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30 Best Travel Gifts For Travelers: Cheap To Expensive

Ever wondered what the best travel gifts for travelers seem to be?

After all, travelers are a unique group of people who are constantly moving around from place to place. They don’t usually carry a lot of stuff with them when going around. Plus each and every traveler seems to be unique and different.

With that being said, just how are you suppose to decide what gift to get for them?

Finding the right gift to buy for travelers can definitely be a tricky and hard thing to do.

While there are definitely many things you could get a would be traveler such as a pillow or even a plane ticket, sometimes you just want more options to choose from.

Which is why I put together this great list to help make your life a lot easier. This is the ultimate travel gifts guide for travelers to use as there will be many things that are amazingly useful or just fun to have.

Many of these things I have used personally and definitely recommend them to others.

So if you’re ready, lets get started!

Here are the 30 best travel gifts for travelers.

Best Travel Gifts For Travelers

We have divided this section up into different categories based on price.

We’ll be starting with the cheapest gifts you can buy and gradually increase to the more expensive things.

Travel Gifts Under $25 Dollars

1: Passport Holder

passport holder

For those that are going to be traveling around internationally quite a bit, one thing you’ll definitely need is something called a passport holder. After all, if you are going to be traveling around, your passport is definitely going to get pretty beat up and used.

Which is why you want to protect from getting damaged. And using a passport holder is the best way to protect it. Not only will it keep your passport safe and looking brand new, it’ll also allow you to hold many other things. You can keep your credit cards, cash, flight tickets, and more inside the holder as most common holders have pockets for many different things.

While there are definitely many different kinds you can buy out there, I would recommend just buying the most basic one as that will be enough for your travels. No need to spend so much money on one of these.

2: Travel Adapter

travel adapter

Depending on which country you decide to visit, some of your electronics might not be able to be charged. Mainly because different countries have different outlets which you have to use. Which is why having a travel adapter is great because it’ll have many different sockets that’ll work for any country.

There are many different varieties out there, but I would recommend finding a travel adapter that has multiple sockets and ports for you to charge your electronics. One I recommend is this one here. It is slick and beautifully made, plus it also has all the things you’ll need for charging your devices.

Certainly one of the better travel gifts that I absolutely love.

3: Travel Padlock

travel padlock

You always want to keep your belongings safe from any harm that might happen. Which is why you should keep things secured with a travel padlock. You never know what might happen during your travels and you don’t want your stuff to get stolen or lost.

And depending on where you go, some places may offer to rent these out which can cost quite a bit. So instead of paying absurd fees, you should just buy your own. Whenever I travel around, I always make sure to bring a few with me just in case.

4: Packing Cubes

packing cube

Packing Cubes are a great item to have as they help keep your things all organized and clean while you are traveling around. It doesn’t matter if you have only a few items or a lot, these cubes will help make sure every item you have remain safe and organized in their little pockets.

Plus they are light and foldable which means you can bring them around and pack them in anything. You’ll be surprised by how many things you can carry inside these cubes once you use them.

5: Portable Luggage Scale

portable luggage scale

As you know, airline baggage fees are constantly going up in price. They want to charge for every little thing you bring nowadays. So to make sure that you won’t get charged for anything extra, you should always use a portable luggage scale before you travel anywhere.

Using this scale allows you to pack your belongings while making sure you are at the maximum weight allowed for traveling. Plus the luggage scale is very light and small and easy to carry.

6: Earplugs


If you ever traveled around before, you’ll know that sometimes at night it can get really noisy. Especially if you are staying at a hostel or nearby some rowdy streets. Which is why having earplugs is an essential piece of thing that’ll give you some peace and quiet when sleeping. No longer will you have to deal with cricket sounds, loud snoring, chatter or anything else. Once you use these, you will definitely be able to have that good nights sleep.

7: Sleeping Mask

sleeping mask

Another great item to use when you are traveling around is a sleeping mask. They help block out any light that might be coming your way and give you that perfect pitch black darkness you’ll need to fall asleep. Plus most of these masks are really cheap as well as being ultra comfortable. They are easy to store and clean which makes carrying them around during traveling a must have for any essential traveler.

8: Scratch Off Map

Scratch off Map

One of the best travel gifts you can get somebody is a Scratch Map. I’ll help you keep track of all the traveling you have done so far. These things are amazing as you can scratch off all the places you have traveled to. It’ll also inspire you to travel to more places as you’ll want to finish scratching off the entire map.

9: Travel Journal

travel journal

A travel journal makes for a great item to have during your travels. You are able to write about all your experiences that you have done as well as write any ideas or useful information inside. It’s a way to make some memories of your precious travels last forever. Plus they are small and portable which means you can carry them with you anywhere you go.

