little bit of everything here in this store. For instance, you can find things like keychains, postcards, cowboy hats, candies, and more all waiting for you to buy. They also have plenty of food options too like homemade fudge, salsas, honey butter and more.

If you were to compare it with something, it’s literally like a smaller, older version of Buc-ee’s if you ever been. But even though it is smaller and older, it still has plenty of good quality items that you will absolutely love to buy.

So if you’re in the mood to buy some interesting gifts or souvenirs, or just want to visit some place historic, then you will absolutely love visiting the Gruene General Store.

Enjoy Some Coffee At Gruene Coffee Haus

Gruene Coffee Haus

If you are in the mood for some amazing coffee, then one place you have to visit is the “Gruene Coffee Haus“.

This place can solve all your caffeine needs as locals and tourists alike all make it a point to come here for some truly delicious cups of coffee.

They are a small family owned and operated hole-in-the-wall coffee shop that started back during 2007. Ever since they were open, they immediately became a crowd favorite and became the premiere place to visit for a cup of coffee.

Visitors who come here will be able to find a vast menu offering many different choices for them to choose from. For instance, they provide a full espresso menu, gourmet drip coffee selections, 24 hour cold brews, many frappe flavors, and more all made fresh for you to enjoy. Plus they even offer coffee from Kenya, Guatemala, Brazil and Ethiopia.

But it’s not just coffee that they serve here.

In fact, visitors who come here will also be able to enjoy things like smoothies, Italian sodas, and pastries made from scratch by Mrs. Bush’s Pie Co. They also serve locally crafted beer and local wine from Dry Comal Creek Vineyard.

It’s an amazing place to visit as they are extremely warm and welcoming, and the experience is out of this world. So if you’re in the mood for some delicious coffee or maybe some treats, Gruene Coffee Haus is definitely the place to be.

Go Fly Fishing On The Guadalupe River

Fly Fishing On The Guadalupe River

As you know, the area of Gruene is right next to the Guadalupe River.

Because of this, one of the most popular things you can do here is to simply go fly fishing. Due to the warmer temperatures from Spring to early Fall, the area of Gruene is home to some truly amazing fly fishing spots.

One of the most common and popular fish you can catch here in this river is the trout fish. They can survive year-round on the Guadalupe river, but tends to be less crowded during the Winter months. Visitors who are going fly fishing will find that the best time to go fly fishing is typically during the early morning hours when the river is quiet and the trout are active.

In fact, you’ll be pleased to know that the Guadalupe River has been rated one of the top 100 trout streams in the entire United States. Which means coming here will definitely bring you some fun and joy as you’ll sit around trying your best to catch some amazing trout.

And if you don’t have your own fly fishing gear, do not worry. Located on the main square, you can find Gruene Outfitters, which sells all the outdoor clothing and gear you will ever need to go do some fly fishing. They are also very knowledgeable and will give you plenty of advice and help to get you to catch the fish of your dreams.

So wake up early, grab your equipment, and go have some fun with fly fishing. It is an experience you definitely have to try and will remember for years to come.

Go Tubing Down The River

Go Tubing Down The River

If you are ever visiting the area of Gruene during the Summer months, one of the most popular things you can do is to simply go tubing.

Tubing is exceedingly fun as you’ll be able to sit in a tube and float peacefully down the Guadalupe river while enjoying the experience and the scenic views surrounding you.

Visitors who come can bring their own tubes if they like and ride the river essentially for free, but if you don’t want to mess with all the hassle, then you can simply rent some tubes from a number of different locations in the area.

One of the best places you can rent tubing equipment is at “Rockin’ R“. The name might sound like its some rock n roll type establishment, but it actually stands for “Rockin R River Rides”. It is here where you can get all your equipment for your tubing needs. They also rent kayaks if you are interested too!

When you’re going out to the rivers to tube, know that the entire experience will last a few hours. Typically around 2 to 5 hours depending on how fast the river is flowing. But it is totally worth it as the experience is unlike anything you have ever witnessed before.

So if you’re ever in the area of Gruene during the summer months, why not grab a tube and head down to the river. You absolutely will love every minute of it.

Check Out Some Antiques At Gruene Antique Company

Gruene Antique Company

If you have some time to spare, one interesting place you might want to visit is one called “Gruene Antique Company“.

This antique store is a favorite place among many people as it sells a variety of different antiques and items that are suitable for household things or gifts.

It’s located in the historic old H.D. Gruene Building and spans a whopping 6,500 feet of antiques and collectibles for visitors to explore and enjoy. Just by roaming around, visitors will get a sense of the town’s history as well as everything that makes this place so unique and special.

The place is sort of like a maze filled with room dividers and display cases and packed full of fun and interesting items. From furniture to vases or even dishes and toys, they have it all.

One can spend hours and hours on end just roaming around and seeing everything that they have to offer. It’s the perfect place to pick up some gifts or souvenirs as you’ll never know what you might come across. Many of these items are really old which makes great centerpieces to talk about when you bring them back home.

Overall, its a fun place to visit as there is always something of interest for you to see here at Gruene Antique Company.

Drink Some Wine At The Grapevine

The Grapevine

Wine drinkers rejoice!

