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22 Best Restaurants In Houston Texas To Eat At

What are some of the best restaurants in Houston, Texas for you to eat at?

After all, when you talk about food in the United States, the cities that pop up in your mind might be Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

These are the cities with some of the most delicious foods you can find.

However one city that is making a name for itself and climbing up the list of great foods is definitely Houston Texas.

Houston is known to be the most culturally diverse city in the United States.

Because of this, the city has virtually transformed into a paradise for food. You can find delicious and tasty foods from all kinds of ethnic groups in this city.

I have many friends and family members who are always asking about the newest and best restaurants that are popping up in the city.

It is because of this reason, I wanted to make a post detailing what are some of the best restaurants in Houston, Texas.

In this post, you’ll find a mix of cheap places to eat as well as high end establishments that will make your belly scream in delight.

So without wasting any more time, lets get started!

22 Best Restaurants In Houston Texas

In no particular order, here are the best restaurants in Houston, Texas for you to eat at.



Hokkaido is a really awesome hole in the wall sushi joint that not many people know about. Unless you actually grew up in Chinatown, you probably never have heard about it before.

Here at Hokkaido, they offer insanely cheap sushi with an extremely high quality. You can find all sorts of rolls starting from $3 dollars and up. Plus they don’t just serve sushi here, but they serve all kinds of other popular Japanese foods as well.

It’s a fantastic place to come and eat if you are on a budget.

Killen’s BBQ

Photo of Killen's BBQ - Pearland, TX, United States

Killen’s BBQ is arguably the most popular and best BBQ joint in the city. They serve some of the tastiest BBQ you will ever eat. From beef ribs to pork ribs to sausages or brisket, you can find it all here at Killen’s.

Although you want to come as early as you can because there will always be a line here waiting to go in.

Note: Try the key lime pie! It is delicious!

Mein Restaurant

Photo of Mein Restaurant - Houston, TX, United States. Ma Po Tofu

Mein is a chinese restaurant created by restaurant mogul Mike Tran. It serves some of the cities best Cantonese food at affordable prices. You can find black bean clams, juicy xiao long baos, chili oil chicken and much more. Definitely a place you must visit!

Crawfish & Noodles

Photo of Crawfish & Noodles - Houston, TX, United States. Crawfish was ok... had a cumin flavor to it instead of the garlicky buttery goodness you usually taste with Asian cf

Crawfish and Noodles serve some of the best tasting crawfish you’ll ever taste. This restaurant specializes in a fusion between Vietnamese and Cajun which makes the overall taste so much more tastier. Instead of the traditional flavor profile of Louisiana-style boils, find mudbugs tossed in a buttery garlic sauce with lemongrass, chiles, and herbs that exemplifies the kind of cultural mash-up that could only happen in Houston.

Some of the highlights of this restaurant include their specialty which is the Viet-Cajun Crawfish, combination baskets of catfish, shrimp and oysters, chicken wings and fries.

Turkey Leg Hut

Photo of The Turkey Leg Hut - Houston, TX, United States. Crawfish Mac & Cheese Turkey Leg

Turkey Leg Hut is a new restaurant that specializes in “hint hint”….Turkey Legs! Since opening, they immediately had a huge following with long lines out the door of people all wanting to get a bite out of their delicious foods. Even celebrities like Snoop Dogg and James Harden come here to eat.

Here you can find some of the biggest and juiciest turkey legs ever all doused in delicious ingredients. For instance, the crawfish mac and cheese turkey leg basically consists of a huge piece of turkey leg stuffed and overloaded with crawfish mac and cheese. It is literally heaven on earth.

The Blind Goat

The Blind Goat

If you are a fan of the television show “Masterchef”, then you should be very familiar with this restaurant. One of the winners of the show Christine Ha has opened this new and hip restaurant in downtown Houston.

Here you can find an assortment of Vietnamese cuisines made in a masterful way. From peanut tofu to beef carpaccio or even goat curry with rice, there is simply so many things on the menu that will blow your mind.

Plus, you can even talk and take a picture with Christine Ha herself as she works in this restaurant.

Handies Douzo

Handies Douzo

From the creators of Kokoro, Chefs Patrick Pham and Daniel Lee has created another restaurant called Handies Douzo. Here you can find masterfully crafted hand rolls and sushi all made to order.The menu changes frequently, but diners can always expect perfectly wrapped temaki rolls made with crisp nori and super fresh fish.



The minute you walk into this bustling restaurant, you’ll notice that it is filled with intricate art that subtly nods to Oaxaca. Xochi which is a restaurant founded by james beard award winner Hugo Ortega offers a variety of interesting things.

It is here where you can find some foods where you never encountered before. From suckling pig, goat, black-footed chicken and even insects, they serve it all.

Kata Robata

Kata Robata

In the world of high end sushi, Kata Robata is a place you must have to try. It is arguably Houstons finest sushi restaurant. You can either choose to do an omakase style meal where you let the chef select what you eat or you can choose from a menu. Whatever the case may be, you will definitely be delighted.

Some of the highlights of this restaurant include Wagyu Shumai, O-Toro, Miso Lobster Mac and Cheese, Duck Ramen and much more.

Do be prepared to shell out some cash as it can definitely be pretty expensive eating here.

