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12 Best Things To Do In Canton, Texas

What are some of the best things to do in Canton, Texas?

After all, when we think about the city of Canton in Texas, what typically comes to mind?

Well for starters, Canton is a city located in east Texas and is the county seat of Van Zandt County. It is located roughly 60 miles east of Dallas, Texas. And as of the census of 2010, the population of the city was estimated to be at around 3,581 people living inside it.

But aside from that fact is that the city of Canton is also a very tourist friendly destination.

This city is home to a wide variety of things for visitors to see and do.

For example, Canton is most famously known for its flea market shopping at “First Monday Trade Days”. This flea market is the largest of its kind in the entire world with many things for you to see and buy.

But that’s not all!

There are also one-of-a-kind historical sites, two fishing lakes, two top-class golf courses, and a winery are among the many attractions in Canton that will help make your vacation an even more magical experience.

From things like the Veterans Memorial to Yesterland Farm or even Splash Kingdom Family Waterpark and more, the options are endless here.

Unfortunately, not many people actually know about all of this or even know about the city of Canton in general.

Which is why we’re hoping this post can shed some light on this amazing city and hopefully get more people to visit it. So if you’re wondering what exactly you are able to see and do here in the city of Canton, then you are in the right place.

In this post, we’ll be detailing all the best things to do in Canton, Texas.

So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

Things To Do In Canton, Texas

In no particular order, here are the best things to do in Canton, Texas.

Visit The First Monday Trade Days Flea Market

First Monday Trade Days Flea Market

If you ever heard about the city Canton, Texas, then you’ll know that it is famous for one particular event.

That event is the First Monday Trade Days Flea Market.

First Monday Trade Days Flea Market is the largest flea market of its kind in the entire world. And judging by the name, you might be thinking that the event takes place on Mondays only. However that was the past. It has since changed to being held from Thursday through Sunday, however the name has stayed the same.

Locals and tourists from all over the country love to descend down to this area where they’ll be able to see and buy so many different things. In fact, each and every year, over 5,000 vendors come together to sell many interesting and unique items for people to buy.

Visitors who come will be able to find things like tools, pottery, antiques and collectibles, furniture and home decor, arts and crafts, jewelry and vintage clothing and more. All of which are laid out nicely and waiting for people to buy.

But it’s not just household items you can buy, as there are plenty of food vendors as well. From funnel cakes and homemade ice cream, to corn dogs and hand-cut fries, you can find it all here in this market.

Overall, it’s a fantastic event to visit and one of the most important things to do in Canton, Texas. However you do have to be here during the time of the event which takes place late December through early January. So if you happen to be visiting during that time of year, then this is definitely something you should try to attend.

Roam Around Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial

van zandt county veterans memorial

If you love the military, then one place you would definitely love to visit is one called the Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial.

Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial is located on the SE Intersection of Hwys. 19 and 243.

This memorial pays tribute to all those men and women who served in the branches of the service from Van Zandt County.

Not only that, but there is also a really great but small museum located nearby the memorial where you can see many awesome things related to their service. For instance it is here where you’ll be able to see photos and other memorabilia related to their service.

Plus, there is also two replica aircrafts and other military equipment standing outside of the plaza of red bricks, some of which includes the names of service members. At the center of it all is a statue that stands atop a five-sided platform that honors each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.

There is also a cute little gift shop where you can buy some nice souvenirs or gifts to bring back home too. From things like shirts to hats or even pins and pens, you can find it all here at this shop.

Overall, it’s a very nice little memorial that will have you exploring for hours on end. And best of all is that this place is entirely free to visit, so you can stroll on by without having to break the bank.

Have Fun At Splash Kingdom Family Waterpark

Splash Kingdom Family Waterpark

One of the best places to have fun while visiting the city of Canton, Texas is a place called Splash Kingdom Family Waterpark.

Splash Kingdom Family Waterpark is the premiere destination where kids and adults alike can come and have some fun in the nice cool waters. It’s a fun place to visit especially during the hot summer months as this is one of the few waterparks in existence around the east part of Texas.

Visitors who come here will be able to find all sorts of cool things to see and do. For instance, this waterpark features things like a kids castle, wave pool, lazy river, water slides, 3D glow in the dark miniature golf and so much more. And one cool thing about the 3D glow in the dark miniature golf aspect is that they are open all year round and available for parties too!

Plus, aside from all the fun and adventure that you can do at this park, they also serve up some really delicious food as well. For instance, you can find things like burgers, pizzas, and other tasty snacks for you to enjoy.

They also have rental lockers and cabanas for you to use as well. All of which makes the entire experience so much more magical. The only downside about this place is that they are only open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. So you’ll have to check your schedule ahead of time if you want to visit this amazing place.

