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25 Best Sushi Restaurants In Tokyo Japan – From Cheap To Luxurious

Japan is known for a lot of things like Kobe Beef, Ramen, Sake, and many other other delicious cuisines. However one food in particular stands out from the rest and is probably the most famous in the world, and that is “Sushi”. You can find thousands of sushi restaurants in Tokyo all dedicated to serving this delicious food. It is a favorite among many people in the world because of how soft and flavorful the pieces of fish are.

But with so many sushi restaurants out there, how are you suppose to know what is the best sushi restaurant in Japan? After all, every restaurant is different and they all do things differently.

To be honest, it would be impossible to tell as each restaurant has their pros and cons.

However what you are able to find out are the most popular sushi restaurants in Tokyo, Japan.

And that is what this post is about.

Below you will find an introductory basis on the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo, Japan according to the popularity they have with the people who visits them.

So if you are ready, lets dive on it.

Best Sushi Restaurants In Tokyo Japan

Down below you will find the sushi restaurants separated by categories.

This will make things much easier for you to understand and find if you are looking for something in particular.

The categories are:

  • Budget Friendly Sushi Restaurants In Tokyo – Under ¥3,000
  • Mid-Range Priced Sushi Restaurants In Tokyo – ¥3,000 – ¥10,000
  • High-End Sushi Restaurants In Tokyo – Over ¥10,000
  • All You Can Eat Sushi In Tokyo
  • Special Recommendations

So here are our recommendations on the most popular places to eat sushi in Tokyo, Japan.

Budget Friendly Sushi Restaurants In Tokyo – Under ¥3,000

These are my recommendations on the best budget friendly sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

Even though the price is pretty cheap, you can still get some really good quality sushi here.

Because of the cheap and low prices, most of these places are either going to be conveyor belt sushi locations or standing sushi spots.

Nemuro Hanamaru


If you never had conveyor belt sushi, then you are missing out.

One place that serves up some really good conveyor belt sushi is definitely Nemuro Hanamaru. It is located a few minutes away from Tokyo Station and serves what people consider to be the best quality conveyor belt sushi in all of Tokyo.

Here you can indulge yourself from a vast array of sushi items on the menu without having to break the bank and leave you empty in your wallets. It is a very festive restaurants as the sushi chefs will also yell out things and interact with the customers.

One of their top recommendations is the yellowtail sushi which you definitely need to try.

Mori Ichi


Another conveyor belt sushi place that is really good is Mori Ichi.

It is a very reasonably priced sushi place that is really popular among the locals. And they also do some pretty unique things as well. For instance, the biggest difference this place has when compared to other similar priced sushi restaurants is that the color of the sushi rice is actually slightly brown. The reason for this is because they use red vinegar in their rice instead of normal vinegar which gives off a different type of flavor.

Most plates are around the ¥150 range and the quality is top notch. Because of the cheap prices, this restaurant does tend to draw a crowd quite often. However it is totally worth it!

Kura Sushi


Kura Sushi is one of the biggest chains of conveyor belt sushi in Japan.

They might not be the best conveyor belt sushi out there, but they definitely deserve a mention as they serve up some really cheap sushi that is of decent quality.

Here you can find a bunch of different sushi’s to pick from, as well as ramen and many other kinds of foods too. All for a reasonable price. Also if you don’t see what you want on the conveyor belt, you can have it specially ordered to your table. Plus they even have a mini game where if you eat a certain amount of plates, you can get a prize!

Ganso Sushi


Another very large conveyor belt sushi chain is that of Ganso Sushi. You can find this restaurant literally all across Tokyo, but mostly in the popular areas.

This place is special because they have a very special way of processing raw fish from their kitchen. The chefs cut the fish into different parts which make their sushi super fresh! Plus they have tons of varieties for you to choose from which includes seasonal additions as well.

It is basically similar to Kuras Sushi, but with a different feel.

Katsu Midori


Another conveyor sushi belt that we’re going to talk about is Katsu Midori. Katsu Midori actually calls itself the “Number 1 conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Japan”. And it definitely shows in their food. You can pick from an assortment of sushi varieties to eat. Not only that, but they also have other foods like fried chicken, tempura, soups and more all for you to pick.

Most of the dishes here will set you back around 100 to 200 yen which is a bargain for what you are getting. Because of the cheap price and quality of the food here, there is usually a long line that snakes around the building. But do not let that steer you away as the way will definitely be worth it.



