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7 Ways To Stay Motivated To Traveling

What are some ways to help you stay motivated to traveling?

Whenever people really set their mind on something, they can achieve anything that they want. Motivation is key to helping you achieve your goals. However how does a person stay motivated? Especially when you have things such as work or life getting at you. You are tired and exhausted or overwhelmed, so you can’t travel as much as you want anymore.

Well let me tell you this, motivation is not something that just comes and goes away. It’s something that you have to keep on striving for. For instance we know traveling is something that most people want to do. However life gets in the way or other things and you just forget about traveling all together.

Not only that, but sometimes traveling can also be a hassle at times.

In my past, I had some problems with traveling. After graduating I had always wanted to travel abroad to Asia. However due to my heavy work schedule, I could never find the time to go on such a trip. However one day I had enough and decided to take a 2 week break from work and just bought a plane ticket to Asia (Taiwan in particular) to finally accomplish one of my goals in life. Ever since then, I been flying every chance I get.

However that’s not to say traveling is all as it seems. At one point in my life, when I was traveling around, I got so tired from doing things that I just needed a good old rest. After I rested, i had time to think and get my energy back, then I was ready to go again.

Now usually when people plan their trips, they don’t really think about all the boring stuff. Things such as the wait time at airports, the boring hours flying on a plane or riding the bus, the delays that may happen, or even the bad and annoying strangers you might come across. All of these things can ruin your trip and take all the fun away from you.

However, eventually you just want to stop and relax and get your head straight again.

It’s really important to find ways to keep yourself sustained and motivated when you want to travel.

So in today’s post, I will share 7 tips on how to stay motivated when you are out traveling around, or when you want to plan a trip, or when you just get plain exhausted from traveling around.

1. Find places to go

Finding places to travel to is always a good thing to do. This is because it allows you to soak in the idea of going there and eventually you will. The reason for this is that when you keep thinking of places to go to, it will make you more and more excited about future vacations. For me as an example, I am always on the lookout for adventure and fun places to visit. Whether I get my information from other blogs, news sites, or online, it all generally means that I am getting to learn about the world more and more. Which gets me thinking a lot more as there are so many different places, it makes me want to just go book a flight and travel to that place. When you keep thinking about something all the time, chances are that you will make it happen.

2. Make time for yourself

Life isn’t fair all the time. Often times you find yourself super busy or stuff always seems to come up, so much so that you can’t find time to take a break. For example, you wanted to go travel next week only to find out that your kid had a soccer game that week so you can’t go on the trip anymore. The solution? First start off planning how you are going to travel. Take some time out of your day whenever you are not normally busy and use that time to carefully plan for a trip. You want to make it a routine part of your life and not a chore that you “have to do”.

You want to set aside twenty to thirty minutes each day or every other day to carefully plan out how you will be able to travel.

Once you have everything planned out, you will know your schedule for the next few weeks or months and figure out exactly when you can get time to travel and then do it.

3. Being accountable

The best thing to do to stay motivated is to keep being focused on the objective. When you are being accountable, it ensures you that you will keep doing what you are doing and won’t fall behind. By being accountable, it will help you keep focused on your goal.

Things you can do to stay accountable are stuff like having somebody keep checking up on you, having a checklist of goals, betting money with somebody etc… but by just being held accountable, it will help you be more focused even when you don’t feel like it.

When you have accountability, it makes sure that you will take action and forces you to follow through even when you are being held back.

4. Read travel books and blogs

There are thousands of travel bloggers out and about in this world. Each with different opinions and ideas about traveling. Which is why reading about it from their perspective can show you many things that you would have otherwise not known about. They can provide advice and tips and also show you different places you never knew existed.

Now blogs are nice to read, but they aren’t the only source of information out there. Books are important as well as they are similar to blogs but go into finer details. For example, I read a book about the castles in Japan. It made me so motivated to go to Japan just to go see the castles.

Now blogs and books are extremely similar in which they both provide information about traveling. However blogs are mainly for short post reads where they highlight the important features of the area, whereas books go more in depth.

5. Meet like minded people

Often times it can be hard to stay motivated when the people around you aren’t supportive of your desires to travel. Whenever you want to travel, those people might just toss the idea away and bring you down. Which is why it is important to hang out with like minded people who share the same ideas and values as you.

When you have people who think like you, it becomes a better environment and helps keep you motivated.

6. Try taking a break

We get it. Sometimes traveling around too much can be tiring and even worse, burn you out. When people think of traveling, they think of all the fun and excitement that it brings. However nobody ever tells you about all the negatives about traveling. It’s not always a happy and joyful event. The negatives will suck your motivation away and will just make you feel burned out.

Which is why whenever you feel this way, it is a good idea to take a break and reset. Turn on some netflix and put on comfy pajamas and just chill for awhile.

You’ll find out that after you have rested and recharged, you will start to gain your motivation back again.

7. Learn a new language

Learning a new language can be very beneficial to you. Especially when you are going to travel in the near future, learning a few phrases or sentences can really help you be motivated about your trip. This is because you can’t wait to use your new skill. And the best way to use that skill of learning a new language, is to actually put it to good use by traveling to that area where they speak the language.

Motivation can come and go anytime. Its up to you to make sure that you are staying motivated.

So hopefully these 7 tips can help you stay motivated about your next upcoming trip.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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