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5 Best Places To Go Shopping In Jeju Island, South Korea

Where are some of the best places to go shopping in Jeju Island, South Korea?

After all, Jeju is a city where you can get anything and everything you want.

It is literally a shoppers paradise come true.

There are so many places for you to shop at here in this city.

This city has a number of different open-air markets, high profile stores, as well as duty free outlets all spread out across the city just waiting for you to come visit.

You can find all sorts of unique and interesting things here at these shops.

You’ll be spending days on end just browsing through racks of clothes, electronics, accessories, jewelry, leather goods, beauty products, arts and crafts, and anything else you could imagine.

These shops are kind of spread out across the island, which means that you and your family can roam around having fun while also shop at the same time.

So if you are interested in finding places to shop at in Jeju, you are in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll be detailing the top 5 places to go shopping in Jeju Island.

So if you are ready, Lets get started!

Places To Go Shopping In Jeju Island, South Korea

Dongmun Traditional Market

Dongmun Traditional Market

Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market is famous for providing the freshest seafood caught right from the sea around Jeju. Visitors will be able to get a taste of freshly caught fish prepared as hoe (sliced raw fish) or some of Jeju’s local food and produce such as omegi tteok (Jeju-style rice cake), gogi guksu (meat noodle soup), and hallabong citrus fruit. The market not only has delicious foods but also souvenirs, making the market a popular shopping attraction among tourists.

It is basically a street market, night market, traditional market, and seafood market all combined into one.

Jungang Underground Shopping Center

Jeju Jungang Underground Shopping Center

Jeju Jungang Underground Shopping Center is a shopping mall that is underground that consists of over 250 shops selling all sorts of things. From clothes to accessories to fashion or jewelery, you can find it all here in this underground shopping area.

It is one of the busiest shopping areas on the island as you’ll be able to see so many different people engrossed in buying some Jeju merchandise that you can’t find anywhere else in Korea.

It’s a great way to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the people living in Jeju as there is simply so much to see and do.



The streets of Jungjeong-lo are filled with all kinds of shop that are great for browsing as well as buying. Some examples are like the Dongmyeon Department Store as well as the Maeil which is an everyday market.

The department stores here tend to have more expensive and name brand merchandise. Maeil Market on the other hand is filled with a bunch of small vendors selling their wares on the streets.

Jeju Five-Day Market

Jeju Five-Day Market

Jeju’s 5 day market is a special event that takes place every 5 days in multiple locations around the island, which includes Jeju city, Seogwipo as well as Hallim. Here you can find a ton of local vendors selling all kinds of things from food to handicrafts to sculptures or clothes and basically anything else you can imagine.

Prices at this market tend to be cheaper than most places on the island which means you can buy a whole lot more stuff. Plus, best of all is that you can even bargain for even lower prices! How great is that!

One thing you have to try if you come to this market is the world famous Jeju honey, seafood as well as mandarin oranges.

Tap-dong Street

Tap-Dong Street in the center of downtown Jeju is where you can enjoy your night time shopping as well as many recreational activities. This amazing area has a bunch of awesome shops that sell some exclusive items like local handicrafts, fashion as well as Korean cosmetics.

This place is also a popular place to visit as you’ll see many locals come here to have a late dinner at the restaurants here or just strolling along the boardwalk.


As you can see, there are a ton of different areas where you can shop around.

You can easily spend days on end or even weeks just trying to browse around all these shops to buy what you need.

Not only that, but this city in general has so much to offer in terms of things you can see and do. For a list of things you can do in Jeju, check out my post on “18 Amazing Things To Do In Jeju“.

Hopefully next time you plan a vacation, you might consider a trip to Busan and enjoy all it has to offer.

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Have fun traveling~

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