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The 10 Best Steakhouses In Houston, Texas

Houston is the most diverse city in the United States. Here you can find people serving all kinds of different foods for you to eat. From Chinese to Ethiopian or even French and more, you can find it all here in the city of Houston.

But aside from the cultural foods, the city is also known for another thing. And that is for having some of the best steakhouses you can find in the city of Houston, Texas.

After all, Texas in general is the number one producer of beef products in the nation. Which is why it is to be expected that the cities of Texas know how to handle their beef.

So if you are thinking about going to some awesome steakhouses in the city of Houston, then you are in luck.

From bone-in ribeye to tender filet mignon or even the coveted A5 Kobe beef, Houston has it all. So prepare your belly and get your forks and knife ready.

Here are the 10 best Steakhouses in Houston, Texas.

Best Steakhouses In Houston, Texas

In no particular order, here are the best steakhouses in Houston, Texas.

Taste Of Texas

Taste of Texas

For those of you who have been here before, you’ll know that coming to this steakhouse is like a tradition for the people of Houston. It is a fan favorite that brings so much joy to peoples lives. In fact, it’s not unusual to come here and find that you have to wait in line for an hour or two just to get in.

Here you can find a menu featuring all kinds of delicious things like bone-in cowboy ribeye, porterhouse, tomahawk steaks and more all for a decent price that won’t break the bank. Not only that but they will even let you go to the back and select your own choice of steak! They also have a salad bar buffet which you can get when you order any steak and allows you to pick from a wide assortment of vegetables and fruits.

I guarantee once you come here, you’ll definitely want to come back for more and more.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

For those who know, Pappas Bros is one of the oldest steakhouses in Houston, Texas. It even became so popular that it started branching out and opening up steakhouses all over Texas. The minute you step food into this restaurant, you’ll feel as if something magical is about to happen. From top notch servers who treat you right to the delicious cuts of meat that they are preparing for you. You know you’ll be in for a treat.

Here you’ll find that they serve USDA Prime grade beef that is also aged in house, which means that whatever steak you decide to choose is going to be extremely good. choose from the likes of New York Strip, Ribeye, Filet Mignon or even a dry aged 40 oz Porterhouse for two that is served and carved table-side. They even have an extremely big wine list to pair with your steaks which makes the entire experience a whole lot more memorable.

But in all honesty, you really can’t go wrong with anything here at this restaurant as everything is so high quality. It is no wonder that Pappas Bros is always listed as one of the best steakhouses in the state of Texas. The level of detail and attention they give really makes this spot shine.

Doris Metropolitan Houston

Doris Metropolitan Houston

Doris Metropolitan is a new steakhouse that has quickly been making a name for itself. They pride themselves in utilizing flavors and techniques that play a part in their Middle Eastern heritage. It’s certainly an interesting take on things as it is different than other steakhouses you’ll find in the city.

Here they serve some of the best cuts of beef as they are all USDA Prime or higher. You can find cuts like Rib eye, Tenderloin, New York Strip, Porterhouse and even Wagyu Beef from America and Japan. But aside from the meat, everything else is equally as amazing. Try their octopus appetizer or even the Jerusalem salad for some immense bites of flavor.

Even though this place is new, I can already tell it will definitely have its place here in the city of Houston.

Fogo De Chao

Fogo De Chao

You might not think of a buffet being a place where you can get some amazing steaks, but this place proves you wrong. Fogo De Chao is a huge popular chain specializing in serving Brazilian style steaks and other cuts of meat. You can literally eat as much meat as you want here without even having to get up.

Basically once you come in, you’ll see waiters roaming around carrying huge trays of meat. On your table, you’ll find a card in which you use to request or deny meat. If you request meat then the waiters will keep walking to you until you flip the card over.

You can choose from many options like Filet Mignon, Beef Ribs, Ribeye, Top Sirloin, Bacon Wrapped Steak, New York Strip, Wagyu and more. They even have Chicken, lamb, pork and seafood options for you to try. There is even a salad bar where you can go to for some fresh salad and vegetables.

This is one place where you will definitely get your fill here.

Chama Gaúcha Brazilian Steakhouse

Chama Gaúcha Brazilian Steakhouse

Chama Gaúcha Brazilian Steakhouse is basically the rival of the other Brazilian Steakhouse, Fogo De Chao. This steakhouse works exactly the same way as Fogo as it is also a buffet. The waiters will also walk around carrying huge trays of meat for you to choose if you have the card set to request meat or not. The only difference here is that Chama Gaúcha puts an emphasis on casual dining, where as Fogo puts an emphasis on fine dining.

