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10 Reasons For You To Visit The Beautiful Island Of Taiwan

What are some reasons for you to visit the country of Taiwan?

After all, when most people think of travel, they think of other countries like Greece, Bali, Italy, Japan etc…you know…the more famous places.

Not many people would think of a small island off the coast of China being a place to visit. However, once you actually visit this place, you will truly understand why this is one of the most recommended spots to visit for every tourist.

Located off the southeastern coast of China, Taiwan is a small island about the same size as Belgium. It is an island full of rich history, cultural and spiritual heritage, delicious foods, amazing hot springs, and also beautiful views.

I have been visiting this island once a year, every year, for about 29 years now. I call it my second home as I have relatives who also live here.

I absolutely love this place as there are just so many things to see and do.

Being as how it is one of my most favorite places to visit, I want to share with you all just how great this island really is.

So here are my top 10 reasons for why YOU should travel to Taiwan and give it a visit.

The Food

Image result for taiwan night market stands

If there is one thing you come here to visit for, it is food. Taiwan people are known to love their food. With so many night markets and street market vendors available to buy from, it makes cooking almost obsolete. Plus, the food prices here are insanely cheap! For instance, you can get a big bowl of beef noodles for about 30-50 TWD which is around $1-2 dollars USD. That is an insanely cheap price for food!

It is a never ending journey of eating food if you are here in Taiwan.

The People

people of taiwan

Taiwanese people are one of the nicest people in the world. The hospitality these people shown are one of the best things about this country. Whether you ask them for directions or just strike up a regular conversation with them. Taiwanese people will always treat you with respect!

The Scenery

Image result for taiwan alishan

Did you know Taiwan has a nickname? Back in the 1600’s the Portuguese sailors came to Taiwan to visit and called it the “Formosa” or basically the beautiful island. There are just so many different things to see around this island. From the famous “Alishan” to the gorgeous “Sun Moon Lake”, there are tons of beautiful scenery for you to see.

The Night Markets

Image result for taiwan night markets

Now while the day time is pretty nice and fun, the real fun is during the night. At places called the night market. These are markets around the city that have stalls that sell anything and everything. There are so many things you can buy from these markets, you’ll never know what you might find. Most important of all is that all of the things you’ll find at a night market are insanely cheap. So be prepare to walk out with a bunch of stuff.

The Nightlife

Image result for taiwan nightlife

Taiwan has an abundance of nightlife activities. Whether you are into clubbing out with friends or hanging out at a karaoke bar, there is always something for everyone. Even if you don’t like going out partying or having fun singing, there are other places you can go to. Such as coffee shops, book stores, food shops, etc… this island has it all.

Unique Restaurants and Hotels

Image result for hello kitty cafe taiwan

Restaurants and hotels are big business here in Taiwan. Which means, if one wants to get the edge over the competition than they have to get creative. There are many different themed restaurants here in Taiwan. From Hello Kitty cafes to One Piece cafes and many more. Hotels are also pretty creative as they have all sorts of different ones. From normal hotels to even Bat Cave themed ones. Taiwan has so many interesting things.


shopping in taiwan

Taiwan is a major shopping hub. In almost all of the major cities such as Taipei, Kaohshiung, Taichung, Hsinchu, there are many department stores, gift shops, and also boutiques. No matter what it is you want to buy, chances are you will always be able to find it.

Amazing Architectural Structures

Image result for glass shoe taipei

Taiwan is famous for it’s many history and awesome landmarks. One such landmark is the famous Taipei 101 which is Taiwan’s most famous architectural building which attracts millions of tourists each year. They also have a unique building which is a church in the shape of a glass slipper. These are just 2 amazing examples of the weird and amazing buildings you might find in this island.

Amazing Museums

Image result for taiwan museums

Taiwan is full of museums that hold many of the countries historical artifacts. One of the biggest museums in Taiwan is the National Palace Museum which has a permanent collection of nearly 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial artifacts and artworks, making it one of the largest of its type in the world.

Hot Springs

Image result for taiwan hot springs

Since Taiwan is located near the “Ring of Fire” it means that the island is full of bountiful natural hot springs. You don’t even need to travel far for them either. A lot of hotels and resorts will offer piped-in sulfur hot springs. Taiwan is also home of one of the globe’s only accessible seawater hot spring, which is the Sunrise Spring on Green Island. So if you fancy a nice hot soak, than Taiwan is the place to be.

Extra: Temples

Image result for biggest temple in taipei

Taiwanese people are a pretty religious bunch. Being so religious, you can expect them to build many beautiful temples all around Taiwan. With Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian temples being the majority. Many of these temples are built near stunning surroundings.It is a great place to visit as even the locals are very welcoming of tourists who visit the temples.

Overall, Taiwan is am amazing place to visit if you ever get the chance to. There is just so much to see and do with each day bringing you a new surprise.

It’s no wonder it is one of my most favorite destinations to go to. And i’m not saying that just because I have family here. It really is a very surreal place to be.

So if you ever want to visit some place that is rich in history and culture with amazing food than this is the place to be.

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Let me know how your trip goes!

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