Other than that, this waterpark is a fun way to beat the heat and have fun with the entire family.

Play Some Golf At Van Zandt Country Club

van zandt country club

If you’re in the mood to play some golf while visiting the beautiful city of Canton, Texas, then you’ll be happy to know that there is a perfect golf course here that is awaiting your arrival.

Known as the Van Zandt Country Club, it is the premiere place where golfers from all around can come and hit some balls while enjoying the nice peaceful atmosphere around them.

Here at this golf course, visitors can find that there is a 18 hole mini verde Bermuda greens course that is fantastic to play on. In fact, the par 72 course will challenge any and all golfers. There is also a driving range as well for those who just wants to practice their swings as well.

But the best thing about this golf course is that it also has all the amenities you can expect from a country club. For instance, there is even a pro shop here that carries all the latest golfing equipment you can ever need. From shirts to clubs or even balls and tees, they have it all.

Aside from the golfing aspect, this country club also has many other things as well. From things like a restaurant, lounge, pool, snack bar, and even a pavilion, visitors will be able to enjoy all of these amenities once here.

So bring the entire family, hit a few rounds of gold, eat some amazing food, or do anything else. This is one place which you will enjoy for hours on end.

Visit Hatfield Restorations

Hatfield Restorations

Do you love looking at old vintage cars?

If so, then one place you can’t miss is the popular “Hatfield Restorations”.

Hatfield Restorations is actually a company where they restore any and all cars back to new. Doesn’t matter how old the cars are or how bad the shape is in, they’ll be able to restore it in a timely manner that will have you satisfied.

Visitors who come here will find that this shop provides many types of services. From things like custom car designs, body and paint job, metal fabrication, upholstery, maintenance and more.

However that isn’t what makes this place so special.

What makes this place so special is that inside the building there is a special showroom. This showroom contains many kinds of vintage cars from many decades ago. Along with a checkerboard floor and antique signs hanging around, all of these vintage cars have been carefully restored to look like new.

It’s the best place to visit if you want to be around all kinds of different cars. From the old to the new, you’ll experience all the thrills of seeing these works of art being built as well as being put on display.

Tour The Blackwell House Museum

Blackwell House Museum

If you love looking at historical places, then one place you might like to visit is a place called the “Blackwell House”.

The Blackwell House is a house that was built way back in 1886 by H.F. and Nannie Jane Bartlett Blackwell. It is considered to be the oldest home in the city of Canton.

This house has been carefully restored from its previous years and have become like new again. It was donated to the city as a historical gift and has since transformed into a museum where people can come and visit.

Visitors who come will be able to explore the house in its entirety. From the kitchen to bedroom or even the living room and more, as well as seeing all kinds of furnitures and decorations that were once used in this amazing house. However you will have to make an appointment first as the house is only open for visit by appointment only.

Other than that, it’s a small fun house that will provide you a glimpse into how life was like back in the 1800’s.

Visit The Canton Plaza Museum

Canton Plaza Museum

Another historical place you might like visiting is one called the Canton Plaza Museum.

The Canton Plaza Museum which is located in old Canton Plaza Theater is home to one of the largest bell collections in the entire state of Texas. Visitors who come will be able to check out the Brewer Bell Collection which consists of many different and unique bells for you to see.

Plus, while you are here, you can also stop by the “First Monday Museum”, which contains the Kennedy Collection. This collection is basically a whole bunch of rare Indian artifacts and models for you to see and learn. It also features various local historic items as well.

The museum is owned by the city of Canton and is operated as a private, non-profit museum. Visitors will be able to come any time of the year and see these amazing items in all their glory.

It’s one of the coolest things you can ever do while visiting the city of Canton, Texas.

Pay Your Respects To Hillcrest Cemetery

Hillcrest Cemetery in Canton, Texas

A cemetery might not be the first place people might think about visiting, however they may change their mind upon seeing this special cemetery.

Known as the Hillcrest Cemetery, it is the oldest cemetery in the entire city of Canton. This cemetery holds so much history as well as secrets that not many people know about unless they roam around this area.

In fact, it is believed that the town’s first pioneers and veterans of the Civil War, World War I, and World War II are interred in this cemetery. And you’ll even be able to find the oldest headstone here which dates back to the early years of 1860.

P.S While you are here, try to look for the grave of D.C. White who is buried north and south after being hung for a murder in Van Zandt County History.

Other than that, this place is a reminder of Canton’s old past and the people who made this city into what it is today.

Visit Yesterland Farm

yesterland farm

One of the best things to do in Canton, Texas is to visit a place called “Yesterland Farm”.

Yesterland Farm is the premiere destination for all fun and games. This place is basically a sprawling outdoor wonderland that combines the excitement of an amusement park with that of the charm of rural life Canton.