There are many different kinds out there for you to choose from with almost all of them having the same basic features. So my suggestion for you is to just buy the most basic one as that will be able to serve for all your purposes.

10: Travel Towel

travel towel

When traveling around you might be interested a travel towel. These towels are special because they are light and portable and dries really fast. A normal towel isn’t good to bring for traveling because they are always clunky and take up too much room.

Plus depending on where you visit during your travels, some places might not even have a towel for you to use. Which is why bringing your own towel makes things more easier for you.

Travel Gifts Under $100 Dollars

11: Portable Charger

portable charger

Lets be honest, we tend to use our smartphones, cameras and any other portable electronics quite a bit. And because we are using them so much, they may run out of charge pretty fast. Which is why it is essential for you to bring a portable charger with you on your travels.

When you use a portable charger, it ensures you will always have enough charge for whatever you are doing. For example, most popular portable chargers nowadays allows you to charge your phone to full 2 to 3 times before running out of juice. That is a lot of charge! Plus they are compact and light which makes them very easy to carry around. I never travel around without it.

12: Filtered Water Bottle

filtered water bottle

If you are going to be traveling around to countries with a less than par water system, then you’ll definitely want a filtered water bottle to help keep yourself safe from any sicknesses. The reason for this is because a filtered water bottle can help clean up many of the parasites and bacteria you’ll find in unsafe water.

One bottle I recommend is the LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle as its activated carbon filter helps reduce odor and chlorine aftertastes. It’ll also keep you safe from any harmful things. So you’ll be able to drink any water from anywhere without worrying about your health.

13: Travel Pillow

travel pillow

Travel Pillows are a life saver if you are going to be sleeping during your travels. From using it on a plane during long-haul flights to long buses or even just for a regular nap at a airport, a travel pillow is an essential item to have. It will make any uncomfortable trip become a little more nicer once you have one of these.

There are many kinds of travel pillows out there with many different features. I suggest you get something that will make you comfortable and is easy to carry. One pillow I recommend is this one that wraps around your neck. It is foldable and adjustable while also being light and easy to carry.

14: Travel Shoes

Travel shoes

Because you are going to be traveling around a lot, one important thing to have are nice travel shoes. After all, you’re going to be walking around, hiking, climbing mountains or whatever else you’ll be doing which needs you to move around. Which means wearing a bad kind of shoe will simply make the traveling so much more worse.

Wearing some good travel shoes will do wonders for your feet. You want to find something that is breathable and comfortable for you to move around in. And there are a ton of different shoes out there for you to choose from. So take some time and find the right kind of shoes.

15: Globe Of The World


A cool travel gift travelers would love is something like a globe. They might not be able to bring it along with them during travels, but when they are back home it’ll remind them of all the precious memories they had during a trip. It’ll also show you all the countries you haven’t visited and you can even find new ones you didn’t know existed. It is a fun thing to have and can bring lots of joy to any would-be travelers.

16: Emergency Travel Kit

emergency travel kit

Traveling around the world might be a fun and interesting thing to do. But during the travels, you’ll never know what problems you might run into. From small scratches to bruises or anything else that might harm you, traveling can be quite a hassle. Which is why you always want to be prepared for any and all situations. And one thing to have is something called an emergency travel kit.

An emergency travel kit allows you to be prepared for anything that might come your way. Many of these kits will have all the essential first aid supplies you’ll need for treating minor aches and injuries. They are also small and light weight which means packing them in your bag will be an easy thing to do.

Certainly one of the more helpful travel gifts out there.

17: Portable Bluetooth Speakers

portable bluetooth speakers

A portable bluetooth speaker is a great thing to have for any travel adventures. It’ll allow you to watch movies or shows with other people from your laptop or even throw impromptu parties around with people. Or if you are by yourself, you can play your favorite sounds from anywhere you want.

With many of these speakers out on the market, you’ll want to find one that fits all your needs. One speaker I recommend is this one as it is cheap and affordable while also being easy to carry around.

18: Travel Headlamp

travel headlamp

A travel headlamp is a very handy piece of thing to have for any and all travelers. Especially so if you are a backpacker that is doing a lot of hiking or camping. It allows you to see into dark places and find your way to safety. It’ll also allow you to move around at a hostel at night without having to wake up any of the other travelers.

19: Travel Books

Travel Books

One of the best things you can get for any traveler is simply a book to read. Especially a book about travel as it’ll allow the reader to gain a lot of inspiration and ideas from the book. While reading, they can transport themselves to new places and learn new things. It’ll also teach them many things they never knew about a certain place.

Books are a great way to kill time and allows readers to plan out things to do in the future. One of my favorite things to read is about things to do in a new country. This way whenever I am going to travel to that certain country, I will be able to know all the things I want to do before hand and not waste any time when i’m there.

