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20 Best Things To Do In Fort Worth, Texas

When you think of anything cowboy related, you’ll think of Fort Worth. Home to cowboys, cattlemen, outlaws and anything else related to that term. Although it has changed in recent times to become a more modern place, it still has a old feel to it that is incredibly unique and interesting.

Although it isn’t as commonly known when compared to other city’s like Austin or its “big sister” Dallas, it is still a pretty awesome place to visit.

Here you’ll be able to find world class restaurants, amazing museums, legendary rodeos and much more all being offered for people to visit.

So if you’re interested in finding out what exactly is there to do in Fort Worth, you are in luck.

In this post, we’ll be detailing all the best things to do in Fort Worth, Texas if you were to visit.

So if you are ready, lets get started!

Best Things To Do In Fort Worth Texas

In no particular order, here are the best things to do in Forth Worth, Texas.

Museum of Science & History

Museum of Science & History

Located in the Cultural District, you can find the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Here you can learn many things that deal with science and history.

Some of the things include a science exhibit where kids can learn how to figure out the workings of a pinwheel or why a beach ball floats and more.

They even have exhibits and things for the little kids where they can play dress up with dolls, doctors or firemen.

Aside from that, there is even a planetarium where you can view the night sky in all its glory. Also there is a IMAX dome that features a 120 foot screen where you can watch all sorts of interesting things.

Overall it’s a great place to explore and learn many new things you probably haven’t have learned about before.

Fort Worth Zoo

Fort Worth Zoo

Even though Dallas already has an amazing zoo, Fort Worth Zoo is still worth mentioning. It has been named one of the top zoo’s in the country as it provides a host of things to see and do.

What once started out as a small zoo that was home to only a lion, alligator, 2 bears, and some other animals, it has since grown to be home to over 5,000 native and exotic animals.

Not only that but you can also find things like a petting enclosure, rock climbing wall, hurricane simulator and a miniature train that goes between the Safari Depot and Texas Wild attraction.

It’s a fantastic place for kids and family to go visit and learn about all things exotic and fun.

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

The Amon Carter Museum of American Art is one of the most revered art museums in all of the United States.

It is home to over 200,000 objects from the 19th and early 20th century which includes rare books, sculptures, oil paintings, photo collections, and lots more. All of these items have a focus on American history, art and culture.

But the thing that makes this museum so top notch is that it is completely free to visit! Which means anybody can come and visit this amazing museums to see some beautiful creations.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Fort Worth has quite a bit of art places for you to visit. With the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth being one of them. It is an incredible museum featuring a host of collections of contemporary artworks that span throughout various movements. Some of which includes the Abstract Expressionism, Pop, Minimalism, and also New Image Paintings.

Art lovers from all over will love this modern museum as it contains works of art by many prominent artists like Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, and more.

Not just the art, but the building itself is also a work of art as it was created by famed architect Tadao Ando.

Kimball Art Museum

Kimball Art Museum

Kimball Art Museum is a world class art museum designed by Louis Kahn that shows off many incredible pieces of art by famous art creators.

Here you’ll be able to find many art pieces by famous creators such as Matisse, Picasso, Rembrandt, Goya and a bunch of others.

One interesting thing about this museum is that the lights here are all different in that they always display the art piece in a way that shows them in their best lighting.

And because of its size, it makes for a great place for any individual to go and learn about art. Plus, when you are done looking around, there is even a shop that sells many variety of things like prints, gifts, jewelery and more.

Sid Richardson Museum

Sid Richardson Museum

Another popular art museum located in Fort Worth is the Sid Richardson Museum.

It is a museum that displays many artworks compiled by the art collector Sid Richardson between the years of 1942 and 1959. Most of these art works are done by famous American artists like Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russel, whose paintings depicted the American way of life in the late 19th century.

The collection’s pieces also show the action, drama, and scenes of daily life in the historical west during that time period, including many beautiful examples by lesser-known artists.

Monnig Meteorite Museum

Monnig Meteorite Museum

Meteorites are some of the coolest things ever. They are millions or billions of years old and come from outer space.

And one place where you can look at such things is at the Monnig Meteorite Museum which is one of the largest university based collections ever with over 1,700 different types of meteorites.

Aside from the meteorites, you can also create your own terrestrial impact crater, touch a piece of mars, or even explore the mysterious of these amazing rocks.

It’s a fun place where every person will definitely learn something new.

Fort Worth Stockyards

The Fort Worth Stockyards is a historic cattle district that is filled with all kinds of cowboy traditions. Here you’ll find people leading cattle along the Chisholm Trail to the railhead which will give you a traditional feel of what it was like back in the 1800’s.

Aside from that, there is also plenty of things for you to see and do. For instance, this place is a hub for all things entertainment. You can find rodeos, concerts, shootout shows as well as live entertainment all going on around here at certain dates.

Sundance Square

Sundance Square

Sundance Square is a district in downtown Forth Worth where you can find all kinds of entertainment and things to do. It is also the premier destination for any kind of dining and shopping experience for you to enjoy.

The area is jam packed full of amazing things to do like art galleries, museums, movie houses, shops and restaurants. It is the perfect place to go visit with your family for a day out having some fun.

Although the night life might be more catered to adults, there will still occasionally be some things to see and do for the little ones.

Trinity Park

Trinity Park

If you want to have a day to relax for yourself or your family, one place you can take them to is Trinity Park. It is a 252 acre park that is stretched along the banks of the Trinity River.

