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Did you know that I have recently just passed my first half year mark of becoming a travel blogger?

YES! This past June marks my first half a year of working as a travel blogger. It’s been a fun experience and I have learned so many things.

I try to write as much content as I can by writing daily from Monday Through Fridays, with Monday being my brainstorming day.

But my style of writing is more centered towards helping out the everyday traveler. It doesn’t really have much information about me.

And I feel that is a shame because I really want you guys to get to know me more.

Which is why I wanted to make a post like this. I want to do a “Random Facts About Me” type of post to give you a little bit of insight as to who I am and what my likes and dislikes are.

So if you are ready, lets get started!

Here are 30 Random Facts About Me.

Random Facts About Me

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1) I absolutely hate shopping! There are too many stores nowadays and too many different items to browse around in. It gets me confused and tired. Which is why you can almost never find me inside a shopping mall or anything similar unless there is delicious food.

2) I love saving money. I have futures goals and dreams that I want to act upon on but they require a ton of money. Which is why I try to save whenever is necessary. In fact, I rarely go out of the way to buy something I really want. Only the things I really need.

3) I am a fish owner! I have 1 betta fish, 5 Tetras, and 2 Angel Fish. I been owning them for 3 years so far and I absolutely love them. I think they even started to recognize me whenever I come around as they are always following me around.

4) I absolutely hate going on a boat. I get extremely seasick and have huge headaches. I try to avoid it at all costs, but sometimes I have to in order to reach certain areas. For those cases, i’ll just take some really strong sleeping pills and sleep the entire way there.

5) Unlike riding boats, I absolutely love flying on planes. There is something about flying that makes it so worth while. Plus the views from above are so beautiful.

6) I do not sleep at all whenever I am flying on a plane. This might seem odd but for me I just like roaming around the plane and watching the movies they provide. It also gives me a chance to do some work on my laptop which can save me time whenever I get to certain destinations.

7) I absolutely love anime. I try to watch as much anime as I can each and every day whenever I have free time. My personal favorite is Konosuba which is a comedy and action type of anime. I highly recommend it! I even have many figures from that anime in which I placed on my shelves around the house.

8) I lived in Houston, Texas all my life. I don’t see myself moving anywhere else as Houston is just simply amazing. There is so much to see and do here plus the food is insanely good. You can find food from almost every culture here in this city which is fantastic.

9) If you couldn’t have already guessed it, I absolutely love food. There is no foods off limits with anything carb related being the king. Sushi is my favorite Go-To meal as there are so many different kinds out there. But if i’m ever in need of a quick bite, then Chick-Fil-A Spicy Deluxe will suffice.

10) When I was younger I wanted to be the President Of The United States, a dream which I still have and want to obtain one day in my life. However at the moment I am too young and obviously very inexperienced. I want to see the world with my own eyes and learn from every culture out there and try to find ways to help each and every one. Maybe when I am 50 or 60 years old, I will try to run.

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11) I am an amazing cook…like really good…at least from what my friends and family have all said. I love creating and trying out new dishes. I even started a cooking blog where I show off these recipes for others to use. You can find the cooking blog at Cooking Sensei.

12) I went to college with the intention of graduating as a software engineer. I managed to graduate with a specialty in creating mobile applications, specifically on the Iphone. But I can also code for android as well.

13) My job after college was not a software engineering job however. My family owns a small real estate investing company and they needed my help. So I have thus switched my career path into real estate. It is a job I absolutely love and it gives me everything I can ever dream off. Specifically free time for me to travel around. Hence why I am a part time traveler.

14) I use to be very obese. My heaviest was at 230 pounds and for my height I should not be that heavy. I am only 5’5 so I should only be about 130 to 140 pounds. Which is why I worked out very hard the past few years to try to lose weight. I am still in the mist of trying to lose weight but hopefully I can reach my goal of being 130 pounds in under a year.

15) I absolutely love Korean Pop Music or K-Pop for short. I listen to it every day for hours on end. My favorite group I listen to is 2ne1, although they are not together anymore, I do hope one day they will come back and start putting out more songs.

16) My most favorite book of all time is the Harry Potter Series. I have made it a goal to read all the harry books each time at least once for every year that passes. I think I have read each book over 10 times so far.

17) I am very good at playing the piano. I have played for at least 20 years so far. I started at the age of 9 and have continued to practice each and every time I get.

18) I own 2 cars. One is a used 2002 Toyota Celica I got for my high school graduation. It is very old right now, but I can’t fathom to give it away or sell it as I am too attached to this car. My other car is a 2019 Mercedes Bens GLC. It is the car I currently use to travel around and I absolutely love it.

19) I don’t eat candy. I actually dislike sweets in general as sugar just isn’t my thing. They hurt my teeth and costs a lot of money to buy. So i rather just save my money for traveling or other things instead of buying candy and other sweets.

20) I used to be a very good tennis player. I started playing tennis when I was 4 all the way till I graduated high school. That was when I started to find my love for food and started to gain weight. In which I haven’t played a game of tennis since. However I would like to go back one day and start playing again.

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21) My Favorite Color is actually 2 colors. White and Black. I think these two colors complement each other so well together. Which is why a lot of my clothes are also in the color of white and black.

22) MY favorite thing to do on my spare time is to learn new things. I have a huge passion for learning and i’ll always be finding random new things to learn about. Whether its about history or space or anything else, I love learning about it.

23) My first job during high school was being a waiter for a restaurant called “Kim Son”. It is a fabulous Dim Sum restaurant and I loved working there as the tips were insanely good. The only problem was that the manager during that time was very rude and hard to work with. Which was one of the reasons why I decided to leave that job.

24) Whenever I feel bored, I would generally just get into the car and drive around for an hour or so. It allows me to clear my mind and find many interesting places I never knew about.

25) I love playing online mmo’s. I played maple story, guild wars, final fantasy xiv, terra, blade and soul, and much more. Fun fact, in one game called Kart Rider, I was actually one of the best in the entire North American region. I won a few awards for it too!

26) I consider Taiwan and Vegas my second and third homes. I fly to Taiwan at least once a year and Las Vegas at least 3 times a year. I visit those locations as an act to relieve stress and have some fun. Although Vegas is mainly for all the delicious buffets the casinos have, it is still a fun area to visit.

27) I was born on November 10, 1990. As of the time of this writing, I am currently 29 years old. My horoscope is a Scorpio, and my Chinese Zodiac sign is a horse.

28) I absolutely love volunteering whenever I can. I don’t often get free time but when I do, I would usually volunteer myself at a food bank or some other volunteering events around my area.

29) I am allergic to shellfish! However they taste so good that I absolutely must eat them. I’ll just eat a allergy pill later on after I have finished snacking on these goodies!

30) I love meeting new people and making friends. Something about connecting with others just brings me joy in life.


That’s it!

Hopefully you like this post about “Random Facts About Me”, and learned a little bit more about who I am and what my likes and dislikes are.

If you ever want to connect or just simply say hello to me, you can feel free to message me at anytime. I love interacting with other people.

Have fun~