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20 Best Breweries In Houston Texas For Craft Beer

What are some of the best breweries in Houston, Texas?

Because lets face it. Houston is a paradise for all things food.

We have amazing restaurants, lively bars, and also a bustling beer scene.

In fact the beer boom in Houston is probably one of the biggest in the state. There has never been a better time to be a beer drinker then now.

Which is why I wanted to write this post.

I want to highlight all the amazing beer breweries that Houston has to offer

This way, if you ever want to get your drink on, you’ll know exactly where to go.

So if you are ready, lets get started!.

Best Breweries In Houston Texas


No Label Brewing Co.

No Label Brewing Co.

If you are going to be in Katy, then why not stop by No Label Brewing Company. At any given time, they will post upwards of 12 beers on tap which includes many special releases as well as seasonal varieties that range from brewery staples to pale ales with a touch of smoked hatch chilies.

It’s also a great place to take your family and kids as they have various outdoor seating’s, a children’s playground, as well as many interesting and unique structures.

Location: 5373 1st St Katy, TX 77493

Battlehops Brewing

Battlehops Brewing

Battlehops Brewing is a very unique and interesting place. It basically took 2 ideas and mashed them into one. It is part board game cafe as well as a part brewery. Definitely a fun place to be as you can simply grab a game from their 400+ board game library and sit around the custom tables to play while also ordering some tasty brew to drink on the side.

Location: 6801 Hwy Blvd Katy, TX 77494

Memorial Area

City Orchard Cidery

City Orchard Cidery

Do you like cider? Well your in luck! Houston’s best cidery is here. This amazing company definitely has an eye for design as you can tell just by walking into their store. You’ll be greeted by wooden tree sculpture anchoring the bar, the colorful tap handles, and the stone labyrinth crowned with an apple fountain, all will make you simply go in awe. They also don’t just server cider only. They also have a couple of brews on tap as well that are just as amazing as their cider.

Location: 1201 Oliver St Unit #108 Houston, TX 77007

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company is a brewery that has recently gone under some renovations and have moved into a bigger and better place. It’s the perfect place to stop by and try the brews in the taproom or even get some food like fermented pizza. They even have a rooftop beer garden with astonishing views of the Houston skyline.

You’ll find things like beer that might feature pineapples or watermelon one month, and hemp in another. Truly an interesting take to the concept.

Overall a very fun and interesting place.

Location: 5301 Nolda St Houston, TX 77007

Holler Brewing Company

Holler Brewing Company

Holler Brewing Company is a place where you can try a variety of beers on tap which includes seasonal brews, special batches, and year round mainstays. Not only that, but they also serve some really tasty food truck style foods to pair with the beer.

So come on down and fancy a drink while you sit in one of their outdoor patio chairs and look at the majestic views of Downtown Houston.

Location: 2206 Edwards Street, Houston, TX 77007

Platypus Brewing

Platypus Brewing

Platypus Brewing is a unique and interesting brewery that takes an Australian flare to its craft beer. It is here where you can find many beers that has been crafted with rare Australian hops that make your mouth water. Plus, they don’t just serve Australian style beer, but they also serve some food specialties from Australia as well like sausage rolls and meat pies.

Location: 1902 Washington Avenue, Suite E, Houston, TX 77007

DownTown Houston

Saint Arnold Brewing Company 

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Saint Arnold Brewery is one of the oldest craft brewery in Texas as well as being a pioneer for brewing in the Houston area. Founded by Brock Wagner back in 1994, this famous place lets people enjoy a variety of things all dealing with beer. In fact, they do everything from brewing, filtering, kegging, bottling and selling the beer to just plain drinking the beer. It is a beer paradise.

Plus, its not just the beer. Their building offers quite a bit to see and do. Their garden offers beautiful views of Downtown, while indoors you can find that the cathedral like beer halls pay homage to the patron saint of beer with original, custom frescoes.

So come in and grab a drink or enjoy a tour of the building, you will definitely feel like home here.

Location: 2000 Lyons Ave Houston, TX 77020

Sigma Brewing Company

Sigma Brewing Company

Although it is more like a bar than a brewery, Sigma Brewing Company still offers some tasty beers that aren’t always that easy to find in the Houston area. Plus, they offer it at cheap and affordable prices which makes things great.

Their innovative styles and aggressive use of hops on display makes you believe that they really have a passion for craft brew.

Location: 3118 Harrisburg Boulevard, Unit 108, Houston, TX 77003

8th Wonder Brewery

8th Wonder Brewery

8th Wonder Brewery is a popular place among many locals to go to if they want some nice craft beer. The place is filled with repurposed shipping containers, zig-zagging lights, as well as a mixture of things representing Houston. And because of its prime location in downtown, it has become a popular spot for many sports celebrities like the Rockets, Astros and more whom stop by after the games are played.

It gets its name from the moniker that is often given to the Astrodome. This brewery features some popular beers that have a Houston theme to them like the Dome Faux’m, Weisstheimer, and more.

If you are looking for some delicious beers and friendly people, this is the place to be.

