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How To Use Airbnb To Fund Your Travels

Want to learn how to use Airbnb to fund your travels?

After all, one of the biggest reasons that hold travelers back from booking that trip is of course money.

For many people, traveling can be a rare opportunity for them. With ticket prices for airlines being so expensive, food and drink costs, living expenses, all of these things can add up. Which makes traveling something that people without money can’t do..

So how can you get some extra money in order to fund your travels?

Good thing for you is that there is a company that you can use to help earn some extra money. That company being Airbnb.

Now most people have probably heard of AirBnB. It is a company that lets people find rental homes to stay in OR let people rent out their own homes to earn some money.

If you have ever traveled before, there is a chance that you probably stayed in an Airbnb at some point. Most people who use Airbnb tend to just use it for it’s ability to find cheap places to stay at. However not many people use its other feature which is renting out your place to earn some money, or Hosting for short.

For every time you have stayed as a guest in an Airbnb place. do know that there is a host that is behind that place making some good money off you. This extra money they earn can help them a lot whether it is to pay off their bills or used to travel some place around the world.

Can You Really Make Money?

Yes! You can definitely earn some extra money by putting your place up for rent.

In fact, you can check how much you can earn from Airbnb right here.

As you can see, depending on where you live and also how many people you want staying at your place, that determines how much money you can earn. The more popular the location, the more it can benefit you.

Benefit of Hosting on Airbnb

One of the best benefits for hosting your place on Airbnb is that you can earn some extra cash. This is especially useful if you are gone traveling for a few days or longer. After all, you aren’t going to be using your house anyways. So why not put it up for rent and make some cash while you’re away.

Another benefit is that you can control exactly when you want to earn money and also how long. You are your own schedule. You can list it for the weekends if you are on a quick trip or even a week or months or more for a long trip. The flexibility that you get from doing this is top notch.

Also, by earning money from putting your places up for rent, it allows you to pay off your bills and mortgage with some extra money remaining. You can use that extra cash to help fund your travel trips.

So wouldn’t it be awesome to know that you are making money while also having fun traveling as well.

How To Be A Host

Becoming a host on Airbnb is actually a really simple process.

The process is made to help you worry less about all the techinical things and more about getting you to rent your place when you are away.

Here is a picture from their website that shows you the 3 step process in hosting.

As you can see, you have full control over everything. There are so many different customizable features on Airbnb for hosts to make their job much easier.

You can choose from things like when your place is going to be available, or what time check in/check out is etc…you have full control.

As for things like setting your price and what not, Airbnb has things that will help you with all of that. They will help decide what the price should be based on location, time of year, space available and amenities. Now you don’t have to listen to their price as it is just a suggestion. You can set whatever price you want.

On top of your price, you can also add an extra fee like cleaning fees to help pay for the cleaning of the place.

If you want, you can even add on a discount to help entice other people to stay longer in your place. This is a pretty common thing to do as discounts always attract people. A tip is that if you are going to be away for quite some time, than a weekly discount might be a better choice. After all, the longer the guests stay, the more you will earn and also less hassle for you.

Being a host is a really simple process. One that almost everyone can do. After all, you are in control of the entire process.

How To Be A Good Host

  • Make an excellent profile – If you want people to pay attention to your listing, it has to be good. Add lots of well-lit photos and a really detailed description so people can understand what they are getting themselves into. Be as truthful as possible, nobody wants to be deceived when they are paying you money.
  • Add some amenities – Adding some extra features to your listing can attract people to your listing a lot more. Things like free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, tour around town etc… anything that makes people happy will be good. After all, this is a business so you have to do things that’ll bring people in.
  • Make sure you have enough items – Make sure when you list your place that it has enough items in stock. Nobody wants to go into a place and find out there is no more toilet paper or towels. So be sure to stock up!
  • Use a Lockbox – Using a lockbox to hold your keys is a great time saver. After all, you never know when your guests will come to the rented place. Waiting for you to give them the keys is a hassle and can take time away from whatever you are doing. So instead put the key into a lockbox and give the guests the password. This way when they come, they can just use the password to get the key and open the door.

Airbnb is a great tool to use to earn some extra money.

After all, if you are going to be traveling a lot, might as well earn some money while doing so. There is no reason to leave your place empty and dusting away. Instead why not put it for rent and earn that awesome money to help fund your travels.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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