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Everything You Should Know Before Visiting Antelope Canyon In 2020

If you ever been on Instagram then chances are that you have probably seen or heard about about Antelope Canyon. After all it is one of the most famous canyons ever for taking that beautiful Instagram shot.

When most people think of famous canyons, one that often pops into peoples minds is the Grand Canyon. However not many people know of what or where the Antelope Canyon is.

Located on protected Indian land, this majestic canyon was created from powerful rushing water of millions of years. It gets its name from local Navajo stories where many antelopes would graze here near the canyon during the winter time.

So lets get into more details about this canyon.

Where is Antelope Canyon located?

Located just East of Page, Arizona, it is one of the many canyons located in this state.

Antelope Canyon sits around road 98.

To the untrained eye, the canyon from the outside might look like just a slab of rocks, nothing too interesting. That is until you wander your way down into the hills. From this point you will be met with an enormous canyon that is beautifully made from rushing waters over millions of years. These rushing waters have created many different patterns and sculptures in the canyon for everyone to see.

It really is a sight worth seeing.

Booking A Tour (Mandatory)

Because this canyon is situated on Indian land, you are not able to come here whenever you want.

The only way to see the Antelope Canyon is to book a tour from one of the tour groups. You absolutely must have a tour guide/operator with you as you can not walk around by yourself.

Now tours can cost different prices depending on which tour you want. I decided to go for with Ken’s Tours as my tour operator. However there is another tour guide called Dixie Ellis which I heard also does pretty good tours.

Typically prices range for about 40-60 dollars depending on what package you want to get. So do some research before hand on which tour fits your schedule the best.

I do have to say though that ken’s tours in my opinion was incredibly worth it. They were very knowledgeable and helpful in every way possible. They even told us which spots were the best and also helped us take pictures.

Places To Stay Near Antelope Canyon

Page is a pretty small city, so your choices on where to stay are pretty small. However if you do have to spend a night in Page then here are some options you might be able to choose from.

Best Time To Visit

Antelope Canyon is one of those places where it will always be packed no matter what time of year you decide to go in. However there are certain times where it can be a little bit better.

For instance usually during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons are usually the best time to visit. This is because you’ll get those magnificent sun rays shining down the canyon which will give you that beautiful picture shot. However it may be a bit hot and also you might find scorpions or snakes roaming around outside.

If you come during the Winter season, there will be a bit less people as it is often colder during this time of year. Not only that, but there will be less sun rays shining down from above, but that doesn’t take away the beauty from the canyons. It will still be a sight to see.

Aside from deciding which season you want to come here on, you also have to decide the time of day in which you want to schedule your tour.

The best time of day is usually around 10 am to noon, as this will give you those majestic sun rays you are wanting for in your canyon picture. However I have heard the earlier you go, the better.

I booked my tour for around 1:30pm and the canyon was still full of sun rays which was awesome.

Do Note: Many people who decide to come to Antelope Canyon knows that getting the majestic sun beams shining down with you is the best part of the trip. 10 am is probably the ideal time to come here and is normally sold out very fast. So reserve in advance before you come here.

What’s The Best Way To Take Pictures?

Sometimes taking pictures can be hard, and I get it! There are many different options on your camera and some might be more confusing than others. However at the end of your day, your goal is to take the best picture possible for yourself.

And that’s what makes this place so special.

You don’t have to be a professional to take some amazing pictures here. The canyons does all the work for you. Literally! Light beams from the sun gleaming down from above lighting up the entire canyon with beautiful light. All you need to do is just click the shutter and boom you have yourself a beautiful picture.

You’ll also be happy to know that the tour guides are very knowledgeable about the area and will happily tell you which areas to take your picture and also how to take it for the best outcome. At least that was my experience..I can’t say for other tours but I am assuming they work similar.

Just remember depending on the time of day you go to, your pictures can look very different compared to other similar photos.

Now if you are a professional photographer or know what you are doing, then you may be happy to know that the tour operators do have photography tours guides for Antelope Canyon. This is more expensive but it does allow you to take more time with your photos as well as having less people present blocking your way. It’s a overall much better experience.

What To Expect?

Because this place is extremely popular, it will definitely be crowded. No matter what day you come or what time you come, there will be a crowd here.

Not only that but because this is in Arizona, it can be hot…very hot. So be sure to bring some cooling items like hats or handheld fans.

Aside from that, it was a pretty nice experience. Although if you want to get a picture of just you and the canyon, then you will most likely have to take turns with other guests.

The tour guide will help make things easier for you by organizing the lines, and also explaining in detail what you should do and also where you can get the best pics. They will also tell you amazing Navajo stories about the canyons of the tribes if you ask.

Overall, the experience is pretty great and is definitely a place everybody should visit at least once in their life.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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