20: Bluetooth Headphones

bluetooth headphone

Headphones are a great gift for any traveler as they allow you to listen to the things you want to listen to while not disturbing others. And depending on what headphone you get, you can cancel out outside noises so you won’t be disturbed as well.

There are many choices out there for you to choose from, both cheap and expensive. But I recommend this headphone as it is affordable and does everything you’ll need when traveling.

Travel Gifts Over $100 Dollars

21: Macbook Air

macbook air

One great thing to have for traveling around is a laptop. It’ll allow you to kill time while also browsing all the things that interests you. And one in particular which I recommend is the Macbook Air. It is light and small while also being powerful enough for day to day use. The battery charge on this thing also lasts a long time. It’s a great thing to have as you’ll always find yourself on it whenever you are bored.

Although it is one of the more expensive travel gifts out there, it certainly is well worth it.

22: Ipad Or Anything Similar


For some people, a laptop might be something that is too expensive to bring around or just too heavy to bring. Which is why a smaller thing you could take along with you is an Ipad or something similar. It’ll allow you to do all the same tasks as a laptop but with the ease of convenience of carrying around. Plus it is very portable which means you can carry it around with you anywhere you go and use it for whatever needs you have. I personally always bring my Ipad with me as it’ll allow me to bring up any books I want to read.

23: Travel Backpack

travel backpack

If you are a backpacker or just an avid traveler who loves to roam around and explore, then one thing you’ll definitely need is something like a travel backpack. You want to get yourself a good quality backpack as traveling will put a lot of wear and tear through your items. So you want something that’ll last you for a long time.

Many backpacks these days have all sorts of cool features like safety, comfort, and more which will make them more attractive for certain travelers.

If you want a list of my personal recommendations, you can click here for my travel backpack recommendations.

24: Iphone Or Similar


You should always carry a phone around when you are traveling. The reason is because a phone is invaluable to our lives. It can do so many things like search for things, call friends or family, and even take pictures. It can make traveling a breeze by showing you where to go so you don’t get lost and also translate things too.

And almost all phones have the same features nowadays. So it doesn’t really matter which one you get. Just make sure you have a phone on you when traveling. My personal favorite is the iPhone as the camera quality is superb and allows me to take so many beautiful pictures.

25: Luggage Bags

luggage bag

Whenever you are going to travel around, you’ll want yourself a really good quality luggage bag. Mainly because they’ll be put through a lot of stress and wear and tear. You don’t want one that will break easily as that’ll mean you’ll lose your precious belongings. So when you are going to buy a luggage bag, buy one that is a really good quality.

26: GoPro


When traveling around, you’ll always want to have something that’ll let you keep your precious memories of what you did. And what better way to do that than with a camera?

GoPro is my personal recommendation for things to bring as it’ll allow you to take high quality videos and pictures that’ll last you a lifetime. It is cheap for its price and is extremely durable. You can take it literally anywhere with you without having to worry about it breaking down. I never leave home without it.

27: DSLR Camera

dslr camera

If you know the person loves taking really high quality shots, then a perfect gift for them can be a professional camera. Having a really good camera allows you to take really sharp and beautiful pictures. It is a great way to make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Although they are pretty expensive, usually ranging near a thousand dollars or more, it can definitely be worth it. I have the DSLR camera Canon 70D and it has lasted me over 10 years and counting. I take it everywhere I go to get some really beautiful pictures.

28: Drone


A great item to give to any traveler is a drone. A drone allows them to take some amazing pictures and videos from the sky above. They’ll be able to take pictures of the entire landscape that is usually unable to be taken by a regular human who is standing on the ground. It is also quite small and portable so you’ll be able to carry it anywhere you go.

29: Clothes


Clothes are a great gift to get for any traveler. After all, they’ll be traveling around in different areas where the temperature can be wildly different than what they are use to back home. Which is why having the right kind of clothes for travel is important as they’ll be able to keep you warm or cool during any kind of condition.

30: Airplane Tickets

airplane tickets

For any would-be traveler, there is no better gift than an airplane ticket. After all, airplane tickets are probably the costliest thing about any travels. And when you get them a ticket, it’ll allow them to travel to wherever the destination is on a ticket. It’s a perfect gift that any traveler would love and enjoy.


As you can see from this list, there are a whole bunch of amazing travel gifts you can get for any traveler. Most of these items on this list I have used personally and are my personal recommendations on what you should buy.

So whether you are planning on buying a gift for somebody else or even yourself, hopefully this list of items is able to help you make an easier decision.

Thanks for reading my “Best Travel Gifts For Travelers” post. Let me know what items you tend to buy for your travels. I would love to hear about it.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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