It is a popular spot for many locals and tourists alike to come visit and have some fun. Here you can find several areas to have picnics, playgrounds for the kids, duck pound to feed some ducks, as well as many other park amenities you might find at other parks. Not only that, but you can also do some fishing here as there will be fish that are periodically released into this river.

It’s a great place to come visit to have some relaxation as well as some fun for yourself or your family.

Vintage Flying Museum

Vintage Flying Museum

If you love all things aviation, then you’ll definitely get excited about visiting this Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth. Although it isn’t a large venue, it still has quite a bit of old vintage planes that have been restored and waiting for you to look at. You can find planes like the Douglas A-26B Invader, Stinson Reliant Model 77, B-29 SuperFortress and more all looking in beautiful condition.

Aside from all the aircraft’s, there are also plenty of military artifacts which includes pictures, plane models, posters, flight equipment and more all dealing with the WWII era.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is the oldest botanic garden in all of Texas. It consists of over 2,500 species of plants and flowers as well as having over 23 specialty gardens.

The garden is comprised of at least 109 acres of lush greenery that is filled with all kinds of plants and flowers for you to see. It also includes a garden conservatory and several winding paths for you to check out these amazing places

Some of the best features about these gardens is the Rose Garden which features over 2,000 roses or the Japanese Garden which has many sculpted hillsides, bamboo, bridges, and beautiful cherry trees and koi ponds.

So if you love flowers and plants or just beautiful things in general, this is the perfect spot for you.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

Fort Worth Water Gardens

For those of you want that want some peace and quiet as well as something beautiful, then head to the Fort Worth Water Gardens.

It is a serene natural sanctuary located in downtown right next to the Fort Worth Convention Center.

The gardens are truly a beautiful architectural feat as you’ll see many modernist pools, cascading waterfalls, terraces, as well as a central plaza. But the highlight of it all is the Active Pool where you can see water rush down the steep stones step by step into a sunken gorge down below.

Flight Deck Trampoline Park

Flight Deck Trampoline Park

Who doesn’t like having some fun? And one best place to have some fun is definitely at Flight Deck Trampoline Park.

If you never been to a trampoline park before, it is basically a huge area filled with a bunch of trampolines for you to jump on. Not only that, but they also have areas where you can play dodge ball or even jump into some foam pits.

It’s a perfect way to get some exercise in as well as have some fun.

Log Cabin Village

Log Cabin Village

The Log Cabin Village is a fascinating area that has been turned into a museum dedicated to preserving Texas Heritage. Here at this village, you can find 6 beautifully restored log cabins that date back as far as the mid 1800’s and offers an inside look at how life was like back in that era.

Inside each of these log cabins, you’ll be able to find many authentic artifacts on display. You’ll also be able to find many exhibition structures that include a schoolhouse, water-powered gristmill, blacksmith shop, as well as a herb garden.

It’s a great place to visit if you want to learn some history as well as see how the people back in the old days have lived.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

If you want to see something truly amazing, then you’ll definitely need to head to Bureau of Engraving and Printing. It is one of only two locations in the United States that actually prints out money legally.

Here you can take a free 45 minute guided tour which is only available on weekdays and see how the money printing process actually works. You can also learn the history of American money and stories about many different kinds of money design.

It’s a really cool place to visit especially for kids to learn how money is made and used.

Texas Civil War Museum

Texas Civil War Museum

If you like history and war, then one place you have to visit is the Texas Civil War Museum. It is the largest Civil War museum located west of the Mississippi River.

There are 3 separate galleries for you to explore with each of the galleries showing something different. You can find things like beautiful Victorian Dresses, uniforms, rifles, cannon artillery, flags, and much more all in this building.

There is also a movie theater inside this building that hosts the movie “Our Homes Our Rights”, which is a great way to learn about Texas and its people.

Fort Worth Nature Center

Fort Worth Nature Center

If you’re tired of all the city life and want to relax with some nature, then one place you must visit is the Fort Worth Nature Center. It consists of over 3,600 acres and is home to over 20 miles of walking trails. These trails will lead you through many marshes, prairies, forests and much more. If you are lucky, you might even see animals like buffalo, alligators, deer and others.

Aside from that, there is also an interpretive center that is filled with things for you to learn from.

It’s a great place to visit and be one with nature.

National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

This interesting museum was built with the idea of honoring women of the American west who distinguished themselves and exemplified the pioneer spirit. this includes cowgirls, ranch women, writers, teachers, artists and also entertainers.

People like Annie Oakley, Georgia O’Keeffe, Patsy Cline and many more can be found enshrined in this building.

Aside from that, you’ll also find many interactive exhibits, artifacts, photos, theater presentations and more all waiting for you to explore. They even have a electric bucking horse where kids and adults can ride and see if they have what it takes to be a real life cowboy/girl.

Bass Performance Hall

Bass Performance Hall

One of the most popular things you can do at Fort Worth is to watch a theater performance at Bass Performance Hall. This place is widely regarded as being one of the best theaters in the entire state of Texas.

This theater is host to a wide range of performances like classical, operatic, pop music, or even ballets.

So if you ever get a chance, try to time your visit with one of these performances as it will definitely blow your mind.


Just by reading this post, you’ll see that there are tons of things to do in Fort Worth, Texas.

It could take you many days if not weeks to do everything on this list.

So hopefully this list was able to give you some ideas and suggestions as to what things you are able to do in Fort Worth.

Also, if you’re going to be visiting the city of Dallas anytime soon, you might be interested in some of my other posts.

Or for a list of all my Dallas posts, you can click here.

Let me know how your trip goes!

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