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22 Spots With The Best Brunch In Houston, Texas

“Where to go for some of the “Best Brunch in Houston?” is a common question asked by many people.

It’s this reason that we created the ultimate list of brunch spots in which we think you will enjoy.

So lets get started!

Here are the 22 best brunch spots that are absolutely amazing!

22 Spots With The Best Brunch In Houston

Mexican/Tex-Mex Brunch Spots In Houston

The Original Ninfa’s

The Original Ninfa's

Ninfa’s is a staple in the Houston community known for its delicious and tasty Tex-Mex cuisines. From the tasty fajitas to the huevos rancheros, it is a dream come true. You can never go wrong with them.

What To Order From Them: Huevos Rancheros, Chilaquiles Verdes, Mexican-style shrimp & grits



Don’t be fooled just because Xochi is located inside a downtown hotel. This place turns into magic when it offers up an insanely good Oaxacan brunch buffet that is worth every single dollar you have.

What To Order From Them: Ceviches, Chilaquiles, Rellenos, Tamales, Crudos, Camarones, Carnitas



Superica is an awesome place to go to for brunch. They focus on serving delicious and tasty foods with a Mexican flare. From the Tamales to the Steak and Eggs and even the Hot Cakes, you can find it all here.

What To Order From Them: Huevos Mexicanos, Wood Grilled Skirt Steak and Eggs

American Brunch Spots In Houston

The Breakfast Klub

The Breakfast Klub

The Breakfast Klub is a famous establishment that many celebrities and locals love to visit. They are known for serving some of the best chicken and waffles in the entire state of Texas.

What To Order From Them: Porkchops and Eggs, Chicken and Waffles or Fried Catfish and Grits



Indianola is a restaurant that serves up a classic American flare mixed with some diverse cultures. Here you can find Moroccan eggs and Huevos Rancheros to Carrot Juice Bloodys and more.

What To Order From Them: Indianola Breakfast Plate, Moroccan Sticky Bun, Crispy Duck Rice, Avocado Toast

B & B Butchers

B & B Butchers

Most people might know this as a high end steak house offering some of the best steaks there is. However it also has a brunch menu that is gigantic and filled with all kinds of tasty and delicious foods.

What To Order From Them: Any of the Eggs Benedict ( They have 5 kinds), Apple Crisp Waffle, Chicken and Waffle, Gorilla Bread

Dish Society

Dish Society

The farm-to-table spot puts an emphasis on the farm, with a focus on locally-raised meats and agriculture produced in or around Houston. If that’s not enough to sway you, its brunch plates are fantastic and it offers a Karbach cocktail called the Bromosa that will make any morning spent in Katy very worthwhile.

What To Order From Them: Avocado Toast, Quinoa Stuffed Avocado, Shrimp Tacos

Healthy Brunch Spots In Houston

The Kitchen At The Dunlavy

The Kitchen At The Dunlavy

If you want to eat something healthy as well as find a beautiful place to take some Instagram shots, then the Kitchen at the Dunlavy is the place to be. They also serve up some really healthy dishes that anybody would love.

What To Order From Them: Avocado Toast, Lox Plate, Zucchini Noodle, Crisp Honey Gem Salad

Bloom & Bee

Bloom & Bee

This enchanting, light-filled haven is reminiscent of a lush garden filled with gorgeous blooms and the brunch menu matches that fresh, natural opulence. Sustainable, locally sourced ingredients are prioritized in the ample menu that includes any and all of the brunch favorites you could want — with a number of healthful options, too.

What To Order From Them: Macerated Berry & Yogurt Parfait, Beet and Strawberry Salad

European Brunch Spots In Houston

Brasserie 19

Brasserie 19

Brasserie 19 is a popular spot among many locals for brunch here in Houston. They serve up cuisines with a French influencing that can make your taste buds dance around.

What To Order From Them: Danish, Croissant, Smoked Salmon Crepes, Pain Perdu

Cane Rosso

Cane Rosso

Pizza night is perfect here. But, weekend brunch is where it’s really at, especially with Cap’n Crunch waffles drizzled with condensed milk syrup, carbonara benedict, breakfast taco pizza, and other uniquely delicious spins on breakfast-y faves.

What To Order From Them: Skillet Hash, Breakfast Frittata, Zeppole

Barbecue Brunch Spots In Houston

Killens BBQ

killens bbq

Killens BBQ is probably the most famous BBQ joint in the city of Houston. They open up early and serve some of the best tasting BBQ you can ever find. Do know that there will be a long line every time you visit, so be sure to arrive early.

