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10 Things To Not Do While Traveling

What are some things to not do while traveling?

After all, often times when you see other travel blogs, they mostly always talk about all the good things to do, what to see or eat etc..

However rarely do you ever see people tell you about what not to do while traveling.

There are in fact many things a traveler can do wrong that can cost them lots of money or time or even missed opportunity.

Which is why it is important to know exactly what not to do when you are traveling. Which is why I want to share with you all the common travel mistakes that you should not do. I learned these things through trial and error as I have ran into many mistakes in the past.

So if you can do these few things right, then you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and hassle.

1. Never exchange money at an airport

10 Things To Not Do While Traveling

One of the worst things you can do is to exchange money at an airport. It’s like you’re just giving your money away for free. This is because airports have extremely terrible rates for your money. Now if you really have to get some money, it’s best to use either your credit card or cash out at an ATM. This is because they are really close to the international bank rates and helps you not get ripped off.

However if you can wait it out, one of the best ways to exchange your money is by going to a local bank downtown where you can get the best rates with fewer fees. However I know that’s not possible for everybody so try to stick to using a credit card or finding an ATM. Now if it’s an emergency and you are at the airport, well just exchange as little as possible. Then when you have time to go to a local bank, exchange the rest there.

2. Do not eat near a major tourist site

It’s not really that you can’t eat near a major tourist site. You can if you want but expect to pay high prices for food. The food near all the major attractions are normally double or triple the price of what you would normally pay for elsewhere.

Not only that but the quality of food isn’t up to par as well. The reason for this is because most restaurants near a major tourist site know that the customer isn’t likely to be back anytime soon. So they don’t try as hard to make the food better since they doubt the tourists know how the local foods taste anyways.

The rule of thumb is basically, the more local the area is, the tastier the food will be. Not only that but it’s also cheaper…like way cheaper. Also avoid restaurants with shiny menus that come in many different languages. That place is most likely a tourist trap so avoid if possible. If anything, you can try using yelp to find some good local restaurants.

Another good way to find good food at cheap prices is to ask around. Most locals are pretty friendly and would love to help you out.

3. Never take taxis

10 Things To Not Do While Traveling
Times Square, New York City, New York State, Night, Taxi

The general rule is to never take taxi’s as they are often times money killers. Taxis tend to be way overpriced. Also on the rare occurrence, they may sometimes take the longer route to squeeze some extra dollars out of you because they think you don’t know how to get to the destination anyways.

Public transport is the best way to go in most countries.

4. Always get travel insurance

Now travel insurance might seem like an extra cost that isn’t really needed. However it is actually a pretty important aspect. This is because when you travel, you are going somewhere you don’t really know anything much about. You might get injured, lose your items, die, etc… This is where travel insurance can protect you when you are traveling. It’s an amazing thing to get as you never know what happens.

Now if something does indeed happen to you, and you do not have any travel insurance then it can get very costly.

5. Try not to book your trip too early

Now we know traveling is one of the most exciting things to do. It makes you want to book everything all at once. Things such as your hotel, flight, activities etc. However that is something you shouldn’t do. This will most likely cause you to pay more than what others pay. The best thing to do is to wait for deals.

Here are the best times to book your trip!

  • For flights – wait about 3 to 4 months before your trip.
  • Cruises – Wait till the last minute
  • Tour groups – Wait till the last minute

The reason for this is because for flights, they tend to raise or lower prices based on demand around this time. For cruises and tour groups, its best to wait till the last minute because this is when companies try to offer awesome deals to fill in the unused space.

6. Never use traveler’s checks

Travelers checks use to be all the rage back in the day. They are checks that are issued by banks for a predetermined value that allows the user to exchange the check for cash anywhere around the world. However that was years ago. Nowadays with the invention of a credit card or ATM’s, they made traveler checks obsolete. They are useless in today’s world since not many banks are accepting them anymore and plus they are a liability since they might get stolen or lost. So ya, point is don’t use them anymore.

7. Never use a bank card with fees

10 Things To Not Do While Traveling

It’s best to stay away from bank cards that carry hefty fees. That money can be better used to travel. So if you need to get a card, its best to get a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees so that you can avoid all those extra charges.

8. Do not skip out on hostels

When you are traveling, a place to stay is one of the most important aspects of the travel. However most people want to stay at nice hotels or comfy airbnbs. They often skip out on the ideal of a hostel as they think it’s dirty and aimed for poor people.

However that is entirely wrong. Now hostels did in fact use to be dirty and kind of dangerous, but now they have changed entirely. Many of them offer a variety of amenities such as game rooms to lounges to even games and laundry facilities. They are a good place to stay nowadays. They are affordable and made to fit in this modern society. They aren’t just for poor people anymore but are made to be a place where like minded individuals can get together and talk.

9. Do not only use one search engine

When you are traveling around, it’s best to use as many different search engines as possible. This is because every search engine is different and they all have their own blind spots. If you only stick to 1 search engine, chances are you are reducing your chances to find a good deal. This is because many sites don’t feature the smaller budget airlines or seasonal carriers. Now as we know, there is no best search engine around, but don’t just use Expedia. You want to use other sites as well to compare.

10. Don’t try to be frugal with everything

10 Things To Not Do While Traveling

By this, I mean don’t try to penny pinch every second possible. Sometimes it is worth paying more for a better quality experience. This is because time is money, and most travelers who travel don’t have a lot of money with them but they sure do have time.

However your time is important to you. You might save a few bucks by taking the bus instead of the train, but what if it takes 2 hours on a bus versus 20 minutes on a train. You have to consider to yourself what is really worth it for you. Save a few bucks and be tired and miserable, or spend some money and be more comfortable. It is all up to you however as every person is different.

When you are traveling, it’s best to be smart with yourself. You want to end up saving both your time and money when it matters.

Hopefully these tips can help you out when you travel. You don’t want to make the same mistakes like me and end up wasting a lot of time or money.

The end result is to be smart and careful and be able to travel easily.

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Hope you have a safe and fun trip~

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