Wine lovers and vineyard adventurers will definitely want to visit a place called the “Grapevine” where they can try out a huge selection of local wines.

The Grapevine is located right off of main street and is a popular place to visit for people who are wanting some delicious wines. It is here where you can find a tasting room and bar stocked with Texas and international wines as well as Texas craft beers.

For instance, you can try out some of their sweet or semi sweet wines like the “Duchman Canto Felice, Llano Moscato, Chishom Trail Ghostrider” and more! They also have regular white whiles like “Pedernales Rose, Llano Sauvignon Blanc, Messina Hof Un-Oaked Chardonnay”, as well as regular red wines like “Bent Oak Cabernet Sauvignon, Pedernales Cuvee” and more all ready for you to enjoy.

Aside from the drinks, they also serve cheese and sausage plates to accompany the wines as well which makes the entire experience so much better. Plus, on the third Thursday of every month except January, visitors will be able to come and join the “Come and Taste It” event which offers complimentary tastings, live music, and three prizes.

So why not sample a few wines inside the shop or head out to the patio and enjoy a nice glass under the trees, accompanied by some live music. This is the perfect place to be for anybody who loves drinking some delicious wines in a nice atmosphere.

Eat Some Good Food At Gristmill River Restaurant

Gristmill River Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for some delicious food, one of the most popular places you can visit here in Gruene is Gristmill River Restaurant.

Gristmill River Restaurant is a restaurant that opened up in 1977 and has immediately become one of the most popular restaurants for people to eat at. They are known to serve huge portions at an affordable price that is also delicious in every bite.

Their multi-level restaurant features outdoor and indoor dining with views of the beautiful Guadalupe River. Couple that with intimate dining rooms with native stone fireplaces, and indoor bar with wood burning stove, a relaxing beer garden and a merchandise store located in the bottom of the old water tower.

Visitors who come will be able to find them serving many different things for them to choose from. Some of the things they serve include steaks, chicken fried steak, fried catfish, grilled chicken, Texas-sized sandwiches, fresh fish and Gristmill’s secret specialties — tomatillo chicken and bronzed catfish.

And if you want dessert, they also serve things like Fudge pie, enormous strawberry shortcake, and their signature Jack Daniel’s Pecan Pie are all popular picks for people to choose.

But that’s not all!

Depending on when you decide to come visit, Gristmill River Restaurant will also be host to a variety of different live music performers as well. Most of these performances last about 2 hours long and makes the entire experience so much more enjoyable.

So if you’re ever feeling hungry while roaming around the area of Gruene, you must absolutely make some time to visit Gristmill River Restaurant. It will be an experience you will never forget.

Sleep At The Gruene Mansion Inn

Gruene Mansion Inn

If you’re happening to be visiting the area of Gruene, Texas, then you might also be wondering where exactly you should stay.

And here in Gruene, there is no place better than the famous Gruene Mansion Inn.

Gruene Mansion Inn is located right in the middle of the Gruene Historic District and is a popular place for visitors to stay at. It is in close proximity to many places which means you can walk around to any of them and do some shopping, drinking, eating, dancing, and even floating.

The inn was built in 1872 and once served as the town founder’s home. It has since become a 31-room bed and breakfast place for people to stay at. Inside this inn, you can find things like century-old barns and homes being restored to Victorian Rustic elegance. Many of the rooms even offers some amazing views of the surrounding area. For instance, some of the rooms is able to have you see the Guadalupe River in all its glory.

The inn is also listed on the National Register of Historic places and has even been designated as a Texas Historic Landmark. It’s even been featured in things like Texas Monthly and Southern Living Magazine. All of which makes this place so much more interesting.

So if you want to stay at a really historic place that offers a truly refreshing experience, the Gruene Mansion Inn is a fantastic place to stay at.

Enjoy The Festive Gruene Christmas

Gruene Christmas

If you ever find yourself visiting the area of Gruene, Texas during the Christmas season, you’ll be happy to know that things are going to be very different.

Christmas in Gruene is a very special occasion and many things are happening all at once.

For instance, one of the biggest surprises you might see is that instead of the usual Santa Claus appearing, he has been replaced with a person called “Cowboy Kringle”. It is literally a cowboy version of Santa Claus that is filled with all kinds of surprises. He’ll be riding into town on horseback, and will light up the entire place. Visitors who come can take pictures with him or even receive candy from him too.

Also happening around this time is the annual Gruene Pony Express Ride that will be roaming around and having a jolly good time. Visitors will be able to watch the relay riders carry a Christmas Greeting message from Governor Abbott. There will even be a temporary post office set up too!.

Plus all around town, you’ll be able to stroll around enjoying complimentary beverages and special offers at many of the participating shops.

Happening only during the month of December, it’s a very festive experience that everybody will enjoy.


Overall, the area of Gruene in Texas is a really fun and interesting place for you to visit. There is simply so many things for you to see and explore, you’ll never know what you might come across.

So hopefully this post about the “10 Best Things To Do In Gruene, Texas” was able to help you out in some sort of way. This way if you ever find yourself visiting the area of Gruene in Texas, you will know exactly what things you are able to do for some fun.

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Have fun traveling and let me know how it goes~

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