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20 Romantic Things To Do In Houston As A Couple

Are there any romantic things to do in Houston as a couple?

Dating in Houston can be so amazing, despite what many people might say.

After all, Houston is one of the largest cities in the country, so its only expected for there to be tons of things for you to see and do.

With amazing landmarks, luscious green spaces, and plenty of entertainment, there are countless amount of things for you and your date to do together.

So if you are wondering what things you are able to do together as a romantic couple, do not worry.

In this post we’ll be detailing the best romantic things you can do as a couple together here in Houston.

Lets Begin!

Best Romantic Things To Do In Houston As A Couple

Here is a list of the best romantic things you can do in the city of Houston in no particular order.

Play A Round Of Golf At Top Golf

top golf

Make your date a romantic and fun one by going to Top Golf whether in the day or at night.

Here you and your date can practice your golf skills or teach one another just how to play the game of golf.

It is a very nice setting and fun overall with food and drinks being served as well.

It is totally a Win-Win situation.

Tour Around The Museum of Natural Science


If both you and your date love science and history, the its only natural for you guys to head to the Houston Museum Of Natural Science.

In the museum, you can roam around and look at dinosaurs, view antiques, learn about history, see some cool gem stones, and much more. It makes for a very fun and exciting experience as you both get to enjoy what you love and learn new things.

And plus since the museum is so big, you’ll probably be spending most of your day here which is perfect for some quality time together.

Check Out The Butterflies At The Cockrell Butterfly Center

Cockrell Butterfly Center

If you and your date are nature lovers and love butterflies in general, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to spend some time together walking around the indoor biosphere with many plants and butterflies all around you.

The Cockrell Butterfly Center which is also located in the Houston Museum of Natural Science but is a separate exhibit, makes for the perfect place to take your date..

Stop at different areas and take pictures with your surroundings and just have a good time being with nature. Heck, if you’re lucky, you might even have some butterflies land on your finger or shoulder.

Your date will definitely enjoy this.

Have A Dinner Date At A Fancy Steak House

steak house

One of the quintessential things about a date is to take them out to a fancy restaurant.

And what better place to take them to than a fancy steak house. After all, Texas is known for its delicious steaks. And here in Houston, you can find a wide range of amazing steak houses to eat at.

My personal favorite is Steak 48 where they serve Wagyu that is melt in your mouth good. It is a little bit pricey, but since this is a romantic date, it should do the job.

You will have a fantastic experience here with your date as you sip on some drinks while eating your delicious steaks.

Watch The Sunset At James Turrell Twilight Epiphany Skyspace

James Turrell Twilight Epiphany Skyspace

The James Turrell Twilight epiphany Skyspace is a great place to enjoy the sunset as well as listen to some amazing music.

This place which is right next to the Shepherd School of Music on the campus of rice is an events pavilion that usually hosts a wide range of musical performances.

You can find school students playing music here on scheduled days right around sunset. Plus before the sun goes down, you can enjoy some stunning LED light shows that project onto the ceiling.

It is a great place to enjoy your day as well as be entertained from the things around you.

Catch A Movie And Eat Some Food At Studio Movie Grill

Studio Movie Grill

As you know, movies are one of the most popular places to take your date to.

However why not step things up a notch and take them to a movie theater that also serves dinner. This way you can knock out two things in one event. You get to watch a nice movie while chowing down on some delicious food. It makes for a perfect way to spice things up and your date would absolutely love it.

Take Pictures At The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

Near the Galleria, you’ll be able to find one of the most impressive structures built by man in the city of Houston.

Here you’ll be able to find a 2.77 acre waterall park which features a huge lush green area with hundeds of oak trees as well as the famed water wall fountain.

This is a great area to have a picnic with your date or to just take pictures in front of the waterwall. The waterwall itself makes for a beautiful backdrop for any romantic occasion.

Go To A Couples Spa


A good way to spend some nice relaxing time together is to get a spa treatment. With many different places all around, couple spas are a great way to get pampered as well as have you being in a soothing sensation.

One of the best ones is the Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston which delivers some of the most luxurious spa treatments you have ever seen. Packed with amazing massages and amenities that will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Watch A Concert By The Houston Symphony

Houston Symphony

What better way to spend your day than to have a romantic night out listening to some beautiful music.

And here at the Houston Symphony, you’ll be able to see incredible performances that showcases a wide range of features like symphonic tributes to pop artists or even iconic movie scores.

And depending on when you come, you might also be able to catch some performances of popular video game scores complete with multimedia experiences that makes the experience so much more unforgettable.