What To Order From Them: If available get the Beef Ribs, other wise Pork Ribs and Brisket are the Go-TO items.

Blood Bros BBQ

Blood Bros BBQ

If you love BBQ, then you will love this place. The flavors and taste here are so interesting and unique as the owners have added a touch of Asian flare to the BBQ.

What To Order From Them: Thai Sticky Peanut Butter Pork Rib, Smoked Brisket Loco Moco, Beef Rib

Dim Sum Brunch Spots In Houston

Kim Son

Kim Son

Kim Son is the OG of Dim Sum here in Houston. They been around for years and have been offering some of the best tasting dim sum you have ever tried. You can never really go wrong with them.

What To Order From Them: Shrimp & Pork Dumpling, Steamed Chicken Feet, Steamed BBQ Pork Bun, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Seafood Dumpling, basically everything on the menu is delicious and worth a try.

Hong Kong Dim Sum

Hong Kong Dim Sum

This tiny hole in the wall joint with only a dozen tables becomes especially busy all day everyday. They serve up some really good dim sum that you order from the menu (not cart).

What To Order From Them: Shu Mai, Har Gow, Pork Spareribs, chicken Feet and much more.

Fung’s Kitchen

Fung's Kitchen

This is definitely the place to go if you want some authentic and legit Hong Kong Dim sum. Here you’ll find carts stacked high with steam baskets or brimming with items like fried shrimp balls and crab claws, whiz by at a dizzying pace.

What To Order From Them: Literally everything on the menu is delicious and worth a taste.

Asian Brunch Spots In Houston

Jin Korean BBQ

Jin Korean BBQ

I know this is more of a buffet style restaurant and not really a brunch, but it opens up early and can definitely make you feel like you’re eating brunch. It is stocked full of all you can eat meats that are oh so flavorful and will make you feel like you went to heaven.

What To Order From Them: Ribs, Ribs and more Ribs. Also the Korean Hot Wings are also pretty darn tasty.

House Of Bowls

House Of Bowls

This is another hole in the wall restaurant that many people don’t know about. They open up early and serve a huge variety of foods. Anything from Asian spaghetti to sandwiches to even steak and Chinese food. You’ll definitely be happy with the selection that they have.

What To Order From Them: Their menu is extremely large so there are quite a few you can pick. Some of my personal favorites are the Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin Spaghetti and the Club House Sandwich.

Hokkaido Sushi

Hokkaido Sushi

Even though this is a sushi joint, I still consider it a really good brunch location because they open early and serve some cheap high quality sushi. They don’t have a huge selection you can choose from for sushi, but it does the job.

What To Order From Them: Chopped Scallops, Dragon Roll, Hawaii Volcano Roll, Tuna/Salmon Nagiri.

Cocktail Brunch Spots In Houston

Monkey’s Tail

Monkey's Tail

Monkey’s Tail is a new and innovative restaurant specializing in Mexican cuisine as well as Cocktails. Their brunch menu on the weekends features all the tasty delights you can expect from a hip new place. From Huevos Rancheros Pizza to Chango Burger to even all the tasty cocktails. You will definitely like this place.

What To Order From Them: Lindale Park and Gazoz


Although they are a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine, their brunch deal however is something favored by many. It is here where you can get some of the cheapest cocktails and wine you’ll ever see.

What To Order From Them: On weekends from 10am to 3pm, wash down breakfast pizzas and short rib hash with $2.50 mimosas and poinsettias or $5 red and white sangrias and sake Bloody Marys.

Present Company

Present Company

This adorably kitschy bar in its predecessor is one of Houston’s best brunch destinations for the Sunday Funday crowd. Sip on a La Croix-based drink like the Stranger Danger — a lethal combination of the fizzy sparlking water, watermelon vodka and honeysuckle liqueur — or a carafe of blackberry mimosas for $12, while noshing on reasonably priced breakfast tacos, skillets, and pizzas.

What To Order From Them: Plan Bee, Stranger Danger, High Dive At Ruby Dunes


As you can see, there are quite a few choices for brunch in the Houston area.

I categorized this list by types of cuisine so that it’ll be easier to choose.

So hopefully next time you are in the city of Houston, you’ll be able to find a brunch spot with no problems at all.

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Let me know how it goes!

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