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18 Attractions You Must See In Las Vegas

What are some attractions you must see in Las Vegas?

After all, Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities in the entire world. It features so many amazing things for you to see and do. From gambling to shows to even the delicious food, Vegas has it all.

But one of the best things about Vegas has to be the attractions that it has.

Many of the attractions can be seen and done simply for free or at a low cost, which makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

However, I find it surprising that not too many people tend to visit these attractions or maybe they simply don’t know about them.

Which is why I am writing this post.

I find it a shame that Vegas has so much to offer but since people don’t know about it, they simply don’t go there.

In this post, i’ll be detailing the 10 best attractions I think everybody should know about and visit here in Vegas.

Now this post is definitely not in any way a complete list of things you can do in Vegas. However it does contain the most iconic places in which any first timer who comes to Vegas should know about.

So lets get started!

Attractions You Must See In Las Vegas

Welcome To Las Vegas Sign

Welcome to las vegas sign

The “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign is one of the most iconic places of all in Vegas. People from all over make it a point to come here to take a picture with this post.

I mean, how do you know if you really went to Vegas or not without a sign saying you went to Vegas?

It is the perfect way to start your trip as this sign is literally at the beginning of the strip…..well maybe a little bit further but still close enough!

Travel To Egypt

luxor casino

Have you ever wanted to travel to Egypt? Well instead of paying thousands of dollars to travel there, you can go to the next best thing! Egypt in VEGAS! At the Luxor Casino, you will be able to see pyramids, Sphinx, mummies, and many other cool Egyptian structures. It’ll literally make you feel as if you traveled to Egypt.

Definitely a great way to see things without having to break the bank.

Travel To Paris

Paris Casino Vegas

Want to see the amazing Eiffel tower in Paris? Well now you can! Here at the Paris hotel and casino in Vegas. This casino has a replica version of the iconic Eiffel tower and is a wonder to see. Although it is half the size as the original, it still is a magnificent structure that showcases amazing engineering capabilities.

Plus just like the real version, you can also go up this amazing tower and be able to see a panoramic view of the entire Las Vegas Strip.

Travel To New York

new york new york casino in vegas

Want a chance to see what the city life is like? Head on over to New York New York where you can see just what its like being in New York City. Here you have tall skyscrapers roaming the area plus food served exactly in the New York way.

They even have a replica statue of liberty (although shorter) but still a magnificent structure to look at. Plus you won’t have all the congestion of traffic here in this area because there aren’t as many people here as in New York City.

Travel To Rome

Caesar palace in las vegas

Just like the 3 posts from above, traveling to Rome can be a very expensive thing to do. But there is a cheaper option! And that option is to go to the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Here at this casino you’ll be able to see a recreation of the famous Colosseum as well as many replica statues and structures from the Roman empire. Plus inside the casino, they have entire ceilings and walls built to make you feel as if you were in Rome yourself.

It is a great thing to do when you want to get the Roman experience but don’t really want to spend that much money.

Bellagio Fountains

Bellagio Casino Fountains

The Bellagio is one of the most iconic casinos on the strip and for good reason. There are lots of amazing things for you to see and do here. One of the best features is the 8 acre man made lake that features water fountains dancing around to music.

You’ll be able to catch the show every 15 minutes and the show will simply blow you away. It’s a popular spot so if you want to see the show, you should come here early before everybody else does.

Bellagio Gardens

Bellagio Gardens

The gardens at the Bellagio Casino are some of the most unique and interesting things you’ll ever see on the Vegas Strip. It is constantly changing so you’ll never know what you might see when you go there, but usually it is always extravagant.

You’ll find unique plants and flowers from all over the world as well as structures that take on whatever holiday or season is going on at that particular time. Definitely a great place to be.

Mirage Volcano

Mirage Volcano

Just like the fountains at the Bellagio, the Mirage Casino also has some spectacular shows. One of which is the volcano which plays at regular intervals. It is a fabulous show especially during the night time when you see glowing red fire shooting out of the volcano making the sky bright red.

Ride The Gondala At The Venetian

The Venetian Gondala

Did you know that you can experience what its like visiting Venice without actually having to go there?