Watch A Broadway Show At The Hobby Center For Performing Arts

broadway show

If the Houston Symphony isn’t up your alley, then you may be interested in something else like a broadway show.

At a broadway show, you’ll be able to see many kinds of masterpieces like musicals and even dance performances. You never know what you might see here as everything they do will blow your mind away. In fact, one of their most popular musicals is “Anastasia” which is inspired by the acclaimed Dreamworks animated film.

It is a great way to spend your day as you get a chance to watch some talented performers do their craft.

Visit The Museum Of Fine Arts

museum of fine arts

A great place to take your date to is definitely the Museum of Fine Arts. It is one of the best places to see arts from all kinds of origins. The museum has collections that span over 6,000 years of history with over 64,000 works of art from over six continents which makes it one of the biggest art museums in Texas.

Here you can find works of art like the Gleizes’s La Femme, Memling’s portrait, Monet’s Water Lilies and an impressive amount of Roman period sculptures and paintings.

It’s a great way to spend your day as you and your date roams around the museum while talking about different art pieces.

Hang Out At The Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

The Houston Arboretum And Nature Center is one of the cities finest green spaces available.

Here you can go on hikes through incredible pathways while also being able to see a bunch of nature exhibits. It also includes areas where you can rest and go on picnics as well as sightseeing different birds flying about.

It is a great way to spend your day with your significant other as there is simply so many different things for you to see and do here.

Stroll Around Hermann Park

hermann park

Hermann park is one of the premier parks in the city of Houston.

This park is incredibly big and offers so many things for you to see and do.

Which means it is definitely a great spot to go on a romantic date. After all, you can go on hikes, ride a bike along the trail, roll down hills, watch some performances, fly a kite or even take pictures at the Japanese garden.

There is so much you can do together here at this park.

Ice Skate At The Galleria


A fun thing to do with your date is to go ice skating.

And one amazing place to go ice skating at is definitely at the Galleria. Here they have a huge ice rink that is ready for you to ice skate on. It makes for the perfect place to take your date because you can spend some quality time together skating around. Plus, if one person doesn’t know how to skate, you can either teach or be teached by them which makes the experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

Be Like A Kid Again At Main Event

main event

Another place where you can take your date on for a romantic day out is at Main Event. This place is similar to Dave and Busters as they have lots of cool arcade games and simulators to play. They also have pool tables where you can shoot some pool. The only difference between this and main event is that they also have some other activities like laser tag, bowling or even some rope climbing challenge.

Overall it is a fun place to be where everybody can feel like a kid again.

Drive In Movie Theater

drive in Movie theater

If the thought of going to a movie theater might scare you, you might be more interested in going to a drive in movie theater. It is basically like a movie theater except you are in your cars the entire time watching the movies.

This type of experience is a lot more private and intimate as nobody will be able to see what you are doing and you have all the privacy in the world.

Painting With A Twist


Painting with a twist is a unique and fun experience you can do that can also make the day a lot more romantic. I mean what better way to spend time with your significant other than to unleash your creativity and paint. Not only that but there will also be wine served as well as snacks which makes the atmosphere a lot more enjoyable.

It is a perfect way to have fun with your partner while also enjoying your day.

Nerd Out At Neils Bahr

comic book

Do you and your date love comics? What about arcade games? Here at Neils Bahr you can get the best of both worlds as you two nerd out over some comics and play some games. And depending on what day you come, you might run into some special events like movie night Mondays or Video game tournamet Tuesdays or even Karaoke Wendesdays.

Whatever you are planning to do, I guarantee you will definitely have some fun.

Beer Tasting At A Local Brewery


As you know, Houston is home to a huge assortment of different breweries that are all so amazing.

You have breweries like Saint Arnold, Karbach, 8th Wonder, Eureka Heights and many more breweries all waiting for you to come try their brew. And bringing your date to a brewery will make for a fantastic time as you and your date sip on different beers and talk the night away.

Ride A Horse Or Pony Along The Beach

horseback riding

Who doesn’t like riding on a horse? Add that to a beautiful beach view, and you’ll have one of the most romantic days ever.

And here at the Galveston Island Horse And Pony Rides, you’ll be able to ride all kinds of horses and ponys along the beach till your hearts content. It is a great way to stroll around and see beautiful views while feeling majestic being on a horse.


As you can see, there are many things you can see and do for a romantic day out with your significant other.

So hopefully this list was able to give you some ideas as for things you are able to do with your date.

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Let me know how it goes!

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