8 Things To Pack For Emergencies

What are some essential things to pack for emergencies? After all, often times when we travel, we don't really think about the things that we pack too carefully. However what if we were to travel to a destination that are prone to natural disasters. Such as earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tsunamis etc...

Why Traveling Without A Plan Is The Best

The Traveling Asian
Why is traveling without a plan the best thing to do? After all, when I first started to travel years ago, I always had a plan. My plan was to research and find out everything I can about the location I was traveling to. Then I would map out what days I would do...

10 Things To Not Do While Traveling

The Traveling Asian
What are some things to not do while traveling? After all, often times when you see other travel blogs, they mostly always talk about all the good things to do, what to see or eat etc.. However rarely do you ever see people tell you about what not to do while...

7 Ways To Stay Motivated To Traveling

What are some ways to help you stay motivated to traveling? Whenever people really set their mind on something, they can achieve anything that they want. Motivation is key to helping you achieve your goals. However how does a person stay motivated? Especially when you have things such as work or life getting at...

What Does Travel Mean To You?

The Traveling Asian
What does travel mean to you? The word travel can mean something entirely different to you or me. In fact, it means something different to every single person in the world. For some people, travel can mean visiting some place that they have never visited before. For others it can mean spending time with your loved ones. However one thing is sure!...

Want To Write For The Daily Tourist? Here’s How To Do It!

The Daily Tourist
I always want to be able to help as many people as I can. However being a single writer can be a bit tiring. There is limitations to just how much I can do. Whether it is the amount of content that I write to even the places that I've traveled to. Sometimes I just don't have...

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