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10 Amazing Houston Speakeasies And How To Get Into Them All

Houston Speakeasies are something of an untold secret.

You never notice them, and most likely you’ll even walk past a few.

It’s the secret of finding one that keeps people so mesmerized in them. For when you finally find some speakeasies, the world you know will never be the same.

It’s like an exclusive club for only certain special people.

I remember my first time going to one of these places.

I didn’t know where we were going yet at first, I was just following my friends. We turned a corner, turned another corner, walked to the end of the room, and opened a door.

And there I was, having my first ever speakeasy experience.

And I absolutely loved it!

So in this post, i’m going to be detailing the 10 very best speakeasies here in the Houston area and how to get into them.

So if you are ready, lets get started!

Best Houston Speakeasies And How To Get In Them

Tongue-Cut Sparrow

Tongue-Cut Sparrow

Tongue-Cut Sparrow is one of the more popular Houston Speakeasies that is full of elegance and beauty. They have amazing customer service of the highest level and serves up some of the finest cocktails you have ever seen. When you first step into the room, you’ll notice that there are only about 25 seats here. And the cocktails that they serve are some of the finest cocktails from Japan.

How to get in: You want to head to “The Pastry War” and go all the way to the back room. Here you’ll find an unmarked door. Open the door and climb the staircase and soon you will be able to experience something like you never seen before.

Location: Downtown

Houston Watch Co.

Houston Watch Co.

Just by looking at its name, you might think it is an ordinary watch shop. However unbeknownst to many people, it is actually an old fashioned bar that’ll make you feel like you went back to another era. Here you’ll find them serving a well stocked bar with American, Scotch, Irish and Japanese whiskeys. It’s a great place to have a drink all while learning about some history.

How to get in: You want to head to Franklin Street where you’ll find Bayou Lofts. The entrance is next to the lobby of them. You want to look for the large red rooftop neon sign that is north towards the bayous.

Location: Downtown



You aren’t able to easily tell from the outside, but hidden away in Market Square Park is one of the hottest new nightclubs around. Here at this modern underground Houston nightclub, visitors can enjoy all kinds of things. From bottle service to cocktails to DJ’s to even a dance floor. It’s a mysterious vibe that will have you rocking out for hours on end.

How to get in: You want to head on over to Market Square Park and look for a door that is between Barnaby’s and Sapporo on Congress. Enter to the lobby and take the elevator down to the basement level where you will be greeted with mystery.

Location: Downtown

Secret Garden

Secret Garden - Houston Speakeasies

Located right inside Bravery Chef Hall is one of the most beautiful places you can ever go to for a drink. Here you can find an assortment of drinks while relaxing around the beautiful glass greenhouse that is surrounded by plants and flowers. Do know that the place isn’t the biggest, so finding a seat may be difficult at times.

How to get in: Just enter Bravery Chef Hall and head to the very back. Here you’ll find a door to the beautiful garden bar. There is also a gate where you can enter in here from Main Street.

Location: Downtown

Captain Foxheart’s Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge

Captain Foxheart’s Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge - Houston Speakeasies

Captain Foxheart’s is one of the best craft cocktail bars in the city of Houston. Here you’ll find over the top notch cocktails that’ll make your head spin. From things like cantaloupe-tarragon syrup, celery bitters, and rosewater, who knew there would be so many choices.

How to get in: on Main street, you’ll find some doors next to the Law Offices of “Tucker Graves”. You’ll want to go up the dark and narrow staircase to the top. Once you have gone up, look left and you should see a wooden door. Open it and go inside to experience the magic.

Location: Downtown


Notsuoh - Houston Speakeasies

Did you know that Notsuoh is basically Houston spelled backwards? Neat right? Now this place might be hard to spot at first as you have to look past a few things, but once you find it you will be simply amazed. They give a very warm and welcoming vibe and also serve up some cheap and affordable drinks.

How to get in: On Main street you’ll see a sign that says “Clark’s”. The “Notsuoh” sign should be just beneath it.

Location: Downtown

Char Bar

Char Bar - Houston Speakeasies

Char Bar is definitely an interesting and unique place. When you first walk by it, you might not think much because it is a tailor shop. However, the tailor shop has a secret and that secret is that it is also a bar. So now if you ever need to get some clothes tailored, you can also grab a nice drink on the side.

How to get in: You want to go to Market Square Park where you’ll find a bar at 305 Travis. Walk on in and go up stairs where you’ll find a balcony overlooking the park.

Location: Downtown


Marfreless - Houston Speakeasies

Marfreless has been a River Oaks staple after being around for so many decades. Now although it is currently under a new management, it still remains one of Houstons most beloved places to go. Here you can enjoy some drinks, have some fun, and if you are feeling a little bit naughty, they have some amazing sofas which have become a favored place for many couples to make-out.

How to get in: Go to the back of the shopping center that has the River Oaks Theater. Then you want to try to find a blue door under a staircase off Peden.

Location: River Oaks

Mongoose Versus Cobra

Mongoose Versus Cobra

This speakeasy is one of Houston’s greatest beer bars. However it isn’t too easy to spot as there is no sign outside and only leaves covering the building. However, once you step inside, you will be amazed by what you see. Here you can get a number of different craft brews as well as many kinds of cocktails. Plus if you get hungry, they also have some pretty yummy snacks, sandwiches and charcuterie boards.

How to get in: Across from Leon’s Lounge on McGowen, look for an ivy covered building and head on in.

Location: Midtown

Lei Low Rum & Tikki Bar

Lei Low Rum & Tikki Bar

Want to feel like your in Hawaii but not actually have to pay the expensive price? Then head on over to Lei Low Rum & Tikki Bar in the heights. This bar will make you feel like you just walked into Hawaii as there are tiki mugs, coconut cups, polynesian decor all around you. It’s a fun place that will have you coming back for more and more. Plus this place has a selection of over 50 rums and cocktails that range from the classics to the more innovative creations.

How to get in: You want to first look for the sign of Joe’s Food Store which is located in a sketchy shopping center in Sunset Heights. From there, you will also see an Aloha graffiti and a sign that says “rum”. Go in that direction and you’ll be there.

Location: Heights


Here in Houston, there are quite a few different Houston Speakeasies you can go to.

Almost all of which are equally as hard to find but just as fun!

So hopefully next time you are in the city of Houston, you’ll be able to find some of these Houston Speakeasies spot with no problems at all.

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Let me know how it goes!

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