Location: 2202 Dallas Street, Houston, TX 77003

Local Group Brewing

Local Group Brewing

Local Group Brewing is a company is that pretty new to the brewing world. However, despite it being new, it still managed to gain quite a bit of attention. They currently only have 4 beers on tap which includes the Sparkle Motion, a crisp sparkling ale and the Double Vertigo, an imperial IPA with double the hops. But they don’t just serve beer here, they also serve some tasty food like the pork belly banh mi. Overall a nice place to enjoy your day.

Location: 1504 Chapman St Houston, TX 77009

True Anomaly Brewing Co.

True Anomaly Brewing Co.

True Anomaly is the newcomer on the block which opened up during the Spring of 2019, two blocks away from the popular 8th Wonder. Immediately after opening, it has quickly made a name for itself as a legitimate brewery among the Houston crowd. This is because of its portfolio which includes some amazing tart sours and sophisticated old world ales.

Although their selection seems to be seasonal and rotating, so you may want to come back quite often to try out all that they have to serve.

Location: 2012 Dallas Street, Houston, TX 77003

The Heights

Eureka Heights Brew Co

Eureka Heights Brew Co

Eureka Heights Brew is a thriving neighborhood brewpub that took the place of a food distribution warehouse. It was named after the fault line that runs underneath the brewery. It is a family friendly place where you can even bring your pets along for some tasty and delicious ale. They even have seasonal options that come around every once in awhile that will keep you up on your toes.

So come on by and enjoy some ale with your friends and family.

Location: 941 W 18th St Houston, TX 77008

Great Heights Brewing Company

Great Heights Brewing Company

Another popular neighborhood brewery is the Great Heights Brewing Co. Like the name suggests, it is located in the neighborhood of the Great Heights. It is a place with a very cozy atmosphere that is filled with many tables and games to keep you laughing all day long. They even have a mural outside the small patio where people can take amazing Instagram photos.

Location: 938 Wakefield Drive, Houston, TX 77018

Brash Brewing Company

Brash Brewing Company

Brash Brewing Company is a great place that offers bold, flavors of beer with equally unique names like the Smoglifter, Bollocks, Pussy Wagon, Skankin Dirty, Cortado, and more. They also have a huge assortment of arcade games which makes things very friendly for kids and adults. Overall a great place to hang out and grab a cup of frothy goodness while enjoying your day.

Location: 512 Crosstimbers St Houston, TX 77022

Karbach Brewing Co.

Karbach Brewing Co.

Although it was established back in 2011, it has already established itself as one of the biggest names in Houston brewery. They provide some of the best experiences you can ever imagine to beer enthusiasts from all around. With crafty brews like Love Street and Rodeo Clown, you can’t go wrong with them.

Although they have since been acquired by one of the beer giants, they are still pleasing Houston crowds to this day. So it doesn’t matter if you are here just for the music, the restaurant menu, or some craft beer goodness, you are definitely going to get some robust brewery experience.

Location: 2032 Karbach St Houston, TX 77092

West University

Baileson Brewing Company

Baileson Brewing Company

Baileson Brewing Company is a hip place that turns alive especially on the weekends near West U. Here you’ll find amazing people who welcome everybody inside to have some nice pint of beer. They do rotate their beers every now and then so be sure to try them all.

Location: 2322 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77005


Under The Radar Brewing

Under The Radar Brewing

Under The Radar Brewing really means under the radar. This brewing place is pretty small but offers a great environment where people can enjoy themselves. They can come here to relax or even grab some nice refreshing traditional brews that they make.

Location: 1506 Truxillo Street, Houston, TX 77004

North Houston

Spindletap Brewery

Spindletap Brewery

Spindletap Brewery is a great place for locals to come together and watch a game on TV or simply to just chat. It’s a very welcoming place for you and your family. Here you’ll find plenty of beers on tap like the BoomTown Blonde which is a classic ale that’s perfect for drinking this hot Houston heat.

Location: 10622 Hirsch Rd Houston, TX 77016


Bakfish Brewing Co.

Bakfish Brewing Co.

Bakfish Brewing Co. is a nice brewery that provides a whole assortment of ales and lagers that start with their 5 flagship beers as well as having a menu full of seasonal rotations.

Overall a nice place to bring your family and friends to enjoy some fresh beer while playing games, watching TV or just hanging out.

Location: 1231 Broadway Street, Pearland, TX 77581


B-52 Brewing Company

B-52 Brewing Company

Tucked in the woods of Conroe, you’ll be able to find a gem of a brewery company. That company being B-52 Brewing Company. They are a fantastic place visit if you are craving some deliciously crafted beer. Plus, their taproom is no frills as their menu features many one of a kind beers alongside some respectable true to style brews that many visitors love to try. It is definitely worth the drive here.

Location: 12470 Milroy Ln Conroe, TX 77304


As you can see, there are quite a few different breweries for you to try here in Houston.

So if you ever feel like you need some tasty craft brew, now you know where to go.

Also if you are going to be stopping by Houston anytime soon, you might be interested in some of my other posts:

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Let me know how it goes!

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