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25 Best Taco Places In Houston You Have To Try

What are some of the best taco places in Houston, Texas?

After all, Texas sure does love its tacos.

And one place that does it best is in the city of Houston.

There are so many places here in Houston that serves up some deliciously tasting tacos.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a hard exterior or soft exterior or whatever fillings you decide to have in it, I guarantee the experience will be something like you never experienced.

And because there are so many different spots that serve tacos, it might be hard to find a spot you really want to go to.

Which is why i’m writing this post.

In this post, i’ll be detailing the very best taco places you need to eat at here in Houston Texas.

So lets get started!

Here are the best taco places in Houston Texas.

Best Taco Places In Houston Texas

Tacos La Bala

Tacos La Bala

Tacos La Bala which started out as a food truck has since evolved into something bigger and better. They have multiple locations all around serving up some authentic Mexican cuisines. From tortas to burritos to tacos and anything else, they definitely serve up some delicious foods. Plus, some of the portions are pretty big so you will definitely get your fill here.

Location: 5800 Bellaire Blvd Houston, TX 77081

Tacos Tierra Caliente

Tacos Tierra Caliente

This popular taco spot has been around for over 20 years serving up some deliciously amazing food to anyone who comes. You can take your pick from over 6 types of meats such as fajita, barbacoa, trompo and many more that will make your taco so tasty. These aren’t just your regular tacos, they are tacos with a bite. And they will give you that burst of flavor you have been looking for.

Location: 2003 W Alabama St Houston, TX 77098

Laredo Taquería

Laredo Taquería

Laredo Taqueria which already has 4 locations around the Houston area seems to be a favorite among many local Houstonions. And it very well should be because of the deliciously tasting tacos that they serve. They have a large menu featuring all their tacos like bacon and egg, potato and egg, chorizo and egg, spicy sausage, spicy chicken, and many more fillings to add to the warm and soft tortilla.

Location: Multiple Locations

Liberty Taco

Liberty Taco

Located pretty close to the Galleria area, Liberty Tacos is a hot new place that specializes in serving freshly made, flavorful tacos with a unique twist. You’ll be able to find all your classic flavors here that you’ll love to eat. From the Liberty Chicken to the Texas Brisket to the Tejano Beef and more more, you will definitely not regret coming here.

Location: 4703 Richmond Ave Ste A Houston, TX 77027

Tejas Taco House

Tejas Taco House

Tejas Taco House serves up some of the most authentic Mexican foods you can find in the Houston area. Plus their meals are all cheap and affordable so you won’t have to worry about going broke. You can find all the classic tacos here like potatoes and egg, potatoes and chorizo, pork sausage and eggs, and more more tasty tacos. They also have other foods as well like tamales and beans, but the winner here is definitely the tacos.

Location: 9545 Townpark Dr Houston, TX 77036

La Calle Tacos & Tortas

La Calle Tacos & Tortas

La Calle Tacos & Tortas is a pretty popular spot in the downtown area that draws in crowds of people for their tasty foods. You can find many authentic Mexican tacos that will literally make your mouth drool. From things like their specialty street style taco called the “Chilango”to other tacos with beef, chicken, pork or even seafood, you will definitely be happy with this place. Plus, while you are eating a taco, go grab yourself a street “elote” corn and you’ll feel like your in heaven.

Location: 915 Franklin St, Houston, TX 77002

Chilosos Taco House

Chilosos Taco House

Unlike many other taco places which are open the entire day, this local Heights favorite is only open for breakfast and lunch. Here you’ll find freshly made flour tortillas used to wrap some taco goodness. You’ll find all the classics like picadillo, beef fajitas, eggs and bacon, and plenty more all here ready for you to eat.

Location: 701 E 20th St, Houston, TX 77008

Tacos A Go Go

Tacos A Go Go

Tacos A Go Go has a few locations around the Houston area, and each one of them is equally as good. They have won numerous praises for how good their taco is and it really shows. From the Mexican street tacos to the Go Go Tacos or even the H-TX tacos, they each provide a unique taste that you will absolutely love. Plus this place is also very cheap and affordable so you can eat a lot without going broke.

