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20 Amazing Day Trips From Houston, Texas

Are there any awesome day trips from Houston, Texas?

Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States as well as being the most diverse city in the country.

There is literally so many things for you to see and do here in the city of Houston.

From the Houston Rodeo to sightseeing at NASA Space Center as well as the much beloved museum district. Houston has many things for you to see and do.

However that isn’t all that Houston is good for.

Houston makes for a perfect base for the avid day tripper to go out and explore.

There are many amazing and exciting things that surround the city of Houston. And by doing a day trip, you are able to visit each and everyone of these things.

So lets take a look at all the best day trips you can take from the city of Houston.

Day Trips From The City Of Houston

Here is a list of the best day trips you can take from Houston, Texas!



Located about 40 minutes from Houston, Galveston Island is a 30 mile long island located on the southeast side of Houston. The island features many things for visitors to see and do.

From fishing, to water skiing, to boating or swimming, there are an abundant amount of activities here waiting for you to enjoy. Not only that, but there is also an amusement park here called Pleasure Pier that stretches out into the gulf on a large pier. Plus, alongside the Seawall Boulevard, you can find all sorts of neat hotels, restaurants and other attractions all waiting to be explored.

It is an island full of history and culture in which everybody will be able to enjoy.


Picture of Dallas

Being the 3rd most populated city in the state, you can definitely expect there to be a lot of things for you to see and do. It has a wealth of historical and cultural hot spots to explore.

Dallas is also an art lovers dream as it features one of the country’s largest continuous arts districts which includes many highlights like the Nasher Sculpture Center, the AT&T Performing Arts Center, and the neighborhood of Deep Ellum.

Other things that are notable to Dallas is that it has an abundant amount of green space as well as museums that feature all sorts of interesting stuff.


Picture Of Austin

If you are into the music scene or just love the hipster vibe, then the city of Austin is definitely for you. It is a thriving city that is constantly changing with the times. So you can definitely expect there to be all sorts of cool stuff for you to see and do.

In fact, two of the country’s most famous festivals, “Austin City Limits”, which is a music festival and “South by Southwest” which celebrates music, innovation and media are all held here in this city annually.

Plus it is also home to the world Famous BBQ at Franklin BBQ. So if you are a foodie, you can definitely feel at home here in this city.

San Antonio

Picture Of San Antonio

San Antonio might be one of the most historic cities in the state of Texas.

Being the home of the legendary Alamo, visitors are able to come to this special building which has been preserved through time to enjoy and learn all sorts of neat information dealing with history.

Aside from the Alamo, San Antonio is a city that is constantly changing. There are lots of modern cultures for you to explore and nature for you to see. For instance, you can have fun with friends and family at Six Flags Fiesta Texas or you can take a leisurely stroll through the Natural Bridge Caverns.

There is definitely something for everybody here in this city.

New Orleans

Located a few hours east of Houston, you’ll be able to find the famous city of New Orleans.

New Orleans which is known for all the fun entertainment it provides is a hot destination for many people to visit. It is the music capital of the country famous for its blues and country scene.

Here you’ll be able to find all sorts of live music venues, bars, clubs and more all waiting for you to come and have some fun. It is a welcoming area that everybody should experience at least once in their life.


kemah boardwalk

Located right near Galveston Bay, the city of Kemah is also known as the “Gateway to the Bay”. IT is one of the most popular places to visit during the weekends or holidays because it has a wide entertainment district that is full of restaurants, hotels, attractions all geared towards locals and tourists.

For instance, on the Kemah board walk you can find all kinds of amusement rides and attractions like roller coasters, zip lines, ferris wheels, and more. Not only that, but you can find many classic arcade games, restaurants, shopping, and thrill rides, many of which overlook the water.

Space Center Houston

space center houston

If you love space and the history of space, then you will definitely love Space Center Houston.

Located about 30 minutes away from Houston, Space Center Houston is a fun, interactive museum designed to help educate the public about space travel. This entire place was created with the help of Disney’s Imagineering team, and it really shows. The exhibits are all hands on and allows the visitors to learn exactly what it is like when astronauts spend time in space.

Not only that, but they also offer tours where you can take a tram around the building to see a real life Rocket as well as meeting real life astronauts. You can even see the legendary mission control room.

Overall, it is a fantastic place with over 400 exhibits for anybody who loves space travel to get some in depth knowledge about the subject.

Sam Houston National Forest

Sam Houston National Forest

Being one of the four national forests located in Texas, the Sam Houston National Forest is the most popular and is located about 50 miles away from the center of Houston. It is a massive forest consisting of over 163,000 acres of forest land and contains many different species of fauna and flora which are able to be enjoyed by the visitors who come here.

Some of the things you can do here in the forest is hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, camping and more. Along the trails, you’ll pass through many creeks, rivers and streams and see all kinds of different vegetation and ecosystems that are important to the animals and insects that live in this forest.

USS Lexington

USS Lexington

The USS Lexington is a World War II era US Aircraft Carrier that has been turned into a museum. Often referred to as the “Blue Ghost”, it was established as a museum back in 1992 shortly after the ship has been decommissioned.

The reason for it becoming a museum is so that it can educate the public about the roles of a naval aircraft during the defense of the country.