Since it was founded back in 2002, Hamazushi has exploded in popularity in recent years. This place now boasts over 400 locations all over Japan. It is a popular place to go to as the sushi is cheap and quality is also really good.

You can find most plates here to be about 100 yen which includes two pieces of sushi per plate. Also many foreigners tend to come here because it is really easy to understand because of the use of multilingual touch tablets.



Uobei is another popular sushi chain restaurant in Tokyo. They are similar to a conveyor belt sushi but also different in that there is no conveyor belt at this restaurant. Instead, you’ll be placing orders via a multi-language touch screen, and the dishes will be delivered to you by high-speed chutes.

The quality of the sushi isn’t the highest around, but for a low price of around ¥108 for each plate, you can’t really complain. It’ll still taste pretty good once you bite into it. Definitely a good place for a cheap meal.

Tachigui Sushi Nemuro Hanamaru


Ginza is normally a place filled with all kinds of expensive sushi restaurants, as it is one of the most expensive districts in Tokyo. However one sushi spot stands out as they are not like the rest. Here you can find some of the cheapest sushi to be had all ranging from the price of ¥100 to ¥330.

Since its opening in spring of 2016, it has quickly developed a cult following and many people love to come and rave about this spot. And if the name sounds similar, that is because it is the sister branch of the popular conveyor belt sushi spot Nemuro Hanamaru which we have discussed earlier. Because of that, you can definitely trust this spot for some awesome and good quality sushi.

By the way, this spot is a standing sushi spot so you’ll have to be standing the entire time while eating.

Uogashi Nihon-Ichi


Another standing sushi bar with excellent value and quality is that of Uogashi Nihon-Ichi. It is a bit pricer than your standard conveyor belt sushi place, but it reflects that in its quality.

This shop uses a lot of seasonal fish and vegetables, so you’ll likely be trying something new each and every time you come here.



One standing sushi bar that isn’t that well known but serves up some good quality sushi is that of Magurobito. This shop is located just a few steps away from Asakusa Station. Here you can eat a bunch of really good quality sushi for a cheap and affordable price. It is a bit more expensive than conveyor belt sushi, but the quality is definitely worth it.

Plus, the best thing about this shop is that it is located in an area with many cheap street foods. You can eat some sushi then head out for a drink and grab a few snacks all while roaming around. Probably the best way to explore the area.

Mid-Range Priced Sushi Restaurants In Tokyo – ¥3,000 – ¥10,000

When most people think about sushi in Japan, they either think of the really cheap sushis you can get like on conveyor belts or standing sushi shops, or they’ll think of the high end sushi spots like Jiro’s.

Not many of them would think of or even consider a sushi spot that is mid ranged. But that is a shame however because most of the sushi restaurants in Japan actually fall under the medium priced range.

The only difference between a high end restaurant verses a medium priced restaurant is the the chef. The quality and techniques might all be the same, but the chef is the key factor. In fact, most of the high end sushi spots have chefs who trained under famous sushi chefs which automatically brings fame and prestige to their shops.

Which is why if you are interested in some good quality sushi but are not willing to pay the high price for it, mid range sushi spots might be the spots for you. Also, depending on which mid range shop you go to, a lot of them might be on par with quality to some of the most highly rated sushi restaurants in other parts of the world.

Manten Sushi Marunouchi 


Manten Sushi Marunouchi is one of the best mid range shops in all of Tokyo. It is so popular that it even makes frequent appearances on many Japanese television shows and restaurant write ups.

When you come here, you can expect to find an omakase menu for around ¥6,000. It features 9 small dishes and between 13 to 15 nigiri depending on the day you come.

Many people agree that the quality and skills of this shop is close enough to a high end sushi shop but wonders why they charge so little.

If you are thinking about dining here, you will need to make a reservation on their website.

Umegaoka Sushi-no-Midori


Umegaoka Sushi-no-Midori is a sushi spot that is a favorite among many travelers world wide for their reasonable cheap prices and high quality sushi. They have many different locations all across Tokyo and have been featured many times on different websites and blogs.

The reason they are so popular is because they offer really high quality sushi at affordable prices. For instance, at around ¥2,000, you’ll be able to get a sushi set that is filled with a variety of nigiri, miso soup and even a steamed egg custard. That will definitely fill you up!

