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20 Best Free Things To Do In Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a city filled with so many things to see and do. With a vibrant art culture and beautiful scenery, one can spend months or even years visiting every single thing here in this city.

However a lot of these things does cost quite a bit of money for you to actually enjoy these activities.

But what if you don’t want to spend any money? Are there any free things to do in Dallas?

Of course there is!

After all, some of the best things in life are absolutely free, and that is true for the city of Dallas.

Aside from all the money costing events, the city of Dallas is filled is so many amazing things you can see and do for absolutely free. From beautiful art museums to music venues and more, you can find a little bit of everything here in this city.

So leave your credit card and cash at home, this post will show you all the best free things to do in Dallas, Texas.

Free Things To Do In Dallas, Texas

In no particular order, here is everything you are able to do for free in the city of Dallas.

Dallas Museum Of Art

Dallas Museum Of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is a huge 370,000 square foot museum that features all things art. It offers one of the largest and most interesting art collections in all of the country. Here you can find art pieces dating back to the B.C. dates all the way to present day. It is filled with over 23,000 art works like paintings, sculptures, jewelry, artifacts and more from all around the world. Some of these art works are even from famed artists like Pollock, Monet, Rodin and Picasso just to name a few. Aside from all the art galleries, this art museum also houses a children’s creative zone and a sculpture garden for you to explore.

Entry to the museum is usually always free with the exception of certain special exhibits and events. So you’ll be able to come any time you want and enjoy all the wonderful art pieces here in this museum.

Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park

Sometimes it is better to just roam around outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. And what better place to do that then a park? Klyde Warren Park isn’t your typical park you can find just about anywhere. Instead, it is a nationally acclaimed area that boasts a whole bunch of things you can see and do. You can find things like a butterfly garden or even special areas for kids and pets to have fun in.

But the thing that makes this park so special is that it is host to a whole bunch of different programming and events that happen all the time here at the park. From daily fitness sessions to children’s entertainment or even special musical performances, you can find just about everything here at this park.

It is a fantastic way to enjoy yourself and relax from all the stressful activities you have been doing.

Crow Museum Of Asian Art

Crow Museum Of Asian Art

Also known as the “Crow Collection Of Asian Art”, this beautiful place located in the Art District of Dallas houses over 1,000 different pieces of artwork hailing from all over Asia. You can find a little bit of everything like Japanese pieces, Chinese pieces, Indian pieces and more all here in this building.

Many of these pieces have been carefully assembled from the private collection of local real estate mogul Trammel Crow and his wife Margaret.

Here visitors are able to roam around and see a plethora of galleries showcasing the finest objects, paintings, scrolls and large architectural pieces from all around Asia. Some of these things are so old that they even date back to as early as the 10th century. Also during certain times of the year, the museum will also play host to many special exhibitions where they feature artwork from famous collectors and other museums throughout the world.

The Samurai Collection

The Samurai Collection

Did you know that the “Samurai Collection” museum is a museum dedicated to all things Samurai? In fact, it is the only museum in the world which dedicates the entire building to Samurai artifacts and items.

It is a hidden gem that not too many people know about. But once you visit this place, you will absolutely be stunned by all the things they have. It consists of one of the largest and most complete assemblages of samurai armor and items in the world. You can find hundreds of different samurai art dating as far back as the 10th century through 19th centuries.

Aside from the beautiful samurai armors, you’ll also find a huge weapons galore and other things like horse armor, helmets, masks, suits of armor and more from other cultures as well.

The museum is always free to the public and is only open Tuesdays through Sundays.

Kimbell Art Museum

Kimbell Art Museum

Dallas is literally a city filled with all things art. Here you can find another famous art museum called the “Kimbell Art Museum” which houses hundreds of art work ranging from classical antiques to even European masterpieces. You’ll find things done by Picasso, Monet, Matisse and more famous people all here at this building.

It is a great place to roam around and explore all things art.