It is here where you’ll be able to find many kid-friendly rides and events all awaiting for you to enjoy. For instance, visitors who come here will be able to enjoy things like a cornfield maze, marvel at the mini-midway, or even take the youngsters to meet some new friends at the petting zoo.

Plus, best thing about this place is that depending on what season it is, they will actually change everything to accommodate that certain season. For instance, during Christmas, you’ll be able to witness things like Christmas playland, Christmas themed wagon ride, Christmas themed corn maze, photo-ops with santa and much more.

Overall, this farm is the perfect place to bring the entire family as everyone who comes will enjoy every minute of their experience. From riding fun and thrilling rides to seeing new animals or events, this place is simply fantastic.

Visit The East Texas Zoo

East Texas Zoo And Gator Park

Who doesn’t like the zoo?

Although this zoo in particular is not actually in the city of Canton, but actually a short drive away. Roughly 10 miles east of Canton, you’ll be able to find one of the best zoo’s around called the “East Texas Zoo and Gator Park“.

It makes for an awesome day trip style event where you can see and learn so many new and interesting things.

This zoo and gator park as you can probably guess is home to a bunch of different alligators. It is here where you’ll be able to see alligators of all different sizes from as small as hatchlings to even as big as 14 feet long. You can even see some gator eggs as well which is just amazing!

Plus, aside from the gators, visitors will also be able to see a variety of other animals as well. For instance, visitors will be able to see animals like ducks, snakes, swans, geese, lizards, turtles, fish and other reptiles to keep you entertained.

There is also a baby room where you can visit and find baby animals free roaming around. Visitors will be able to pet these animals, hug them, take pictures of them and more all while playing around with these cute and cuddly animals. Plus, there is also a barnyard where you can feed and pet various animals as well such as goats, cows, pigs, and more.

And before you leave, you can’t forget about the awesome gift shop. It is there where you can buy a whole bunch of items or gifts to bring back home to celebrate your time spent here at the East Texas Zoo and Gator Park.

Overall, its the perfect place to take your family as you’ll be able to see and learn so many different things.

Have Fun At Buffalo Creek Motocross Park

Buffalo Creek Motocross Park

If you like day trips, then one really short day trip you can take is to a place called Buffalo Creek Motorcross Park.

Buffalo Creek Motorcross Park is located about 6-7 miles north of Canton and take only 10 to 15 minutes to drive there. It is the perfect place to visit as you’ll be able to see and do so many different things.

For example, this motorcross park has an outdoor track, a night track, a sand track, and even a pee wee track. Plus, with winding outdoor layout, great jumps, diverse obstacles and more, this place is the perfect place for people to have a bunch of fun.

This place also is home to a wide range of events. Some of the vents held here includes things like Easy Money Texas Pro-AM, the Texas Legends Series and the Texas Spring National Pro-AM, along with many others.

And also every Saturday Night, there will be live bands playing here in the Door Club at the track.

Buffalo Creek Motorcross Park is really an interesting place to visit. It’s a whole lot of fun where the entire family will be having fun for hours on end.

Eat At Dairy Palace

dairy palace

If you’re ever in the mood for some food, then you definitely have to visit a place called Dairy Palace.

Dairy Palace is one of the most popular places to eat at here in the city of Canton, Texas. And it shows too, as it is one of the highest rated restaurants on yelp.

This restaurant is a family owned and operated restaurant and have been serving the community since 1984. Here they pride themselves in serving various kinds of delicious burgers for you to eat.

For instance, on their menu, you can find their “World Famous Burgers” with things like Jalepeno Burger, Catfish Burger, Salmon Burger and more. Or you can try their “Exotic Meat Burgers” which consists of either duck, elk, venison, bison, turkey or even wild boar.

But burgers isn’t all they are known for. In fact, here at this restaurant you can also find things like sandwiches, country breakfasts, salads and even Mexican comfort foods.

And for dessert, you can find all kinds of Blue Bell ice cream for you to choose from. In fact, here at this restaurant, they carry over 32 varieties of Blue Bell Ice cream. From things like butter pecan to cake batter or even strawberry and more, they have it all. Hence why they are known as “Dairy Palace”.

So if you’re ever feeling hungry and want to eat something really delicious, then the Dairy Palace is definitely the place to be.


Overall, the city of Canton in Texas is a pretty unique and fun place to visit. There are simply so many things for you to see and enjoy here.

So hopefully this post about the “12 Best Things To Do In Canton, Texas” was able to help you out in some sort of way. This way if you ever find yourself visiting the city of Canton in Texas, you will know exactly what things you are able to do for some fun.

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Have fun traveling and let me know how it goes~

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