Location: 3704 Main St Houston, TX 77002

El Rey Taqueria

El Rey Taqueria

El Rey Taqueria is an awesome Taqueria that serves up some delicious tacos. Although I wouldn’t really say they are an authentic Mexican place, more like a place where they combine Cuban and Mexican flavors together. Even with that said, you’ll find amazing food here that will blow your mind. From taco al pastor to beef fajita tacos to the cuban taco and many more, you will love each and every one of them.

Do know that this place does get pretty packed quite often so you may have to wait in line. But it is worth it!.

Location: 910 Shepherd Dr Houston, TX 77007

Brothers Taco House

Brothers Taco House

Another very popular place is at Brothers Taco House. Many people say they serve up some of the best tacos in the Houston area, and it really shows. Their tacos are warm, soft, fluffy and also very delicious. You can take your pick from the al pastor, carne guisada, chicken chipotle, deshebranda and many more varieties that are equally as good.

There is also a line here most of the time but they do move fast so you won’t be waiting long to get your fill.

Location: 1604 Emancipation Ave, Houston, TX 77003

Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy's Tacos - Taco Places In Houston

You might have heard about Torchy’s Tacos before. After all, it is a major chain of taco restaurants that is constantly expanding. And here in Houston, you can bet there is definitely a Torchy’s Tacos here in the city. They offer up a pretty good variety of tacos you can choose from. Like the green chile pork, brushfire, crossroads, mr. pink and many other weird names that are all so tasty. You’ll definitely like this spot.

Location: Multiple Locations

Velvet Taco

velvet taco - Taco Places In Houston

Velvet Taco which hails from Dallas and has a huge cult following, finally decides to move a branch into Houston. Here you’ll be able to find some of the most flavorful and tasty tacos you have ever tried. From the likes of the spicy chicken tikka which is crispy and creamy to the nashville hot tofu which is spicy and hot, you will absolutely love every minute of it.

It is one of the most popular taco joints here in Houston and for good reason.

Location: 4819 Washington Ave Houston, TX 77077

El Taconazo Taco Truck

El Taconazo Taco Truck - Taco Places In Houston

El Taconazo Taco Truck is one of the most popular food trucks here in this city. It doesn’t matter what time of day you decide to come visit this place, there is always a big line. They specialize in serving truly the authentic Mexican experience here. You won’t find any unique crafts or specialty dishes here, but what you will find is something that’ll blow your mind away. From the classics like a barbacoa taco to fajitas, lengua and the trumpo that is perfectly topped with fiery, creamy green salsa, they truly are a delicious spot to eat at.

Location: 4003 Fulton St, Houston, TX 77009


Taconmadre - Taco Places In Houston

Taconmadre is a fantastic food truck that specializes in great Mexican cuisines. You can never go wrong with their menu as everything they serve is all tasty and delicious. Although they don’t have a huge menu, you can still find some good things like corn tacos and flour tacos all stuffed with meats and veggies that will make you crave for more.

Location: Many Locations

La Macro

La Macro - Taco Places In Houston

If you want some real good trompo tacos, then you definitely need to come to La Macro. They serve up some of the best trumpo tacos in the city. Now although they do serve other kinds of tacos, their trumpo is the best and is what they are known for. It is marinated pork cooked in the Monterrey style, but seasoned with a blend of spices from Mexico City.. So you can best believe that it is delicious!

Location: 3903 Fulton St, Houston, TX 77009

Boombox Taco

boombox taco - Taco Places In Houston

Boombox Taco is a food truck started by former DJ/music promotor Alex Martinez who thinks that the food he serves is a colorful representation of himself. And it truly is! He specializes in serving some authentic Mexican cuisines that will make your mouth drool. You can find unique creations like the cumbia pastor, groovy chorizo, soul steak or even vegan options like the vegan chorizo or veggie taco. All of which are equally good.