Fun Fact: The Kimbell Art Museum is also the only place in America where you can find a Michelangelo painting (The Torment of Saint Anthony).

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

If you love learning about money and seeing how its made, then you should definitely head on over to the Bureau Of Engraving and Printing. This building is located in Fort Worth and is the only other place in the world besides Washington, D.C where U.S. currency is printed.

Here you’ll be able to find many interactive displays and exhibits that talk about the history of money as well as how it is made. You’ll be able to see millions of dollars being printed before it is all shipped to the Federal Reserve. They also provide free tours of the building each day from Tuesday Through Friday, so you’ll be able to learn many new and interesting things at no cost at all.

Enjoy A Picnic At White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake has to be one of the most beautiful parks in all of Dallas. It is a place where you can get away from all the bustling city life and be one with nature. It is a very peaceful place with many things for you to see and do. Some of the things you can find here are a bike trail, a bird watching area, dog park, fishing piers, and many more things.

So if you are looking for a place to get some peace and quiet as well as having some fun, why not have a picnic here with your friends or family? There is many areas where you can have a picnic with some tables even allowing you to reserve in advance.

A perfect getaway area for anybody who loves nature.

Watch Planes Fly Around Founders Plaza

Founders Plaza

If you love planes and love watching them fly around, then you should definitely head to Founders Plaza. Here is one of the best spots in all of the city for you to watch planes take off and land at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. It’s a great activity to do as you’ll be in a safe distance but not too away where you can’t see anything. This plaza even provides free telescopes for you to use and watch some planes flying around. They even have a picnic bench for you to sit around and relax while enjoying the planes.

Ride The McKinney Avenue Trolley

McKinney Avenue Trolley

Although now called the M-Line, it is the city’s last remaining street car line which goes up and down around McKinney Avenue. It is completely free to ride so you’ll be able to hop on and see many different sights around Dallas. It is a popular thing to do as it frequently stops at many of the major popular tourist attraction areas so you’ll never miss a thing.

Nasher Sculpture Center

Nasher Sculpture Center

Nasher Sculpture Center is an interesting outdoor museum located in Dallas’s Art District. Spreading across 2 acres wide, the Nasher Center houses a huge collection of contemporary and modern art sculptures. Here you can see many modern sculptures of all kinds with sculptures made from Alexander Calder, Giacometti, Hepworth, Henry Moore, MAtisse, Picasso and more.

This area also features rotating and special exhibits all throughout the year. From time to time you’ll also be able to see special events which includes twilight strolls, musicians, and guest speakers here all to entertain you.

Now normally this would be a paid event to enter, but on the first Saturday of each month, this place becomes free for the public.

Mary Kay Museum

Mary Kay Museum

If you love all things Makeup, then one place you have to visit is the fabulous Mary Kay Museum. Here you’ll be able to celebrate the life and legacy of one of Dallas’s most beloved female entrepreneurs. The museum is located inside the headquarters of the Mary Kay Company and provides many fascinating details about her life and how her company came to be.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza

John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza -free things to do in Dallas

As you know, Dallas is the city where the former President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in. Which is why here you’ll be able to find a Memorial Plaza dedicated to him in his honor. This place was inaugurated in June of 1970 besides the red sandstone towers of the Dallas County Courthouse. It was built to represent the freedom of JFK’s spirit.

The building itself is a unique building as it consists of a square room with concrete walls surrounding it. From the outside, it gives an illusion as if the building is floating. When you go inside the building, you’ll be able to find JFK’s name painted in gold.

The plaza is totally free for the public and allows you to roam around and explore.

Pioneer Plaza

Pioneer Plaza -free things to do in Dallas

Pioneer Plaza is one of the most popular tourist attractions of them all here in Dallas. It is a place where you can see some really cool momuments. The plaza here was built to commemorate Dallas’s beginnings by celebrating the trails that bought in the settlers to the city of Dallas.

Here you’ll be able to see many bronze sculptures that were created by the artist Robert Summers to commemorate that special occasion. 49 long horn steers and 3 trail riders on horseback are built into sculptures and surrounded by many plants and trees that are only native to the state of Texas.