The menu is a bit different as they do serve different cuts of meat. Here you can find things like Fraldinha which is a bottom sirloin, Picanha which is the prime cut of the sirloin, Ribeye, Costela which is a beef rib and much more. Their salad bar is also vastly different than Fogos as in my opinion, it is also way bigger.

The service is spectacular and all the meats are seasoned to perfection. Overall, it is a fantastic place to visit if you love all you can eat meat and steaks.

Killen’s STQ

Killen's STQ

Killen’s is a Houston Favorite for all kinds of meat. What once started off as a BBQ restaurant has since grown and expanded into other varieties with one restaurant being a steakhouse. And that steakhouse is Killen’s STQ.

With just 60 seats in a rustic looking cabin setting, this restaurant is a force to be reckoned with. Here you can find things like wet or dry aged meats which include center cut filet, ribeye, new york strip to even Wagyu! And because they are a proud Texas restaurant, a lot of their menu features Texas style recipes and flavors. Once your done with your steak, definitely try their bread pudding as the flavor and taste is beyond amazing.

Definitely a place you have to try.

Steak 48

Steak 48

Nestled in the River Oaks district is a place many consider to be one of the best steakhouses in Houston, Texas. The restaurant is called Steak 48 and is literally the place where people who want to be seen go visit. This is where all the high powered CEO’s, celebrities, businessmen and anybody else who are in the know will go visit for some amazing steak.

The minute you arrive here, you’ll be met with high end service and care. They have an extensive menu where you can choose things like Bone-In Kc Strip, Filet Mignon, Bone-In Ribeye, Steak Farina and even the prized American Wagyu Filet. Literally everything is seasoned to perfection here and the taste is phenomenal. Pair that up with one of their signature drinks and you will definitely have a ball.

B & B Butchers

B & B Butchers

B & B Butchers is a newer steakhouse that opened up in 2015. It has huge ambitions in trying to take on the diverse Steakhouses already in the city of Houston. And so far, it has been doing amazing. Today, it is considered to be one of the best steakhouses the city of Houston has to offer.

It is also one of the few restaurants in the entire country where you can actually get real certified Japanese Kobe Beef. And because they are also a butcher, you can expect to find all kinds of top notch meats being served at the restaurant. Some of the meats you can find are Beef Wellington, Chateaubriand, Filet Mignon, Steak A La Berg, Prime Rib, American Wagyu and much more!

Dining at this place is going to be pretty expensive, so be sure to bring your wallet as you will definitely be in for a treat!

Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse

Another popular steakhouse that is highly visited by power brokers and professionals is located in downtown and is called Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse. They have multiple locations in the United States and are constantly expanding. Although the place is definitely upscale, regular folks can feel at easy as anybody is able to come in and feast on some deliciously cooked steaks.

Here you can find all kinds of cuts of steaks that are USDA Certified Prime like filet mignon, new york strip, ribeye, skirt steak, tomahawk and more. They even have imported wagyu from Japan like the A5 Filet Mignon from Kagoshima Japan or the A4 Ribeye from Miyazaki, Japan.

This is another restaurant where you certainly can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. You will definitely enjoy your experience.

Georgia James

Georgia James

Georgia James is a steakhouse concept started by famed chef Chris Shepherd and is named after his parents. It is a relatively new steakhouse located in downtown and has been constantly growing in popularity.

Here you’ll only find the highest qualities of steaks. For instance you can find a dry aged long bone ribeye, wet aged porterhouse, wet aged bone in strip loin, wet aged wagyu zabuton and even a wet aged 100 day hanger steak. All of which have been seasoned to perfection.

It is an awesome steakhouse to visit with a trendy vibe around it. You will definitely enjoy your experience here.


Overall, the city of Houston is filled with tons of great steakhouses for you to try. Some of them are on the cheaper side while others are more on the expensive side.

But I would definitely suggest you to try out as many places as you can because each one of them brings something new and unique to the table. You never know which one might become your next favorite.

So hopefully this list of the “Best Steakhouses In Houston, Texas” was able to help you out and give you some suggestions as to which places you should try next.

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Let me know how it goes!

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