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8 Excuses People Use To Avoid Traveling With Kids

Often times you would hear traveling with kids isn’t the greatest of ideas. People think that usually when they have kids, it would mean that their entire life has to be put on hold till the kids have grown.

In fact, I have heard so many different reason on why it’s not a good idea to travel with small kids. So they end up putting their life on hold till the future. Which to me just sounds devastating

.After all there is nothing wrong with traveling with kids.

Most of the people who say it’s a terrible idea are probably getting the wrong kind of information about it online or from the media.

So in today’s post, we will try to tackle on the common reasons that people want to put a pause on family travel.

You should wait until your child can remember the trip.

let your kids remember the trip

One of the most common things that I usually hear about family travel is that the kids will be too young to remember anything they did during that trip. Which essentially it’s true, but can we really use that as an excuse?

I mean I barely remember the stuff I did last week.

Now sure when they grow up, chances are they won’t remember every little detail that happened when they were younger. But as they are growing, traveling can teach them many life lessons and they can also learn stuff about themselves. Which can help pave the way for their future.

Sure that trip to the Taj Mahal might be forgotten, but they might remember that awesome plane ride they took, or the amazing nights having fun with the parents.

It’s the experience that matters.

So don’t put off traveling for 10 or more years just because you want your kid to be old enough to remember the things they did.

The Worlds Too Dangerous.

Image result for grand canyon

We all want our kids to be safe.

However sometimes people avoid traveling simply because they think the world is too dangerous and that kids are not ready for traveling.

That could be true if this was fifty to a hundred years ago.

But nowadays, with countries getting more and more advanced, you’ll find that almost everywhere is safe. Although its true that there are still a few places that you shouldn’t bring kids too. But that’s why you do some research first.

As long as you research the countries or destination before hand and find out which areas are safe and which are not, than you’ll likely be alright. That plus a little common sense can make your trip turn out amazing.

It’s too hard to travel with a baby.

Image result for traveling with baby

When my cousin had her first kid, she never wanted to go traveling because she was worried that traveling with her newborn baby would be too difficult.

However that is in fact the total opposite of what can happen. In fact, it’s actually a lot easier to travel with a baby.

If you think about it, it actually makes sense. I mean what do babies like to do? Sleep! They love to sleep. They can’t walk yet or do anything so they are just sleep machines with the occasional feeding time.

Which is good for parents because they have less things to worry about. When a baby gets older, they’ll learn to walk, learn to want things, etc.. and that can be a major hassle. You have to watch them every step of the way.

The best time to travel with a baby is probably when they are under 1 years old. This is where they still can’t walk or do much yet. Which means more freedom for you.

Not only that but there are some perks for traveling with a baby. Some airports will even let you go through the fast lanes at security check ins.

Which is why traveling with a baby isn’t as tough as some parents make it out to be.

Traveling with kids is too difficult.

Image result for riding with a kid

Another reason that I usually hear is that traveling with a kid can be difficult.

Now that usually depends on how you are accustomed to travel.

If you are still traveling the same way as you were before you had a kid than you might have some problems. No longer can you do what you want or see what you want. You have to travel with a kid in mind.

That means no more staying out late, going to the club, or doing anything too outrageous. You have to act like a family/parent.

Just because you have a kid, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel anymore. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t do everything you wanted to do. It just means that you have to plan around your kid so that all of you can have an amazing time.

After all, there are tons of families who travel with their kids. It all depends on how you plan things.

Kids are terrible on planes.

kids on a plane

It’s true, some kids can be a handful on planes.

They can cry, make loud noises, run around, kick seats, etc…and it can make flying a nightmare.

Now while it’s true that kids can sometimes be bad at flying, sometimes it’s the opposite. Some kids are in fact really good at being on a plane. So we shouldn’t label all kids bad.

Most kids in fact are actually pretty good while on a plane generally if you are prepared. Things like books, video games, tablet, phones etc…as long as you can keep them preoccupied and entertained than the flight should go pretty smoothly.

It’s actually better to start early on and teach them proper plane etiquette so that they can know what to do when they are older.

So you shouldn’t be afraid to take your kids on a plane. After all, some adults act the same if not worse than kids.

Note: Although kids might be fine on planes, babies are a 50/50 toss up.

You have to visit destinations made for kids.

Image result for disneyland

Just because you have a kid, doesn’t mean you have to only visit locations built for kids. In fact, you can do many things as long as you also keep your kids in mind.

Kids are generally really curious about the world as they are constantly learning. So usually anywhere amazing and beautiful would also be an enjoyment for them.

I took my nephew who was four years old to the Grand Canyon, Vegas, and Antelope Canyon. I didn’t think he would enjoy any of it, but I was wrong. He loved every minute of the trip. From the fancy buildings in Vegas, to the beautiful rock formations of the canyons. Kids really do enjoy many of the things adults enjoy.

It doesn’t always have to be Disney World or Six Flags or any other amusement park. Almost every destination has some sort of kid friendly activities. There is always something for the little ones to do.

Traveling with kids is too expensive.

Image result for kid buying things

Traveling with kids can indeed be more expensive. However it’s not TOO expensive or unbearable. As there are always things you can do to help reduce the cost.

In fact, there are plenty of ways to save money on a trip.

Things like plane tickets (most will offer free lap tickets for infants 2 or younger), theme parks will have a cheaper admission for them, public transit which is either free or discounted for kids. There are many places that will cut down the costs for kids.

Not only that but food can also be cheap too. Lets be honest, kids don’t eat as much as adults. If they are infants or toddlers, than chances are a little bite off your plate will be enough for them.

So you don’t have to worry, you’ll still be able to have fun as things aren’t going to be too expensive.

You have to pack a lot of stuff.

Image result for packing luggage

This is true.

If you are traveling with children, you are likely to carry a lot more than you usually do. Which means you probably need extra bags of luggage. Which also means you need to pay the additional baggage fee for checked bags.

However all of this is only a minor inconvenience.

After all, once you are at your destination, just plop your bags into the room and you are ready to start having fun.

To be honest, you don’t even need to pack so much stuff with you nowadays. With so many countries getting more advanced day by day, you can usually find what you need in that country.

With renting programs being offered in many places. You can rent strollers, cribs, car seats etc.. It makes traveling a breeze.You can also buy your kids clothes and baby supplies in other countries too. You no longer need to worry about if you packed enough things or packed the right things. If you are missing something, than just go out and buy it.

Tip: A good tip to use is if you are going to be traveling and staying at a place. Find a place that has washers and dryers. This way you don’t have to bring as much clothes with you as you can simply just wash and wear your outfit again.

As you can see, you don’t have to fear traveling with kids.

There is no better time to travel and experience the world than with them as kids. After all, kids are only kids for a short while. After that, they are teens and soon to be adults. It’ll likely get harder and harder to travel with them.

So use the time you have now and make some amazing memories together.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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