Here at the Venetian Hotel you can experience the Venetian lifestyle with many different things. The sky is painted on the ceiling and the buildings around make you feel as if you were in Venice yourself.

Plus they even have a canal that takes up the ground floor through the mall of the casino. It offers motorized rides which you can ride on and be serenaded by a gondolier.

Definitely an interesting experience you will not want to miss.

Shark Reef Aquarium

Mandalay Bay Shark Reef

Hidden inside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is something spectacular in which you will enjoy. Inside you will find a massive 1.3 million gallon water tank that holds a huge variety of sharks, fish, rays, and other marine life animals.

There are about 100 sharks here from over 15 different species and more than 2,000 animals all of which are on display.

However the best feature here is definitely the Shark Tunnel in which you can walk through the tunnel and be surrounded by all kinds of sharks.

The High Roller

high roller

I know some of you have definitely noticed this when you are in Vegas. It is the High Roller ferris wheel that you need to go ride on. It is currently the biggest ferris wheel in the world and allows for you and your family or friends go in together. And depending on which option you choose, some of the pods even have their own bar and bartender for you to get your drink on.

CSI: Experience At MGM

MgM Grand in Las Vegas

Located inside the MGM Grand Casino, you can experience what its like being on the show of CSI. In this experience, participants are able to test their skills and see if they are able to solve challenging puzzles and problems.

Definitely one of the most popular activities here on the strip.

Madame Tussaud’s

Madame Tussaud's

Madame Tussaud’s is a very interesting and unique place where you can see wax figures carved to the highest level. Here you can find all your favorite celebrities and stars preserved forever in wax.

In fact, many of the figures are so lifelike, you’ll have a hard time noticing if they are fake or not. You can see things like Elvis to Iron man to Sofia Vergara and many more here at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Mueseum.

Have Fun On The Stratosphere

The Stratosphere

The Stratosphere which is located on the very end of the north part of the strip is one of the tallest buildings here in Vegas. It offers amazing views of the strip as well as the city in general.

The best thing about this hotel and casino is that if you go to the very top of the building, you’ll be able to ride on some scary and fun amusement rides. For instance, the Insanity ride allows you to sit down in a seat and be swung around in 360 degrees for a full view of the entire strip.

Or if you want something even scarier, you can jump off the top of the building with controlled cables all the way down to the bottom.

Fremont Street

fremont street

Want to see what a blast in the past can feel like? Head on over to Fremont Street to see how Vegas was like back in the older days. Here you’ll find so many interesting things for you to see and do. For instance, there is even a water slide here which takes you through a whole shark tank!

Here in Fremont Street you’ll be able to see all the classic casinos that use to be the major attractions here in this city. It is also the place where you can see some amazing entertainment like live music, street performers, and much more that will make you never want to leave again.

Mob Museum

Did you know that Las Vegas was built from the backs of organized crime? Mobs use to use these casinos to help launder their money.

However that was the past, and all that’s left now is extravagance and fun! But if you want to relieve a piece of history, you can definitely head on over to the Mob museum which is right next to Fremont Street.

Here at the Mob Museum, you’ll be able to learn all about the history of the criminals that use to run this town as well as what they did and how they did things.

Definitely something interesting that many people will like.

Neon Museum

Neon Museum

Las Vegas is known as the place with a huge bunch of bright and colorful neon signs that light up the city. And over the years, many of the signs have been replaced with newer signs. However the old signs haven’t been thrown away.

In fact, the Neon Museum is working hard on trying to preserve the citys history by buying, storing and refurbishing the historic neon signs you have come to know and love.

Here at the Neon Museum, you can take guided tours and see all the different signs that the museum has collected over the years. They are constantly adding more and more so their collection is always growing.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

Not all the attractions are located on the strip or in downtown. In fact there are plenty of attractions located a short distance away. For instance, Hoover Dam.

By going to the Hoover Dam, you will be amazed by how the modern engineering skills have evolved through time.


As you can see, there are quite a few things you should know about before you come to Vegas.

Many of these things will make your trip a whole lot more enjoyable.

So hopefully this list was able to help you out in learning Vegas a little bit better.

Also if you are going to be visiting Las Vegas anytime soon, you might be interested in some of my other Las Vegas Posts.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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