It’s a fun place to take pictures and roam around. Just be sure not to climb onto any of the moments as that is a big no-no.

Explore Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum -free things to do in Dallas

If you are looking for some place cool and hip, then you’ll definitely need to head to Deep Ellum. It is undeniably the cultural hub of the city with many art galleries, beautiful murals, landed music venues and clubs, festivals and shops all around. It is a great place to roam around and explore as you soak in all the vibrant atmosphere surrounding you. Take some pictures for Instagram with the many murals around you, browse around and window shop, or even look for upcoming events that might happen from time to time here. You will definitely love your time spent here.

Explore Bishops Art District

Bishops Art District -free things to do in Dallas

Just like Deep Ellum, Bishop Arts District is another fun place where you can explore everything that it has to offer. It is also one of the most walkable areas in the city with many shops, restaurants, bars and art galleries located all around the area. It’s a great place to window shop and look at many of the cute and adorable things here in the area.

Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden

Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden -free things to do in Dallas

Located near the East Bank of White Rock Lake, you’ll be able to find one of the most beautiful arboretums in the entire city. It is an ever changing garden that changes depending on what kind of season rolls around.

When you come here, you’ll be able to find over 19 named gardens all packed full of flowers that are on display. For example, the 6.5 acre Margaret Elisabeth Johnsson Color Garden which is filled with over 2,000 azalea varieties making it one of the largest azalea gardens in the entire country.

So if you are ever tired of the city life and want to be one with nature, then definitely come here and enjoy your time. The gardens also make for a really beautiful backdrop if you are trying to take some awesome photography pictures.

Giant Eyeball

Giant Eyeball -free things to do in Dallas

Another popular sculpture you’ll see in Dallas is one called a Giant eyeball. It is literally a single eyeball made from fiberglass and was created by the artist Tony Tasset in Chicago before moving it to Dallas.

It is definitely something unique and weird but makes for some cool pictures.

 Museum of Geometric and MADI Art

 Museum of Geometric and MADI Art -free things to do in Dallas

If you don’t know what MADI art is, then you are in for a treat. It is an international art movement focusing on geometric shapes that spill out of the traditional frame, and articulated and mobile structures, MADI artists refuse to make the object representative. Instead, the focus is on the object and the colors themselves. The movement dates to the mid-1940s in Buenos Aires where artist Carmelo Arden Quin articulated the ideas that became the basis of the MADI Movement.

So if you want to see some cool and unique art pieces, then you should definitely visit this museum.

Visit The Farmers Market

Farmers Market -free things to do in Dallas

One of the coolest things you can do is to roam around a farmers market. This is a place where your local farmers come and sell their merchandise. You’ll be able to see all kinds of cool foods as well as cooked foods for you to enjoy. Plus aside from the market, there will also be events held here from time to time such as exercise classes, car shows, fairs, holiday events and more all for you to enjoy.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

fort worth water gardens -free things to do in Dallas

If you want to see something really cool as well as be away from all the loud noises, then head on down to Fort Worth Water Gardens.

Here you’ll find a beautiful natural sanctuary located in downtown right next to the Fort Worth Convention Center. The gardens is a wonderful architectural feat as you’ll see many kinds of modernist pools, cascading waterfalls, terraces, as well as a central plaza. But the highlight of the area is definitely the active pool where you can see water rush down the steep stones step by step into a sunken gorge down below your feet.

Definitely a great place to visit if you’re looking for free things to do in Dallas.


Overall, Dallas is a city with a ton of cool things for you to see and do for free. Many of which can be enjoyed by yourself or with friends and family.

So hopefully this list of the “Best Free Things To Do In Dallas, Texas” was able to help you out and give you some ideas as to which places you should visit next.

Also, if you’re going to be visiting the city of Dallas anytime soon, you might be interested in some of my other posts.

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Let me know how your trip goes!

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