Haneda Ichiba Ginza 7


As you know, the district of Ginza is filled with all kinds of tasty and delicious sushi restaurants. However this shop in particular stands out as they have some super fresh fish for the sushi and is also very reasonably priced.

This shop differs from the others in that while most shops get their sushi from one of the seafood markets in Tokyo like Tsukiji or Toyosu, this shop actually flys their sushi in right after its caught. Which means your sushi is literally the freshest it can be.

They have quite a few varieties for you to pick from and will leave you absolutely craving for more.



Uoriki is a sushi restaurant unlike any other. Mainly because their name translates to “Strong Fish”, which is pretty cool as their main job is a seafood retailer. Their secondary business is sushi which means they are able to offer sushi at very reasonable and competitive prices.

They are a casual sushi joint that serves up some really fresh sushi and they do it really well. Don’t expect Michelin star quality fish here, but do expect some fresh and fun sushi meals that’ll leave you feeling stuffed.

Plus, ordering sushi here is really easy as all you need to do is to point at the photo of the set you want. They have a huge selection of seafood which includes many grades of tuna. You can expect to grab a set of sushi for only around ¥2,000 – ¥3,000.



Located near the Tokyo Station, this humble spot serves up some really tasty sushi. It is a relatively small place that only consists of 2 tables and a counter for which you can see the chef making your sushi. Which is great if you don’t like the idea of being surrounded by too many people.

The reason we listed this place on this list is because their price and quality is hard to beat. For only about ¥3,000, you can get some really delicious and high quality sushi. Pair the sushi up with some sake that they serve and you’ll leave in a happy mood.

Do note that reservations are strongly recommended here.

High-End Sushi Restaurants In Tokyo – Over ¥10,000

Ah…its finally time to talk about the most elite restaurants Tokyo has to offer. These high=end sushi restaurants are usually ones owned by chefs who have some fame or prestige.

Most of the time, the places here will be quite small and only allows a certain amount of customers in at a time. And most importantly, you will definitely have to get a reservation to these places as they normally do not allow walk-ins.

The most common menu that they serve is something called an “omakase”, which is basically a set meal that consists of whatever the chef decides to serve you. You are not normally allowed to pick what you want to eat. Although some of these high-end restaurants do have an a la carte option, but not many.

Sukiyabashi Jiro (Ginza)


Staring off this list for the best high end sushi restaurant is Jiro. As some of you may know from watching the Netflix show about him and his restaurant, he is considered by many to be the god of all sushi.

Even though he is incredibly old, he still operates his sushi restaurant in Ginza each and every day. His skills and techniques are so top notch that he was even awarded the coveted Three Michelin Stars.

Here you can enjoy some of the best sushi you have ever tasted. They are all simple yet elegantly made and bursting with flavor. Because of his such high quality and standards, the cost to eat here is going to be expensive. If you do manage to grab a seat at his place, you’ll be expected to pay around ¥30,000 for the course.

Sukiyabashi Jiro (Roppongi)


Looking at the name, you might be wondering why I listed this restaurant again when I listed it already just above this post. The reason for this is because, this shop isn’t actually ran by Jiro himself. Instead it is operated by his son Takashi.

Just like his father Jiro, Takashi trained under his father for many years before opening this branch. His skills are so good that he has even received two Michelin stars for his creations.

The menu is pretty similar to Jiro’s as they have the same techniques and the omakase set he serves here usually consists of about 20 pieces of sushi.

If you are not able to get a seat at his fathers restaurant, then the next best option is trying to get a seat here at his sons place. It is slightly lower priced than his fathers, but equally as good.

Sushi Saito (Roppongi)


Another Three Michelin Star sushi restaurant is called Sushi Saito. Located near the Roppongi Itchome Station, it is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in the entire country.

This place is special because they use many factors which contribute to their sushi dishes. For instance, the way it is cut, the temperature of the fish, the perfect amount of salt and acidity, and many other factors that make the sushi here top notch.

They specialize in serving omakase style meals but at a very high price point. If you are going to be eating here, be sure to bring a lot of money!

Sushi Yoshitake


Just like the others listed here in this section, this sushi restaurant is one of the best in the country. Sushi Yoshitake serves up a plethora of beautifully executed Edomae sushi as well as some creative selections as well. It’s a mix of both traditional and modern techniques.

For instance, you might get the classics like a boiled tiger prawn for 1 dish while the other dish is a triple layered construction of sushi rice, kombu powder, and sea urchin! All of which tastes simnply amazing. And because this place has earned the coveted 3 Michelin stars, you can expect the quality to be super high.

