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Everything You Should Know Before Visiting The Grand Canyon In 2021

Ah the Grand Canyon.

It is probably the most famous canyon in the entire world.

Rich in history and filled with amazing views all throughout. Anyone anywhere around the world all know about the Grand Canyon. It’s one of the places where you definitely have to visit at least once in your life.

The Grand Canyon after all was formed after millions of years of river water slowly eroding away at the rocks. Eventually all that river water slowly became the Colorado River we know today. Leaving behind canyon walls filled with many layers of rocks of all different colors.

It is definitely a sight to see.

So lets get into more details about this canyon.

WHERE IS The Grand Canyon LOCATED?

Located in Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, it is one of the many canyons located in this state.

Finding the Grand Canyon is relatively easy as you have to enter the national park in order to find it. At first glance you will immediately notice that there are a lot of trees surrounding the area. That’s because there is a national forest park nearby as well. However once you venture into the park, the Grand Canyon isn’t too hard to find. After all, it’s a huge canyon.

Can You Visit Yourself Or Do You Need A Tour Guide

Going to the Grand Canyon is totally accessible by yourself or by booking a tour guide.

Booking a tour guide for the Grand Canyon is nice in some ways as you get a person guiding you around and telling you amazing information about the canyon along the way. They’ll stop at different points along the canyon and will give you time to go out and explore before coming back and heading the the next point.

The only downfall of going with a tour guide is that it is limited in what you can do. Mainly because of time as you are only here for a certain amount of time. So you must do and listen to exactly what the tour guide says.

Also depending on what tour you go with, it can either be a few hundred dollars to even the thousands.

I would suggest however if you want the best experience possible is to come here by yourself without a tour guide. Sure that does mean you have to drive here or have a bus take you here, however it is totally worth it. It allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want. You can take your time roaming around or sightseeing without the pressure of a time limit.

You also have to pick between the different rims of the Grand Canyon in which you want to venture off into. The South Rim is the most popular rim people tend to visit so that is the rim we will be focusing on in this post.

Places To Stay Near The Grand Canyon

There are many places to stay in or around the Grand Canyon.

There are a few lodges where you can stay at inside the Grand Canyon Park.

In the Historic District of the Grand Canyon

In the Market Plaza Near the Visitors Center

If you are wanting to stay outside the Grand Canyon then here are a few places you can stay at.

  • Best Western Canyon Squire Inn
  • Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel
  • The Grand Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Red Feather Lodge
  • Seven Mile Lodge

Depending on what your budget is, you may want to do some research on which place you want to stay at. Mainly because some of these places are really pricey.

When Is The Best Time To Visit

There really isn’t a best time to visit the Grand Canyon as it will always be amazing no matter what day you decide to come. However there are certain times in which you can limit the amount of heat or the amount of tourists who decide to come.

For instance, if you are wanting to avoid the extreme heat of the canyon weather and also the people, then it is probably best to visit around March through May or September through November. This is when the daytime temperatures are pretty cool and also not as many people will show up.

Winter is another good season to come here to visit but you need to be sure to pack warm clothing as it can definitely be pretty cold here as the canyon is 7,000 feet above sea level. You will also find out that many people will also come here to visit during this time, however not as much as compared to the summer time. The ground will also be covered in snow at times which can give off a cooling feel mixed in with the suns rays.

If you decide to come during the summer time which is usually the Grand Canyons busiest time, you should be prepared for tons of tourists as well as having limited lodging availability and also the dreaded heat.

How To Best Enjoy Your Experience

Because the Grand Canyon is so vast, you want to make sure you are able to see all of it’s detail and views. There are many different stopping points along the path in which tourists can go to and see the views at different angles.

Each stopping point has guard rails to prevent you from falling off the canyon. However aside from the stopping points, the side of the canyons are not guarded with rails so DO BE CAREFUL when walking along the sides.

I would suggest starting from the first stopping point and moving your way down towards the end.

After you are done checking out the views on a particular stopping point, you can either choose to walk to the next destination or ride a bus that’ll take you to the next area. The bus is definitely the faster way to do things, however I would suggest you to walk along the path if you are able to in order to get the best views and scenery. Also if you walk along the path, you’ll encounter many deer animals just sitting or walking around.

I do have to caution you however in that if you choose to walk, be sure to stay close to the walking trail. This is because you will be walking along side the canyon which is not guarded by any rails. However the trails are a good distance from the edge of the canyon so you are pretty safe.

In my personal opinion, I would choose to walk from the first stopping point all the way to the last. Then by that time the day is almost over and you can just simply ride a bus back to the beginning.

Just remember depending on the time of day you go to, your pictures can look very different compared to other similar photos.

What To Expect?

Because this place is extremely popular, it will definitely be crowded. Some days better than others, however for the most part you will be expecting quite a bit of people here.

Not only that but because this is in Arizona, it can be hot…very hot. So be sure to bring some cooling items like hats or handheld fans.

Other than that, it was a pretty good and fun experience coming here. Because the canyon is so vast, there are many different areas where you can take amazing pictures without bumping into anyone.

It’s also a good place to chill and relax. I often see people bring their fold-able chairs here and just sit along side the canyon and read a book or even go to sleep.

Overall the experience was definitely amazing and everybody should come visit at least once in their life.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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