The tour of the ship itself spans over 11 ship decks and contains many different kinds of exhibits that showcases things the ship is capable of doing. For instance, you can even try out a flight simulator where you try and land on this amazing aircraft carrier.

Mustang Island

Mustang Island

Mustang Island is the perfect place for you to go visit if you are wanting that coastal feel. It spans across 5 miles of the Gulf of Mexico and is home to a variety of species of birds as well as the endangered Atlantic Green Sea Turtles.

Because of this, one of the most popular things to do here is for you to go bird watching. After all there are over 400 different species of birds that live here. Not only that but you can also do a variety of activities here like mountain biking, hiking, fishing as well as picnicking.

It is a great area to relax and enjoy yourself as well as being one with nature.

Stark Museum Of Art

Stark Museum Of Art

Located just outside of Houston in Orange, Texas, you’ll find the much beloved Stark Museum of Art. This museum which was founded back in 1978 is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of American Western Art.

Here you’ll be able to find arts from all kinds of backgrounds. For instance, they have things from the Southwestern indigenous cultures like artwork, manuscripts, costumes and books as well as paintings from well known American painters.

Aside from the arts, they have rotating exhibits, special lectures as well as many educational programs.

Port Author

Port Author

Another city that sits along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico is Port Arthur. This little city is home to a variety of species that live here which includes birds, fish, alligators and more.

But aside from that, there are also many things for you to see and do here. For instance, this area is a perfect place for you to go hiking, cycling, fishing as well as doing any water sports you might like. It is the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy yourself while you have some fun.

You might also like to know that this place has a very cultural diverse area which includes many cultural attractions like monuments from different religions, shrines, temples and churches.

San Marcos Outlet Mall

San Marcos Outlet Mall

If you love shopping, then you would absolutely love visiting San Marcos Outlet Mall. This outlet mall is actually two distinct outlet malls in one. The premium Outlets and the Tanger Factory Outlet Center. Both of these are adjacent to one another and have over 240 stores for you to shop in.

Here you can find many amazing outlet stores like Nike, Under Armor, Polo Ralph Lauren, and many other stores you will love to shop at.

Texas State Aquarium

Texas State Aquarium

The Texas State Aquarium is a great place to learn about all things marine life. This aquarium which is located in Corpus Christi is a private conservation organization and aquarium facility that is dedicated to protecting marine wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Caribean Sea.

The aquarium features many different exhibits where you can see many different marine life. From dolphins to jellyfish to stingrays and crabs, they have it all.

However even though it is an aquarium, it also has many animals that aren’t exclusively to the oceans. For instance you can see a number of different species of birds, alligators and turtles as well.

Definitely a great way to learn about wild life in general.

Texas Energy Museum

Texas Energy Museum

As you know, Texas is famous for being an oil-producing state all throughout its long history. And the Texas Energy Museum which is located in downtown Beaumont tells how the development of petroleum refinery technology and the modern use of chemistry in this industry has changed throughout the years as well as how things are done.

The museum also hosts plenty of educational sessions and programs which teaches kids about Texas’s rich oil history.

George Bush Park

George Bush Park

Located within the city limits of Houston, you’ll find a really beautiful county park called George Bush Park.

Here at this park you can find a variety of things to do. It has many soccer and baseball fields, trails for people to go jogging or hiking, as well as open fields to do whatever you want. There is even an onsite range here where you can go shooting.

It is a beautiful place where anybody is able to relax and enjoy their life.

Brazos Bend State Park

Unlike the other parks here around the Houston area, Brazos Bend park is not your regular park. However even with that said, there is still a lot for you to see and do here in this park.

This park has several trails that take visitors on a sightseeing adventure and allows them to see nature at its finest. Some of the trails will take you through some wetlands where you can get a chance to see some alligators as well.

So if you love nature, this park is definitely for you.

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Located on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum is a sight to see.

This presidential library commemorates the life and work of the 41st President of the United States George Herbert Walker Bush. It contains all kinds of things related to George Bush.

For instance, here you can find over 44 million pages of archives related to the president as well as an exhibit that shows what he has done during his work as President of the United States. Not only that, but the museum also plays host to a rotating lineup of temporary exhibits and does special lectures and events with the goal of educating the public about civics and the democratic process.

Battleship Texas State Historic Site

Battleship Texas State Historic Site

Another historic ship you need to go visit is Battleship Texas. It is a history battleship from World War I and World War II that sits along the Houston Ship Channel and lets visitors from all over explore its decks.

Depending on what you want, you can choose between independent or guided tours that showcases the entire ship as a whole.

Plus once you are done visiting this ship, you can go next door to the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site where you can learn about the battle that took place here as well as go on a leisurely stroll.



If you love Bluebonnets, then you must visit Brenham, Texas. This little city provides a nice breath of fresh air after spending time in such a big city like Houston.

Here in Brenham you can find a whole bunch of areas with bluebonnet fields all around. Which makes for a perfect place to take some beautiful pictures.

Not only that, but this place also has a Blue Bell Ice Cream creamery that showcases how Texas’s number one ice cream is prepared.


As you can see, day trips are able to show you all kinds of interesting things for you to see and do.

So hopefully this list was able to show you that there are other amazing things to do besides just hanging out in Houston the entire time.

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Let me know how it goes!

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