The Original Ninfa’s On Navigation

Photo of The Original Ninfa's on Navigation - Houston, TX, United States

You can’t visit Houston and not have some amazing Tex-Mex food. And there is no place better than the legendary Ninfa’s on Navigation. Here you can find Fajitas, Enchiladas, and other Tejano classics like the Oaxacan-style pork tamales for the perfect mix of Texan and Mexican cuisines. It’ll most likely be the best Tex-Mex food you’ll ever eat.

B & B Butchers

Photo of B&B Butchers & Restaurant - Houston, TX, United States. A5 Waygu Katsu Sando

It wouldn’t be Texas if you didn’t have some Beefy Steaks. And there is no place better for steaks than B & B Butchers. Here you can find some of the highest quality steaks any restaurant has to offer. They even have the coveted legendary Kobe Beef which is the most expensive beef in the world. Even if you are not feeling beef, they do offer a variety of other foods you can eat as well.

Tip: Definitely try the Kobe beef, it is literally the most juiciest and softest melt in your mouth steak you’ll ever eat.

The Breakfast Klub

The Breakfast Klub

Did you know that Beyonce endorses this restaurant? That means it has to be good! This restaurant specializes in some of the tastiest chicken and waffles you’ll have ever eaten. There is always a long line waiting to get in, so if you want to come here, be sure to come early or you’ll be waiting forever.

Mala Sichuan Bistro

Mala Sichuan Bistro

Mala Sichuan Bistro is probably Houstons most famous Sichuan style restaurant. People from all over love to dine here as they serve some of the tastiest and spiciest foods.

Some of the highlights are the red oil dumplings which are so plump and juicy, the map tofu which is so soft yet spicy, cumin lamb which is super delicious. Whatever you decide to eat, I guarantee you will love it.

Don Sandwich and Café

Photo of Don Café - Houston, TX, United States. Banh mi dac biet (special)

Don Sandwich and Cafe is arguably Houston’s best Banh Mi shop. This place is a hole in the wall that not many people know about, but once they do, they’ll be mind blown. The banh mi here is literally like no other and also insanely cheap. Do bring cash on hand as that is literally all they take.

Yoyo’s Hot Dog

Yoyo's Hot Dog

You won’t find a better hot dog anywhere else in Texas. Yoyo’s Hot Dog always draws huge lines of people just waiting to get their hands on some of these delicious hot dogs. Their specialty is a hot dog that you order “all the way” which is basically their version of a fully loaded dog. It is simply amazing. The only downside about this place is that it is only open on certain days at late night only from 8pm onwards.

Tiger Den

Photo of Tiger Den - Houston, TX, United States. Tsukemen (dipping ramen)

Tiger Den is simply a gem that everybody loves. They specialize in ramen and have quite a few varieties for you to select. From the tonkatsu ramen to the spicy miso or even the vegetarian version, they have it all. Plus, it isn’t just ramen that they serve here but they also serve some delicious sides. You will absolutely love dining in at this restaurant. Do expect to wait awhile though as there is always a line here.



Hugo’s is another restaurant from the famed Hugo Ortega which everybody should try. The dishes here are fresh and inventive without being over-the-top or trendy. From the tasty ceviches to lechon to many other kinds of food, there is so many things for you to try. Be sure to also come during Sunday brunch where you can sample Mexican masterpieces like chilaquiles, tamales, and decadent desserts, all for $35.

Maharaja Bhog

Maharaja Bhog

If you are wanting to try some legit Indian food, then Maharaja Bhog should be your go to spot. When you dine here at this restaurant, you’ll be able to taste a variety of dishes. They serve all you can eat thalis. But unlike the traditional buffets they serve you food right at your table. And they keep bringing food till you are done. Simply a fantastic place to visit.

Blood Bros BBQ

Blood Bros BBQ

Blood Bros BBQ is another BBQ spot that serves some delicious and tasty BBQ. Not only that, but they serve somewhat of a fusion type BBQ with Texas tastes mixed in with a hint of Asian. From items like sticky ribs topped with crunchy peanuts and Thai chilis and green curry boudin or the brisket-studded fried rice. This place is amazing!



Indigo is a new restaurant that is serving up both stunning cuisine and sharp social commentary. It’s an upscale atmosphere as you sit around a table and interact with other diners as well. They offer an ever changing menu so you can expect different foods to try each time you come.

Niko Niko’s

Photo of Niko Niko's Greek & American Cafe - Houston, TX, United States. Souvlaki Sandwich

Niko Niko is a great place for some delicious Greek Cuisine. Located in the Montrose area, this special restaurant serves a variety of different Greek foods. From a Greek Lasagna to Gyros to seafood, this place does it all. One bite and you will immediately be back for more.

Thai Gourmet

Photo of Thai Gourmet - Houston, TX, United States. Crab Fried Rice

Thai Gourmet is probably the best Thai restaurant in all of Texas. Each and every day there are exceedingly long lines just waiting to get in. But the wait is worth it! With a gigantic menu and foods like crab fried rice, pad Thai, green curry chicken and many more all priced at decently low prices. It is a fantastic place to bring you and your family to try some delicious Thai food.


Is your mouth watering yet?

I know mines is!

So hopefully this list was able to help you out in some way in deciding on which locations you should eat at.

Be sure to keep on checking this post as we do constantly update this list with the newest and best places to try.

Also if you are going to be stopping by Houston anytime soon, you might be interested in some of my other posts:

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Let me know how it goes!

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