Location: Varies


Xochi - Taco Places In Houston

Famed Chef Hugo Ortego has created this restaurant serving some authentic Oaxaca cuisines that you will know and love. Although they don’t specialize in tacos, they do have tacos on the menu and oh are they so delicious and amazing. Order the cabrito tacos which is basically slow cooked goat meat served with salsa verde on blue corn tortillas. You will definitely be happy.

Location: 1777 Walker St Ste A Houston, TX 77010


Hugo's - Taco Places In Houston

Hugo’s which is another restaurant owned by the famed chef Hugo Ortega definitely serves up some delicious Mexican cuisines. Although they don’t specialize in tacos, they do have some taco dishes that are amazingly good. For example, the fish tacos are beautifully cooked with some nice creamy chipotle mayo and are incredibly tasty. The lobster taco is another one that is amazing as well. You can’t go wrong with tacos here at any of his restaurants.

Location: 1600 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Tita’s Taco House

Tita's Taco House - Taco Places In Houston

Tita’s Taco House is a small humble family run place that serves up some delicious foods. They only use the freshest ingredients here and it really shows. You can get the lamb meat taco, the pork ribs taco, potato and sausage or many other kinds of tacos here at this establishment. It is a very welcoming place where you will definitely love coming here to enjoy your tacos.

Location: 320 Wilson Rd, Humble, TX 77338

El Tiempo Taqueria

El Tiempo Taqueria - Taco Places In Houston

At first glance, this might just seam like your everyday meat market and grocery store. However once you go inside, you’ll be amazed by what it has. They also have a taqueria that serves up some really mean tacos. From the delicious fajitas to the tasty barbacoa or carnitas, you will definitely love the tacos they serve here.

Location: 5526 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007

Alamo Tamales & Tacos

Alamo Tamales & Tacos - Taco Places In Houston

Alamon Tamales & Tacos definitely serves up some good food. Not only are the tamales equally as good, but the tacos served here will definitely make anybody happy. Try the crispy taco with ground beef or chipotle chicken and you will definitely be craving for more.

Location: 809 Berry Rd, Houston, TX 77022

Taquería Don Tin

Taquería Don Tin - Taco Places In Houston

Located right on Airline Drive, this food truck serves up some authentic Mexican cuisines. Here you’ll find flavorful fajitas, trompos, chicken, and many more varieties all for around $1.50 a piece. That is insanely cheap for a taco making it very affordable for anybody to get. They also serve other items here, but I would suggest sticking with the tacos are they are so cheap. You definitely can’t go wrong with them.

Location: 8505 Airline Dr Houston, TX 77037

Taco Keto

taco keto - Taco Places In Houston

Taco Keto is a small and unique place that serves up some tacos you probably never seen before. Their tortillas look more of a shade of golden brown than white and have been dipped into a tasty salsa that makes the entire taco taste so much better. You have various fillings to choose from and all of which are equally as good. Not a bad spot to try.

Location: 1401 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77023

Unos P’nches Tacos

Unos P'nches Tacos - Taco Places In Houston

When you first drive up to this spot, you might think your visiting a vet clinic because of the sign out front, but right next to it you’ll find this gem of a place that serves up delicious tacos. Here you can find all the classic tacos you can ever want. From the fajitas to beef to chicken or any other variety you can imagine. But my personal favorite has to be the scrambled eggs and smoky salchichón which is absolutely fantastic.

Location: 1402 Northwood St, Houston, TX 77009

Eight Row Flint

Eight Row Flint - Taco Places In Houston

The motto here at Eight Row Flint is “Whiskey, Beer, & Tacos”, and it really shows. Here you can grab some tasty alcohol while chowing down on your delicious tacos. It is a higher price point area as they do use some unique flavors like berkshire pork, braised farm beef cheek, gulf shrimp and so many other high quality items. But if you want to save some money, definitely come during Happy Hour where you can get $3 dollar tacos.

Location: 1039 Yale St, Houston, TX 77008


Here in Houston, you can find a whole bunch of different taco places to go to.

Almost all of which are just as delicious as the next.

So hopefully next time you are in the city of Houston, you’ll be able to find a taco spot with no problems at all.

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Let me know how it goes!

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