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10 Best Neighborhoods In Dallas, Texas For You To Live At

Dallas is one of the best cities in the country to live in. Not only is it one of the most popular cities in America, it is also one of the fastest growing cities in the country. For example, the area of downtown Dallas is expected to grow a ton during this year alone. Which is why if you are thinking about moving to the city of Dallas, you better do it soon. Before it is too late. And if you are looking for neighborhoods in Dallas for you to move to, just know that the city of Dallas is filled with all sorts of different neighborhoods for you to choose from.

But what if you want to live in the best neighborhoods?

What are the best neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas for you to live at?

Fortunately for you, that’s where this post comes in handy.

We have done plenty of research online and looked around at tons of data to figure out exactly what neighborhoods in Dallas are the best to live in.

Now being as there are tons of different neighborhoods in the city of Dallas, it was pretty hard to narrow things down. However we managed to do so by comparing many things like the crime rate, housing costs, population count, unemployment numbers and more.

With that information, we were able to narrow down the list to the 10 best neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas for you to live at.

So if you are ready, lets get started!

Best Neighborhoods In Dallas, Texas For You To Live At

Now its no surprise when you are talking about the best neighborhoods in Dallas, that the neighborhoods are also some of the city’s most wealthiest. Here you can find things like high priced homes, high income, and a focus on safety to keep people safe.

It is these factors that usually determine how good the area’s living situation is.

So in no particular order, here are the 10 best neighborhoods in the city of Dallas for you to live at.

1) University Park

University Park - Neighborhoods In Dallas

Population: 24,130
Median Age: 27.1
Median Home Value: $1,176,311
Median Income: $172,170

University Park is named the way it is because it is home to Southern Methodist University which was founded back in then rural Dallas County in 1915. It is a predominantly residential community that is located 5 miles north of downtown Dallas. It is also particular known for its beautiful homes, pretty parks, and numerous amounts of churches. The location of this area also provides easy access to a wide range of cultural, recreational, shopping and business activities.

2) Highland Park

highland park - Neighborhoods In Dallas

Population: 8,722
Median Age: 46.1
Median Home Value: $1,383,288
Median Income: $165,691

Highland Park is an area located in central Dallas. It is the most expensive place to live at in the city of Dallas and among the 5 wealthiest locations in the state of Texas. It is located between the areas of Dallas North Tollway and the U.S. Route 75. It is also only 4 miles north of downtown Dallas.

3) Devnshire

devonshire - Neighborhoods In Dallas

Population: 1,542
Median Age: 45.9
Median Home Value: $858,317
Median Income: $158,766

Devonshire is an upscale and affluent neighborhood in north Dallas, bounded by Northwest Highway (Loop 12) and Preston Hollow on the north, the Dallas North Tollway, Preston Center and University Park on the east, Lovers Lane and Inwood Village on the south, and Inwood Road and the Bluffview neighborhood on the west.

4) Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow - Neighborhoods In Dallas

Population: 15,536
Median Age: 50.4
Median Home Value: $767,055
Median Income: $120,858

Preston Hollow is an area that is home to many of the richest and powerful people in the city of Dallas. This includes even former President George W. Bush. But aside from that, the majority of the streets are lined with modest ranch style homes. It has become a popular place for people to come live at as it is in close proximity to many of the top private schools in the city. It is also in close proximity to a huge range of shops found at nearby Preston-Royal, Preston Center, and North Park Center.

5) Greenway Parks

greenway parks - Neighborhoods In Dallas

Population: 1,583
Median Age: 42.6
Median Home Value: $712,517
Median Income: $104,688

What used to be a plot of land has eventually been developed back in 1927 into a cluster of homes around a serious of private parkways. The quiet boulevards and heavily treed lots showcase a nice atmosphere that makes this place a great place to stay. Not only that but Inwood Village and Lovers Lane which is found at the northern end provides a great place for people to go shopping and dining.

6) Bluffview

bluffview - Neighborhoods In Dallas

Population: 4,617
Median Age: 38.9
Median Home Value: $624,068
Median Income: $64,001

Bluffview is home to some of the cities most desirable properties. The area use to be a dairy farm pasture but has since transformed into something so much more. Many celebrities and rich people call this place their home such as Don Henley or even Kay Bailey Hutchison. It is a beautiful area with a vibrant community that makes this a perfect place to live.

7) Preston Trail

Preston Trail

Population: 125
Median Age: 59.5
Median Home Value: $594,079
Median Income: $132,692

Preston Trails is a tiny pocket neighborhood that sits alongside an ultra-exclusive golf club of the same name. It is a very small area that is quite peaceful and nice.

8) Bent Tree

bent tree

Population: 10,215
Median Age: 47.8
Median Home Value: $466,614
Median Income: $79,127

Bent Tree is a community that is centered around the Bent Tree Country Club. It is a neighborhood that is located right next to the Dallas County-Collin County Border. It is split into two parts where the northern part of the neighborhood going into Plano ISD, while the southern area attends Dallas schools. It is a vibrant area that has easy access to many other places via the Dallas North Tollway.

9) Lakewood


Population: 15,513
Median Age: 40.1
Median Home Value: $436,651
Median Income: $87,462

Lakewood is a neighborhood that runs alongside the west side of White Rock Lake. It is home to many impressive estates as well as beautiful cottages. It is a great place that has a lot of natural beauty, ease of access to many amenities of the city center, and also a fierce commitment to supporting the local business and schools which are among the best in the city of Dallas.

10) Northwood Hills – Valley View

Population: 10,718
Median Age: 38.3
Median Home Value: $422,051
Median Income: $94,378

The area of Northwood Hills use to be just a rural community decades ago, but has since been transformed into one of the city’s busiest areas with a bunch of things built like retail and restaurants that surround the area.

How We Determined The Best Neighborhoods In Dallas, Texas

To be able to determine the best neighborhoods in the city of Dallas, there has to be a criteria which defines what the “best” kind of neighborhoods is.

So we looked at the following:

  • House Prices
  • Crime Rate
  • Average Income
  • Population Density
  • Unemployment Rates

Using this information, we were able to rank each neighborhood from 1 to 10 depending on how good the neighborhood was.

Although even if a neighborhood is near the bottom of the rankings, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad. The top 10 neighborhoods in this list are some of the best neighborhoods you can live in, in the city of Dallas.


As you can see, there are plenty of amazing neighborhoods for you to live in, in the city of Dallas.

Although some of the neighborhoods are more expensive than others, if you are looking for a safe place with great amenities, then that is the price you’ll have to pay for that style of comfort. But in general, most of the neighborhoods in this list are all really good neighborhoods for people to live in.

So hopefully this list of the “Best Neighborhoods In Dallas, Texas For You To Live At” was able to help you out in some sort of way. If you need any more ideas and suggestions, be sure to let me know and i’ll try my best to help you out!

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