But the best thing about this place is that the chef knows how to speak really good English. So any foreigners will have no problem coming here and having a good time.

Sushi Isshin


Located a few minutes away from Asakusa Station, you can find the amazing sushi bar Isshin. This place is special because even though it has a Michelin Star, it is still somewhat unknown.

Here they specialize in some amazing Edo-Style sushi. Not only that, but they also make a unique “shari” which is sushi rice. The rice is cooked over a charcoal fire and is said to be way more moist than your average sushi rice. They also add red vinegar to it as well since red vinegar is a key ingredient of Edo-Style sushi.

You will definitely like this place!

All You Can Eat Sushi In Tokyo

Sometimes we get really hungry and a few portions of sushi just won’t cut it. So instead, why not head to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant and eat as much as you want till you pass out?

These places have a ton of variety of sushi so you’ll have plenty to pick from. Although the quality might not be the best, it will still satisfy any desire and hunger for sushi.

Kagurazaka Sushi Academy


Located near the Ushigome Kagurazaka Station, you’ll be able to find the Kagurazaka Sushi Academy. This place is actually a sushi school where young chefs can learn how to make sushi. But even though its a school, they also have a buffet where you can eat the chefs creations.

The quality of the fish is actually surprisingly good and it is pretty reasonably priced as well coming in at around ¥3,218 for lunch and ¥3,758 for dinner.

Ginza Maguro Ya


Located inside Tsukiji, you’ll be able to find a really nice palce called Ginza Maguro Ya.

On the weekdays, this place actually offers fresh sushi that is very reasonably priced. However the best thing about this place is that during Saturdays and also national holidays, this shop becomes an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet.

For around 90 minutes at a price of about ¥3,500, you’ll be able to indulge yourself silly with all kinds of sushi that they serve. The quality is also really good so you’ll absolutely fall in love with this place.

Sushi-dokoro Shintanaka


If you are wanting an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet but also want to sit at some nice counter style areas where the sushi chef prepares the sushi and places it in front of you, then this is the place for you.

Although they do offer other courses and sets, their most popular is the 70 minute all-you-can-eat course for about ¥4,000. The sushi is of fantastic quality and the price for what you are getting is an absolute bargain.

Midori Sohonten


Located near Umegaoka Station, Midori Sohonten is a fabulous place for some all-you-can-eat sushi.

During Mondays only, this shop turns into a buffet where for 90 minutes, you can order the all-you-can-eat sushi course. Not only that, but it also includes many delicious side dishes like tuna steak, uni, taraba crab, and lots more! The quality is also super good here and the price is reasonable so you will definitely have no problems eating your fill here.

Tsukiji Tamasushi


Located right next to Ginza Station, you’ll be able to find Tsukiji Tamasushi.

This place is great because there is no time limit for how long you are staying at the restaurant. So this means you can eat as much as you want, as slow as you want. They have over 80 types of sushi and sides and are all of the freshest quality.

The only thing I dislike about this place is the price.

For example, the price is listed down below:

  • Party of 2 women: ¥7,960/ 2 persons
  • Party of one man and one women: ¥8,960/ 2 persons
  • Party of 2 men: ¥9,960/ 2 persons
  • Additional people: ¥4,980/man, ¥3,980/woman

Which I think is just plain weird, but if it works for them, then I can’t complain.

Special Recommendations

Tsukiji Outer Market


Tsukiji Outer Market is one of the most famous places in all of Tokyo. This is where you can go and buy some of the freshest seafood available to eat right away.

Although the inner market has moved to another place, the outer market is still alive and thriving. Here you can find a variety of sushi stalls, street food vendors, and many other shops all around selling a variety of things.

If you are wanting some fresh seafood, this place is definitely the place to go.


At the end of the day, Tokyo is filled with all kinds of different sushi shops for you to try. Some of which are really cheap, some of which are really expensive, and some are in between.

But they all have one thing in common and that is the sushi tasting absolutely amazing.

So hopefully this list was able to help you learn more about the sushi places Tokyo has to offer and maybe it’ll give you some ideas as to which place to visit.

Also, if you are planning to visit Japan anytime soon, you might be interested in some of my other Japan posts.

Or you can check out my complete list of things to do in Japan by clicking here.

Let me know how your trip goes!

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