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10 Best Delicious BBQ Spots In Houston, Texas

What are some of the best BBQ Spots in Houston, Texas?

After all, when you think of Barbecue or BBQ for short, you’ll think of Texas.

After all, Texas is known to have some of the best BBQ on this planet.

And many cities have their own personal favorites as to which place they should go to if they want to eat some BBQ.

Over the past few years, Houston has definitely been flying under the radar. This amazing city has definitely created its own BBQ identity that is different from any other city.

From the pits smoking in the back to the delicious and juicy briskets and ribs, this city has it all.

But with so many different places serving BBQ, how are you suppose to know exactly which one you should visit?

That is where this post comes in handy.

In this post, we’ll be detailing the 10 very best BBQ joins in Houston Texas that anybody and everybody should try to visit.

So if you are ready, grab your forks and napkins, and lets get started!

10 Best BBQ Spots In Houston

Killen’s Barbecue

Killen's Barbecue

Now the city of Austin might have their favorite of Franklin BBQ, but the city of Houston has Killens. This amazing restaurant that was opened by chef Ronnie Killen makes sure to serve some of the best tasting BBQ ever to its customers. From beef ribs to the brisket to even the sides that they serve, every single piece they serve is like a dinosaur sized portion. It will literally blow your mind away how good this place is with BBQ.

Recommended Items To Order: Obviously you will want to start with that juicy and tender brisket that they slow cooked for hours on end. But the best thing in my opinion has to be that Beef rib which is gigantic and so full of juice and flavor. Top things off with a pecan pie and you are in heaven.

Blood Bro’s BBQ

Blood Bro's BBQ

Blood Bros BBQ is a creation that was started up by Quy Hoang and brothers Robin and Terry Wang. Although they still have other full time jobs to keep them busy, they started this BBQ joint to feed the masses.

Everything here is all homemade from the sausage (with jalapeño cheddar and black pepper) to the smoked chicken salad, to even the brisket and pork ribs. They are all literally cooked to perfection and sold at affordable prices. Not only that, but this BBQ joint is especially interesting because they add in a little bit of Asian flare to the food which gives it a very unique and delicious taste.

Recommended Items To Order: I would definitely recommend getting their ribs as they are oh so juicy and tender. But more than that, I would also recommend getting their sausages that they hand make at their restaurant.

Gatlin’s BBQ

jalapeño cheddar and black pepper)

Gatlins which is opened by pit boss Greg Gatlin and his family serves up some really tasty BBQ. Formerly in a smaller restaurant, they have since upgraded into something bigger and better. They are able to churn out a whole variety of different things for you to eat. From the St. Louis Style spare ribs to the smoked brisket to even the burgers and sandwiches, they have it all. You will absolutely love this place.

Recommended Items To Order: I would definitely recommend their St. Louis Style Spare Ribs as that is their specialty.

The Pit Room

The Pit Room

You don’t actually have to travel far in Houston if you want some great tasting BBQ. Like all good BBQ, the meat at “The Pit Room” is smoked slow and low for that deliciously tasting goodness. You can find a variety of foods here like oak-smoked prime short ribs and brisket, heritage-breed pork ribs, and house made sausages or even black-pepper-studded venison and much more. This location will definitely satisfy all your BBQ needs.

Recommended Items To Order: Although it is a BBQ joint, I’d definitely recommend you get the tacos featuring tortillas stuffed with brisket drippings, chicken, or turkey. Or if you are not a taco person, I would say to get their Ribs and Brisket as they have been slow and low cooked for ages and have that delicious taste to it.

Jackson Street BBQ

Jackson Street BBQ

Bill Floyd and chef Bryan Caswell teamed up with Greg Gatlin to form this amazingly delicious BBQ joint. Some of the things you can find here are masterfully smoked brisket, ribs, and German-style sausage; napkin-required yardbird; and sides that’ll make you cry for more, like the fried mac or dirty rice.

Recommended Items To Order: Definitely their smoked brisket that is super tender and juicy. Their sides are also pretty good as I really like the Fried Mac that they serve.

Corkscrew BBQ

Corkscrew has gone through a few changes. Starting as a catering company to a food truck to finally what you see today, a brick and mortar location in Old Town Spring. Now while they have changed locations throughout the years, the recipe stays the same. Often times they will still sell out of their specialty items during a late afternoon. It is just that good. From the prime brisket to the massive spare ribs to even pulled pork or smoked turkey, you can find it all here.

Recommended Items To Order: Definitely get the prime brisket as it will bring you tears of joy eating this deliciously tender and juicy brisket.

Tejas Chocolate Craftory

Tejas Chocolate Craftory

Despite how the name of the restaurant sounds, this place does serve BBQ. The shop actually started out as a small chocolate business but eventually moved into its way in making smoked meats as well. It is highly regarded as one of the best spots for BBQ in all of Houston. It is here where you can find slow smoking USDA all natural prime briskets (smoked for 12 to 16 hours over post oak) alongside some barbacoa tacos and pastrami beef ribs. It is definitely worth your drive here.

Recommended Items To Order: Definitely the all natural prime briskets as they are so amazing here. Plus, while you are munching down on your meats, grab some chocolates as well to make for a nice dessert.

Feges BBQ

Feges BBQ

When you first come here, the building might make you think its just a regular office building, but inside the underground food court, you will find Feges BBQ. It is here where you can try some of the tastiest BBQ ever. You can find all the staples here, from ribs, brisket, house made sausage to even specialties like pork belly and pig wings. There are also more than a dozen sides from potato salad to even Moroccan flavored carrots. You will definitely eat your fill here.

Recommended Items To Order: My favorite items here are definitely the ribs and pork belly as they are very delicious and flavorful. Also the Moroccan carrots are to die for.

The Brisket House

The Brisket House

The Brisket House was a creation from owner Wayne Kammerl who makes some really tasty BBQ. At first glance, you wouldn’t really think a strip mall would serve something this delicious, but once you get to taste it, it will blow your mind. Meats at this location get their flavor from an intense 16 hour smoking in both oak and pecan wood. From the sausages to the turkey or pulled pork, everything here is full of flavor.

Recommended Items To Order: If it is your first time coming here, I definitely recommend getting the 1 pound special. You’ll get a full pound of your choice of up to four meats, including 16-hour oak-and-pecan-smoked brisket, pork ribs, chicken, and sausage — all of which sit glistening on a sheet of butcher paper alongside a slab of cheddar, hot pickle, onion, and a fair amount of bread.

Pinkerton’s Barbecue

Pinkerton’s Barbecue

Located in the Heights which is not too far from downtown, you will find this amazing gem of a BBQ place. Created by Grant Pinkerton, you can find all sorts of staples here. from giant beef ribs to glazed and unglazed pork ribs to even smoked chicken and much more. They have it all here. Plus, after you are done eating your BBQ, grab a dessert like the banana cake to top things off and you will walk away happy.

Recommended Items To Order: The beef ribs are definitely a winner here as well as the sausages. But I am actually more of a fan of their sides which includes Jalapeno Cheese Rise that is amazingly delicious.


As you can see, there are a number of different BBQ places here in Houston.

All of which have their own qualities that make them so darn delicious.

So hopefully next time you are in the city of Houston, you’ll be able to stop by and try some of our cities finest BBQ.

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Let me know how your trip goes!

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