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10 Things To Do At The Houston Intercontinental Airport

What are some things to do at the Houston Intercontinental Airport?

After all, nobody likes having a layover at any given airport.

You have to wait a long time, you get bored, plus you might not have anything to do to keep you busy.

Fortunately that isn’t the case at the Houston Intercontinental Airport. There are actually tons of things to do at the Houston Intercontinental Airport.

From eating to shopping to even having some fun, you can definitely make the most of your time here at this airport.

If you ever find yourself having a layover at the Houston Intercontinental Airport, here is what you should do.

10 Things To Do At The Houston Intercontinental Airport

Go Shopping

shopping at duty free in the airport

Just like any other international airport you go to, you’ll be able to find all kinds of different shops here for you to shop at.

From duty free stores to book stores or convenience stores, you can find it all here at this airport. Not only that, but you can even find some high end shops here as well.

So why not do some shopping and maybe pick up a gift or souvenir to bring back home to say you visited Houston.

Eat Some Delicious Food

The Breakfast Klub at the Houston Airport

There is nothing worse during a layover when your stomach is calling out for food. The good news is that you won’t have to have that feeling for long because there are tons of different places for you to eat at here at the Houston Intercontinental Airport.

You can find fast food chains like Chick-Fil-A or McDonalds to even Barbecue joins like Ray’s BBQ Shack. Plus there are also convenience stores which sells little sandwiches if you don’t feel like spending so much at a restaurant. If a restaurant or fast food chain isn’t your style, you can be happy to know that there are also many bars and cafes located all around the Airport.

The only downside to this is that unfortunately they are not always open 24/7 and depending on what time you have your layover, there might not even be any places open at all.

Hang Out At A Lounge

Airport Lounge

There are many different lounges here at the airport which provides a nice relaxing environment for any traveler.

Here you can relax and sit around while enjoy watching something the TV, use some WIFI to browse the internet, or even get some shuteye. Plus the best part about lounges is that most of them will even have some food and drinks for you to snack on while you wait for your layover to be over.

Depending on which airline ticket you have, you might not be able to access every single lounge. However the Air France Lounge and the KLM Crown Lounge are open to all travelers regardless of what airline or flight class they belong to.

Travel Around Houston

Depending on how long your layover is at the Houston Airport, you may not want to stay at the airport the entire time. In fact, you could use that time to go out and explore the city of Houston.

Now obviously you will need to get a taxi or an uber to drive you around, but it is really worth it. The city of Houston has so much to offer and so many things for you to see and do.

You can visit Chinatown and try out all the deliciously tasting Asian food they have there. If you like sports, then maybe you can catch a game of the Houston Rockets playing or maybe even the Houston Astros. The museum district is nearby as well and allows you a chance to visit over 150 different museums.

The point is that there are literally tons of things for you to see and do all around Houston. It beats waiting at the airport for hours on end doing nothing any day.

However if you do decide to venture out and explore the city of Houston, make sure you give yourself enough time to travel back to the airport. After all, traffic during rush hour is definitely not something you will like.

Watch Airplanes Take-Off or Land

airplane landing

A good way to pass the time is to look at all the interesting airplanes coming by the airport.

Some planes will take off while others will land. It is an interesting thing to happen that might amuse certain people. Plus many of the planes are designed or colored differently so it can definitely make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

Get A Massage

If you ever wandered around the airport, you will most likely notice that there are many massage chairs laying around.

If you ever get tired from flying so long or just tired of waiting around, getting a good 5 to 10 minute massage from these chairs might just be the perfect thing for you.

Watch Live Music Entertainment

music at the houston airport

If you are a fan of music, you’ll be happy to know that the Houston Intercontinental Airport provides some amazing music for visitors to enjoy.

For four days a week in Terminal A and Terminal D, you can catch some local jazz and classical musicians perform some of their best songs to serenade the crowd.

It is a great way to kill some time as well as enjoying some good music.

Look At Some Art

art at the houston airport

If music isn’t too your fancy, then you might be interested in seeing some amazing art. At the Houston Airport you can find a whole variety of different and unique art pieces scattered all throughout the airport. After all, this airport is home to one of the largest public art collections in Texas!

You can find everything from paintings to sculptures to photographs, predominantly by Texas-based artists.

Browse The Internet

browsing the internet

Lets be honest, browsing the internet is probably one of the funnest things for you to do.

After all there are so many things online for you to see and do.

From new articles to books or even movies and more, there is always something for you to do while browsing the internet.

It is a great way to kill some time while you are having to wait for either a short while or long while at the airport.

Go To Sleep

sleeping at the airport

Flying around on long flights can be very tiring.

Add that fact to a long layover and you are going to be very exhausted. Which is why spending your layover trying to catch up on some sleep might be a good thing to do.

If you are looking for a place to sleep, basically any terminal will do but most people tend to recommend Terminals C and D for some private sleep areas. Or if you don’t want to sleep in a chair, you can simply use your bags as a pillow and lay on the floor.

If you don’t like the idea of sleeping at an airport, you can always spend some money and go to one of the nearby hotels for some shuteye. There are hotels that connect to each of the terminals for you to sleep at.


As you can see, having a layover at the Houston intercontinental Airport doesn’t have to be boring.

There are many things to do at the Houston Intercontinental Airport.

So hopefully this list was able to give you some ideas as for things you are able to do if you ever get a layover at the Houston Airport..

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Let me know how it goes!

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