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10 Amazing Themed Cafes In Taipei, Taiwan

What are some of the best themed cafes in Taipei, Taiwan?

After all, If you have ever been to Taiwan, or has at least done some research about the beautiful country, you will learn that there is an abundance of things to do there!

One city in particular stands out from all the rest as there is so many unique and cool things about it. That city being Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. It is filled with amazing people, night life, bars, night markets, shopping, etc. Anything you can think of, I guarantee you can find it in this city.

However this city also has something that you can rarely find in any other country. What it has is an abundance of uniquely themed cafes located all around the city. Every time I visit this city, I always find myself visiting these cafes as they are just so interesting.

From Toilet themed cafes to Alpacas to even Legos. You can it all here.

So lets take a look at some of the 10 best themed restaurants this city has to offer.

10 Amazing Themed Cafes In Taiepi

In no particular order, here are the best themed cafes in Taipei, Taiwan.

Modern Toilet

Image result for modern toilet restaurant taiwan

If we’re going to be talking about themed cafes in Taipei, then we must start with Modern Toilet. It is the most famous and well known themed cafe of them all in this city. In fact, it’s so popular that they started opening a second toilet themed cafe here in this city.

Since the theme is toilets, you can find everything in this cafe looking like a bathroom. The seats are toilet bowls, napkins are toilet paper rolls. The food dishes even come in a toilet bowl shaped dish. Heck even the food is made to look like *poop*.

It’s a very weird but wonderful thing to experience. It is a must go experience if you are ever on a search for themed cafes.

Hello Kitty Cafe

Image result for hello kitty restaurant taiwan

Hello Kitty is one of the most popular characters in all of Asia. So obviously you can expect there to be a Hello Kitty themed cafe.

It is a very cute cafe filled with Hello Kitty merchandise in a mix of pink and white colors. The seating area is more modernized with big booths that serve dinner food. The foods they serve are all cutely made and some even in the shape of their iconic characters.

Overall it is a neat little place where anybody who loves Hello Kitty will enjoy.

Update: Unfortunately I been informed that this place has closed down. If there are any changes to this, I will update this post.

Rilakkuma Cafe

Image result for rilakkuma cafe taiwan

Similar to Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma is another popular character all throughout Asia. In this cute little cafe, you’ll find nothing but bear shaped objects and food on your plate.

The cafe itself is decorated with fun and amazing figurines of Rilakkuma and bear cushions. When you order your food, it’ll be presented in a cute fashion and also if the food allows it, it might even be made into a shape of Rilakkuma itself! After you’re done eating, head outside to the front and take a picture next to the Rilakkuma statue.

Overall, it is a neat cafe that anybody will like.

Kumamon Cafe

Image result for kumamon cafe taiwan

Just like the above 2 cafes, Kumamon is another popular character from Japan.

This cafe is decorated with Kumamon figures or stickers all over. You’ll even see a giant Kumamon bear in which you can hug and take pictures with. The cafe serves deserts or breakfast items like waffles and pancakes. Plus, the food here is all Kumamon themed. Which means it’ll be in a shape of Kumamon itself!

Oia Alpaca Cafe

Image result for oia cafe taipei

If you love and adore Alpacas then you definitely want to head over to Oia Cafe. Its a place where you can sip on some coffee or eat some snacks, all while cuddling around with a cute and fluffy Alpaca. What more can you want?

Alice Is Coming

Image result for alice is coming

Yes! There is an Alice In Wonderland style cafe available in Taipei! It is a very vibrant and colorful cafe that is decorated to make you feel as if you are in the fairy tale itself. You can choose to either sit at a regular table that has different themes attached to them or you can even choose to sit inside a giant teacup. Then you can try some tasty food all while enjoying your afternoon tea.

Brick Works Lego Cafe

Image result for bricks works lego cafe

Ever played with Legos before in your life? You’ll feel like a kid again when you come to this cafe. You are surrounded by nothing but Legos. Even the furniture is Lego themed. Eat some tasty Lego themed foods while at the same time enjoying the exhibitions around you. This is a Lego lovers dream.

P-S. Bu Bu

Image result for P-S. Bu Bu

If you love old american diners, then this might be the place for you. This cafe is centered around old American dining. It is decorated full of vintage posters and old cars. In fact, the table itself is actually inside the cars which makes it a uniquely interesting aspect of this cafe. It’s a great place for those of you who want to feel like your in the past or for those who are a little bit home sick.

A380 In-Flight Kitchen

Image result for A380 In-Flight Kitchen

Are you a fan of Airplanes?

This style of cafe is especially centered around an A380 airplane. You can imagine yourself flying through the skies while indulging yourself in some delicious and tasty food. The best part about this? There is no long security lines you have to wait through as well as no turbulence! It is a plane lovers paradise.

Barbie Cafe

It's wall-to-wall pink at the new Barbie Cafe, even on the menus.

Yes! This city even has a barbie cafe. It is centered all around the popular barbie doll. The cafe itself is decorated with hot pink sofas, high heels-shaped tables and chairs decorated with tutus. It is like a barbie paradise. You can indulge yourself in barbie themed foods as well as fantasizing about your younger years playing with barbie.

A great place for kids and family.

Extra: Car Car Hot Pot

This place is a fantastic place if you want to take a break from watching your kids as well as enjoying a decent meal. This hotpot restaurant is centered around a race car theme so expect tons of checkered flags as well as race car accessories.

However the best part about this place is that it has a huge indoor playground for kids. Featuring a slide, ball pit, and many other things. Your kid is definitely going to be entertained while you are in the distance enjoying your meal.

Although this isn’t in Taipei, I figured I might as well feature it because it is in Taiwan.


As you can see from this list alone, there are an abundance of different themed cafes located in Taipei. With more opening up each and every year.

So if you are a fan of a certain theme or you just want to see something unique and interesting that you can’t find anywhere else in the world, than visiting these places will definitely bring you joy.

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Let me know how your trip goes!

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